The Mission

m69The next time we have the urge to complain about some aspect of our looks, or the way our body feels, or is working, we can remember this: our body is merely a vehicle that makes our spiritual journey possible. We are not meant to worship it, glorify it, or spend all our time honing it and refining it. We are meant to use it to build our spiritual presence. In that sense, any sort of body will do. And, you could make the case that, a gorgeous body is much more likely to distract you from your mission than an average one might. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So, in my first dream, I’m like struggling with some shapes, and the best way I could describe the shape it’s like if you’ve seen those… oh, they’re kind of like art objects that are two pieces of plastic, or glass, that are filled with sand, and then maybe some air and some water and, as you move them around, the shape changes inside/

So, I’m struggling with some shape like that where there’s some wavy lines, and it looks like a substance inside the square, and I’m trying to make this whole square fit in some way, or the portions that are inside the square fit – and I just can’t get it right. It’s like I’m so frustrated. I just keep trying to work with getting this shape to fit with some other shape, or getting it to shift in some way I want it to shift. And I just couldn’t get the proportions or the shape to fit right.

John: So what you were doing is you were constantly trying to define a border in which there was something within.

Jeane: Yes.

John: That’s what you were doing: constantly trying to define the border.

So the way the nothingness, a true nothingness, in other words, not a nothingness that’s still a mental term. In other words, the way something is not an essence is that it has to draw itself a form, and, when it draws itself a form, it has boundaries within that form, just like the soul has a form in terms of the body. It, then, as an emptiness, as a stillness, as a oneness, it then has something kind of defined, so to speak, in that it is now in a composited, defined, drawn caricature, or form.

But, just like a person who knows how to draw images, when you draw the form there is a huge relief in relationship to the overall because now you have something to contend with, or to work with – but something is still missing in terms of what can be the rest of it? In other words, the rest of the lines and everything else within this boundary.

Because first you have it, and then you have to have something within. So now what you’re talking about is within that has to be, somehow or another, the emptiness yet, or the total stillness.

Well, it kind of defies logic that when you draw a form that you have taken something out of a wholeness, and now you need to fill it in. That’s how the mind would work, in terms of the multiplicity. Now it’s going to have to finish the image. The key is to be able to be in the outer of things without having to be identified with some separate form, as if that’s the end all, be all that you have to navigate, function, in terms of.

So, what you’re trying to do is you’re trying to work with this chemistry of light, where you see things in whatever it is as a form, but how do you get that to be accepted, or okay? So that means you have to be in the emptiness that you came from.

So the way this works with the breath is you actually breathe in light on out-breath. You have to first of all breathe out the essence of the coming down, which is the seed of things from somewhere in the wholeness of all that there is. The out-breath goes into the caricature, and you have to breathe in that light. And, when you do that, you can be empty.

So for a poor human being that has suddenly taken on the notion of a definition, like a meaty border of themselves, somehow or another the fact of doing that has caused a conceptualization to get established, and you find yourself now contending with whatever it is that you, through your senses, see yourself as being in terms of a density.

But that isn’t how you’re meant to be. You’re meant to be a physical body that holds their soul, a soul that is everything, and so you have come into this caricature, but you’re not going to identify with the caricature so that you get lost in the myriad of things. So you come in with a mission, and the mission is an out-breath that breathes, and feels itself, exuding the light within, from somewhere else, into this beingness.

Not only does it exude the light into the beingness, but that light, then, because of the lightness of things, and because you can take yourself outside of a heaviness, or gravity, you can then aurically expand. You’re not just that caricature. Those who identify with the caricature can’t, but you can aurically expand.

And so then you breathe all of this back in on an in-breath, and you’re breathing back in the light – so there’s nothing going on. There really isn’t anything going on. The caricature is just there as a kind of blueprint design. You’re not that physical body. You’re there in order to create the means by which to move around, by which to have a methodology, a dialogue, a seeing and a hearing.

But it’s a very challenged seeing and hearing because it’s not supposed to be a seeing and hearing that is correlated to identifying whatever it is that you have as a caricature. You’re meant to have the caricature that you can move around with, but you move around with that in relationship to a breath that brings something in, and a breath that sweeps back with it.

It’s a breath except, in terms of sorting it out, the question then is: which part of the breath were you breathing? Well, first of all you have the caricature and I guess you’re struggling with what all is inside the caricature. So in that regard it’s an out-breath, the seed of that, because you then have to breathe it back into its proper state, an in-breath.

So it’s got to be light coming down and touching light, and light rising up. It is the light. You’re breathing light out, bringing it down as light from the wholeness of it all, and then breathing it back in. You breathe anything other than that, it’s a density, it’s a diversity. It’s still a mind, or a confusion, or a separation.

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