Lightness of Being

ae10As may often happen in life, we find we have to leave something that we have attachments to: a person, a school, a job, a home, a town, or a city. The feeling can be bittersweet – and there are many and varied reasons for this, individual to each of us and the specifics of the situation. But our spiritual journey wants us to understand that our entire life is a visit to a special place, where we are meant to learn and grow – according to our design and possibility – all in preparation for our next adventure. Our spiritual quest helps keep us from becoming anchored here by planetary attachments because we open ourselves to our universal potential. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: In this dream, everything has come together into one place. In other words, everything is visiting. I mean, I’ve got the spiritual elders, and my relatives that go back generation upon generation upon generation. We’ve all got together. We’re meeting at this one place. In fact we’ve already had our meeting, and now it’s time for them to take the elevator right back, or the in-breath back.

Well, I’m the elevator operator. And so they’re all lined up, and I still carry a certain density in my nature, and this is an elevator that’s designed to carry lightness. And so I figure, oh, everybody’s got to have a little density; there’s got to be a little weight. But the weight is me.

And so I figure, I can do this. There’s only three people. You know, a whole bunch were there, but only three got on the elevator on this first trip – and I have to do this. Can I do this? Well, this is pretty hard because how do I relate? What do I say? What can I do? Where am I at in relationship to that, because there’s nothing there? They are a lightness. They are breathing in; they are following the in-breath of the light.

And so, in that elevator, everything is taken in as a wholeness, and I’m sitting there struggling because I, as the elevator operator, what can I say to them? How can I be? You know, I’m still caught in my complexities. In order to do this I have to, somehow or another, breathe this light, this in-breath, that is there, and then yet I have to come down then with this same kind of light bring that down, you know, to pick up more in the in-breath that are going back.

This is how you take in everything. This is a dream that takes in everything. Now I once saw how the out-breath works. This is the first time I saw how the in-breath works.

So the meaning is… you know, to jump into the meaning, the meaning is the setting I am part of is an overallness that is not in a this, or that, condition, having let go of, and set aside, the effects of the reflective, and therefore exist in a singular stillness.

That’s a statement of what it is; describing it as breath is another thing. The elevator is the vehicle that knows the difference, but the elevator is like the breath. It is a vehicle that can go up and down as the breath, with the breath.

In this instance, it is going up. What is going home on this elevator had breathed back in the light that was in the out-breath they brought into this place to visit. To be in such lightness of being I can have no separate action in my nature. In other words, that’s me trying to be in the elevator with them. I must breathe in the light to be amidst those other side beings. And, to the degree I do not, the density of my diverse mind, still mired in the diversity of the outer, will weigh me down and I will not let go to be in the light of the heart. And this elevator is designed to take souls who are weightless, in terms of the outer, back home.

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