Living the Essence

An-Rep4To have a spiritual awakening is to open oneself to the greater possibility of life, the possibility of life aligned to the purposes of the whole, and in service to the whole. Yet such an awakening is only the transition point from “lost” to “found.” Then the work begins, where we let go of our personal viewpoints and align ourselves to the ways of the universe. In this process, over time, we begin to actually live the essence of this understanding, and instead of feeling separate from It, we become connected and intertwined with It. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: The way I did it seems very, very rebellious.

So, in the meditation dream, I am shown that for a long time only a certain result is possible. In other words, this is the precursor of talking about how the result that I saw as possible was how you saw the divine through outer reflections, or, as I try to say it, what I mean by that was my belief that the outer is limited in some capacity.

In other words, the outer is a reflection, and that the inner revelation is behind it. And this has been my belief based upon the way my breath has been able to correlate the reflections. I have held onto this belief until I had a dream last night in which I came to see, maybe it’s more of an experience than a dream, where I came to see that the consciousness of a human being exceeds all limitations. That’s like something beyond.

When you take and you note things like that reflectively it’s very easy to think, okay, now there are spiritual elders and there’s all kinds of other things, holy names, there’s all of this other kind of stuff that’s like outside of yourself. So when I have this experience, that actual essence of consciousness exceeds all limitations, meaning that there is nothing that you can see in a kind of distinguishable way. That’s when I realize that any limitations, that I perceive to be imposed, are conditions that still hold out to a mindfulness that is embracing the human being as a kind of reality in an outer illusion.

In other words, you have the reflective, and then, what is that when you have the divine essence revelationally behind it? And now, of course, I’m having to contend with that, you know all of the little nuances and ways of trying to say things to make a point, to try to point even more so to the inner revelation through other reflection. And so, if everything is a oneness, such outer illusions, you know when treated as outer illusions, are actually a limiting distinction.

You kind of have a bit of a duality there, even though you’re trying to pretend you don’t. I had an inner experience in which I went beyond all states of human limitation and was made aware that there isn’t anything that isn’t part of the overallness, and the human being, in the outer, is the platform for the inner oneness.

Now it’s interesting: human being’s a platform for the inner oneness. The reason this is so is because a human being accesses the Will of God. Understand now, I am speaking of this in the reflective, not yet in the living. When the platform and access become one, the inner access and the outer reflective platform come together as living essence. That is when I am able to perceive, in my dreams, that there is nothing going on but me. I am the inner vibration that is essenced. The idea that there is still something more than me was the old dream paradigm.

By old dream meaning a dream more associated with the out-breath. And an out-breath is something that comes down seeking to awaken, results in an awakening as it touches and penetrates the reflective. And so in that state you have a platform, then you have a soul coming in, you have the awakening and recognition through the reflective of the divine within the reflective. And so that’s the old paradigm for dreaming, and in that paradigm you actually then have the sense that there are two things, kind of like two things. There’s the platform and then there’s the Will of God. The idea that there is still something more than me, that’s the old paradigm.

This platform serves mankind while mankind remains asleep; in other words, asleep in the dreams of the outer. In this paradigm, the human being perceives that he has access to the inner Will of God, but isn’t the Will of God. And, in this dynamic, sees himself as waking up, or becoming conscious. That being the process of waking up. This paradigm is true while a human being is spellbound by the outer reflections.

A human being is spellbound and subject to the thralls of outer sorcery for as long as the human being remains in the realms of waking up. That’s why you’re always confused, and bewildered, and never really quite know what’s going on. You’re subject to all kinds of sorceries, inflections, reflections. This realm is most accentuated in the out-breath, and is noticed at the interval where the out-breath turns into the in-breath, the state called longing which corresponds to the outer and the hypnagogic state; the outer and the hypnagogic state.

Now there are two hypnagogic states. There’s the hypnagogic state that’s founded in the outer, where you’re asleep and you’re waking up, and you’re having the senses come in as the soul that is the expanse of the essence of it all seems to be replaced by the magnetism of the outer. Or, in other words, it’s the condition which is immediately prior to the return of the senses when the eyes open from a deep sleep dream state.

The state where a human being goes from being a platform for the Will of God, to being the Will of God able to live the inner stillness is accentuated in the breath at the interval where the in-breath turns into the out-breath – and this corresponds, in terms of the hypnagogic state, to what you are able to experience immediately prior to falling asleep. That’s where you’re able to take something that can rise up and be within, and change images, change the reflections in the world. This is the point where the Will and stillness are one. It’s where the platform, so to speak, and the Will, the platform in which something is hidden as an essence in that, and that being the corresponding Will, are one and the same.

Oneness is living the essence, and when the essence is lived reflections generate from a human being, as the so-called Will of God, that had seemed separate, in terms of human body platform, no longer is separate. There’s a merging.

What I am describing is the difference between being in a process of waking up, where in the reflections the inner divine is revealed, and the process in which living the Will of God through the physical platform, which is the point where the reflections stream from the divine essence. Isn’t that interesting? When you dream something like that you can only imagine you’re going to have a very bizarre dream.

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Heightened Awareness

2e2sWe can say that the universe is in process. Energies of all sorts are moving through different states of matter and purity as the universe unfolds toward its fulfillment. The human plays a role in this by also processing energies, and can do that process consciously. The closer we are aligned to universal purpose, the closer our processes mimic creation’s. And that is when we can become one with It. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I just remember a little bit of the dream later in the morning and, in that dream, it seems to me like this area of the condo, where you and I live, is kind of expanded, and there’s other people here, and I’m doing something.

It’s like there’s some work you’re doing, and I’m trying to do something where I bring something back and forth to you – but you don’t quite feel like it’s pulling together yet. And I remember going out into the living room, and there were three or four beds in the living room, and when I glance down towards the door I notice that my niece’s husband had gotten up and was walking through there. But then I came back over here, to try to stay focused on whatever it was we were doing, and I think that was when I woke up.

I just don’t recall some of the details of what it was we were doing. There was you and I and other people, and so I had a sense of going back and forth trying to pull something together.

John: That seems to have been the general energy of the dreaming last night, in that the back and forth that you were doing was kind of an in and an out. And although it doesn’t seem like a big thing, because it’s so simple, what we have been doing has been mostly contending with the out, which means the bringing of a consciousness through – which is the same thing as saying that we are able to recognize, in the reflective outer, something more.

But what has changed and what is subtly different, in terms of the getting up and the moving about, and the recognizing of other people sleeping in the place, or whatever all that is, is that you’re now contending with the in.

What is the in, and what is the out? Well, the out is where consciousness wakes up to understand something through the greater teacher, the reflective. The in is the process in which the essence of one’s being rises up and lives that essence quality. And when that essence quality is lived, that essence quality creates the reflections, generates the reflections.

So, in the out, you’re responding to the reflections, from the standpoint that you see the essence of the divine from the greater outer, from the reflections themselves, almost as a reciprocal reverberation. In the in, the living of that essence, the connecting to that essence, causes a generation. You, then, become the creator, and you generate those reflections.

So the dilemma, of course, is even though this was just a simple little thing, it’s very, very confusing because what you have is the need to catch up with the understanding of the whole out-breath, and the whole in-breath, because the out-breath, or the heightened awareness of the divine in the reflections, is accentuated at the interval. It’s the longing. It’s accentuated at the interval where the out-breath turns to the in-breath.

At the other interval, where you are living something – which is often called the going home of the breath back to its source – the living of something is where the reflections get generated. It’s where they’re manufactured. That’s where they’re created. And that, of course, is accentuated in the interval where the in-breath turns to the out-breath. That’s the state of bliss, and bliss incorporates the love of the essence for its creation and all of that.

So what makes the awkwardness in your dream is the vibration of the in-breath, and the vibration of the out-breath. It’s a lot to reconcile when all of a sudden the two polarities, the North Pole and the South Pole of one’s beingness, kind of come through in this fell swoop manner. You’re used to just the South Pole of yourself, so to speak South Pole, being the awakening quality that one comes to grips with revelationally, in the reflective, and seen through the reflective. That’s pretty wild.

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No Shortcuts

4433It seems shocking to realize that all the spiritual and religious pathways that have been available to humans, in the many thousands of years, are only partial truths. They are guideposts, and blueprints, to embarking on the journey, but they are really not the journey. The journey is within us, and can only be done from within us, because each of us has to overcome a different set of obstacles, unique to us, to make the journey. So it is not possible that two lives could do it in exactly the same way. To think otherwise is to not understand what is being asked of us. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: Now, there is something that is unsettling, very subtly unsettling, to have to approach the subject matter of consciousness by talking about abstract things such as dhikrs, and holy names, and sounds, and prayers.

And the reason why I feel it is like that is because deep, deep down inside, once upon a long time, I saw the wholeness of everything – and I didn’t really appreciate it. I didn’t even know what I was necessarily looking at. And when I went away from that it was like being discombobulated, or taken apart, the nuts and bolts and everything were disassembled. And the price that has to be paid is to put that all back together again

And the process upon which that gets put back together is not readily given to you. You’re shown this, and you’re shown that. The understanding of the nuts and bolts is there, but you have to catch up with that for yourself. When it wasn’t properly regarded, and appreciated, and taken into account, you just don’t take and flip the page and go all the way back to score one again. Now comes the process of having to reconcile your way back, because it is a discovery of the missing nuts and bolts. One’s connectedness; it’s a discovery of that all on one’s own.

So this quality of having to reach to and access that which was lost, that one has to find on their own, that some part of one’s self deep, deep, deep inside knows about, but you don’t just flip the page and it’s handed to you again. You have to crawl your way back. There’s no shortcuts that are there. This is what this next dream is about.

And so, in my dream, I have an object that I am told has good value, and that this is an object that others will want and they will have a use for. The item has been taken apart by a person who has, as a business, this means of dissembling things. He is the one who tells me that what I have has good value and it is something that others want.

I saw it before it was taken apart, and, although it looked interesting to me, it was like a machine or something that I’m not really familiar with. The person who took it apart has issues with me, although he was amenable to taking the object apart so that it could be stored, or transported, retained and maintained in other words, he will not let me have the nuts and bolts that he took out to break it into its various pieces. He won’t let me have the sack of the nuts and bolts, that came out of this object, that I need if I am to try to put it back together again.

So in trying to get him to turn them over to me just makes him volatile. I mean he was perfectly fine demeanor taking it apart. He gladly helped doing that, but if I were to keep pushing him to knock it off, just hand me that so I can put it together, now that I am aware that this is something of value and of interest to people; I mean that’s rude, from his opinion, somehow. I don’t understand why he feels it’s rude, but it’s rude, and he just won’t do it. In fact, he’ll fight me over the idea if I keep it up.

Because I’m not readily familiar with the workings of this object, for it to be apart like this takes away my ability to do justice in selling it to others. I’m not inclined to do what it takes to reconstruct from scratch, so it creates a kind of giving up, or loss of value or appreciation, because if the nuts and bolts are readily there, then I can just do it, but they’re not readily there. And yet I know I can find them, or it can be done, in terms of putting it back together. In other words, it’s just not going to be cut and dry because I’m going to have to go out and get new nuts and bolts to do this.

And then I will be able to see what it is, and appreciate what it is, that he tells me is something that has great value and demand. Otherwise, it’s just a kind of a concept that I could easily disregard. I could be lazy, and not do it, and disregard it.

The meaning is, is I have a memory of an aspect of myself that was once complete. I remember seeing it complete, but this was not something I paid much attention. I noticed it at the time and, you could say, I kind of took it for granted.

Fast forwarding now to the way things are today, it takes awhile to have the adab and the character or whatever is necessary. So just knowing the importance and value is enough, now, for me to go out and seek to find the nuts and bolts on my own. And he knows I can do it, but given the karma of the past a process has to be followed. In other words, he can’t just lift a finger and make it easier for me.

Another aspect of the meaning is, letting go to an attendant stillness is important. It’s important because I need this to go back into life. Because I wasn’t properly being myself in the outer, I was deconstructed. I now believe I am able to recognize that value and importance. To prove it, I am on my own in accessing the nuts and bolts that are needed. I mean, I already have them, but I just have to access them in a more responsible and focused way.

These elements are not going to be readily given to me. In other words, it’s not like maybe when I was first created, let’s say an Adam and Eve scenario, where it was just all handed and I didn’t know what I had, so it’s not just readily there again no matter how much I may insist, or beg, or whatever it is type of righteousness. There is a price that has to be paid from having not utilized, or properly valued, and lived, what was once mine. I must now become worthy. There is a grievance about this that is like a malingering stigma. It can be overcome, but the process will require a deep inner commitment, and effort, that I need to find within.

And the deeper meaning is, this explains why, you know in the outer, this explains why it is that teachers only go so far. A teacher will describe the situation, in other words, give you techniques and stuff that kind of hint towards the situation, can even elaborate about its importance. And what we understand, of course, is always kind of misconstrued because we need to access, with a letting go stillness, that which is an overall wholeness.

In other words, it’s up to us to access what puts ourselves back together again, as a oneness. The teacher can know, and can actually even be holding onto, the nuts and bolts of our beingness, which means that we are in some fashion holding onto the nuts and bolts of our beingness, but are disenfranchised from them. But it’s not totally lost because we have been there. We have been in a state of wholeness before and self-destructed, or deconstructed, on purpose from that wholeness back to a prima materia outer and the myriad of things in which a discombobulation exists.

The challenge has thus become: can one then overcome the mayhem, and reach within, and access what was always there, has always been there, has never been lost, it’s just hidden. That is the issue before me now. There are no shortcuts. I need to quit acting like it can simply be handed over, which is the wrong attitude, because in that attitude you’re disturbing and insulting the intelligence of the greater teacher, which is life.

So what is needed is acceptance, graciousness, and a more natural inner peace that isn’t ladled with demands and expectations. When I’m able to be like that, what I readily need will make itself known, or be provided to me. It’s interesting isn’t it?

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