Inner Recognition

457275As we make our spiritual journey, we become more and more consciously aware that we are trying to bring the importance of our inner life into all the things we do in the outer. But, of course, that’s a huge shift from the norm, and every moment seems a test that tries to pull us back into our outer life pattern of reacting to the endless stream of unfolding events. So we need to be our own champions, and cheerleaders, to bolster the morale of our inner lives as we make this profound shift. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: All I really remember of the dream is it feels like I’m with two other women, and we do have a project that we have to do where we have to do some fundraising. At first I’m just studying how people propose this is done.

And then there’s at least three sleeping bags, and then you get in the sleeping bag, I get in the sleeping bag, and I get in one of the sleeping bags which represents having to make a certain number of phone calls. And I’m trying to choose the sleeping bags, I guess there’s at least three of them that you can get into, that will do the best job at the fundraising.

And I select one in which I know that you do a certain amount of phone calls, but not one’s where I feel like you do too many phone calls. It’s like I’m trying to find some balance with it, because I think like this one has that balance where you don’t do too many, or too little, in order to get the job done. That’s all I really remember of the dreaming, is trying to figure out that right balance to get it done.

John: The thing that was different and unique about the dreaming last night is that the old way, or the ways, that had existed, that one may have been familiar with, in terms of how to carry out a process, is not appropriate for, or, in other words, is not the only thing that is going on.

In other words, the old ways had to do with something having a certain set nature in terms of what unfolded, and that there was a process, or a flow, to that which unfolded. And that you essentially plugged into that process or flow and didn’t think about it, you know, and so as a consequence you stayed mostly in a kind of outer context.

The theme of the dreaming last night is that behind everything that goes on there is a deep-seeded schematic that is dictating what the unfoldment appearance is all about. In other words, the idea of fundraising is the conceptual word of how you raise the inner into the outer – in the best, or in a way which makes that innerness come across more noticeably.

In other words, the old patterns are not something that interests you. You are looking at, you have a vested focus and attention interest in seeing something come out, and into the outer, in a way in which behind what appears in the outer is this inner quality that is recognizable, or noticeable.

So the fundraising is about the various ways and means upon which one conducts themselves, and carries themselves, in an outer context, in order to enhance the inner recognition that is important in terms of the unfoldment. That inner recognition is behind everything that occurs in the outer, and your fundraising, per se, is how to get to that more succinctly, or more directly, or in a greater capacity.

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