Inner Recesses

Logo-DWhen we encounter obstacles in our dreams, quite often those obstacles are created by us. In this dream image we see a whirl of things happening, multiple people and movements from place to place, a desire to keep up with the pace of things, and even the death of a friend. So it is remarkable that our heroine in the dream, our main character, overcomes everything she faces, and that what she needs appears in a timely way to enable her progress to continue. In the myriad of events that happen in our lives, we seek to have the deeper connection that will provide us with the intelligence or intuition about how best to proceed. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So I just remember part of my last dream and, in that dream, I know that somewhere near the beginning of the dream Lew and his wife, at least, I don’t know who else, are living at my maternal grandmother’s house because we’ve been there visiting them. But, at this point, we’ve gone out to some kind of a city.

You’re there. I don’t remember his wife being there, but I remember Lew’s there, you’re there, Dean’s there. And it’s almost like an older city that has a large marketplace, and whatever meeting that all of us went to, a gathering, it was more in this marketplace area. And even like when I want to go to one of the bathrooms, it’s like there’s almost like semi-open stalls, and you wander around in the marketplace and find them.

And, as the meeting breaks up, I’m following you, but you’re traveling a little bit fast, and we’re going to be someplace next, and I know it’s going to be somewhere where Dean goes. But we’re also kind of notified, in the midst of all this, that Lew has died. And one of the effects it has on you is that you happen to notice this woman who sat down at a booth, and she has like three different kinds of cloth cut out in front of her, different colors of cloth, and you realize that at least one and maybe two of them were stolen from you before.

So you go back and you take the cloth that was stolen from you, and you leave and take one more. I wasn’t clear if you were taking that to kind of make a point, or if it was one that she had taken from you also. I just wasn’t clear on that because it’s like I’m kind of just trying to keep up at this point.

And then you kind of take off in the direction that Dean went and I take off after you; you’re carrying the cloth. Now the family of the woman with the cloth, she has a husband and a kid or two, they start following after us. And we get to a very busy street and you get across the street in front of me, and it feels like there’s obstacles that come up to my crossing the street. And I get across half of the street, and when I try to go through the other half of the street it’s like there’s these bulldozers that are all lined up with their blades, but there’s one bulldozer that’s shaped a little differently. The blade is shaped differently.

And half the street is blocked off by bulldozers, but I’ve already gotten across that half. In the next half I can see some machinery coming out and trying to block off the way. Dean has gotten across, and you’ve gotten across. I can’t see where you are anymore, but I can still keep Dean in my sights.

So I actually kind of get up and run along the back of part of the machinery and, that way, I get across the street. But now, suddenly, there’s something I have to climb up that’s like an open-type ladder. I’m running out of steam a bit. I’m getting a little tired. That’s when I can’t see you at all, but I can kind of see Dean, but if I don’t get up the ladder pretty soon I’m going to lose sight of him – so I’m really kind of pushing myself.

Because it’s so strenuous getting up the ladder, the family of the woman that had been following us give up at this point. And I’m just trying to keep my eye on Dean because I realize we’re in an area of town I’ve never been in before. It’s traveling away from the direction where we’ve always gone in the past and, you know, I don’t know my way around. And I’m real tired, but I’m pulling myself up over the top of this kind of see-through ladder so I can get across the last little bit. That’s all of the dream.

John: So the dream is about the feminine trait of being able to be in a general overall spatiality. In other words, you might say it’s an octave dream to the kind of perspective in which the feminine is the container that takes and sustains something in a large, overall schematic way.

Now it’s like a type of scoping, in which what is sustained, in a natural overall way, has levels of depth. In other words, to say that it’s like a container puts an awkward image in the mind, but when you look at it from the standpoint of how it is in an energetic, inner to outer overallness, it has a greater clarity to it. In other words, the setting is a deep, deep, deep depth within, which is something that you hold as a kind of inner vibration which is your grandmother.

And so what you’re doing is you’re accessing, within the recesses of yourself, a quality and characteristic that the family carries. I’ve even seen this in your niece, that she really likes the idea that she has something, or can associate with something, in terms of your mother. In other words, there is some sense of whatever it was that your mother stood for, as an aspect or quality inside of herself, and to her there is value in her being able to flash back to that.

So that’s an example of how a scenario scene vibratorally is set. And so, in your case, within the setting of that scene of an overall space, you have gone back and, within that overall space, everything is there. In other words, you’ve got Lew, and you’ve got his wife, you’ve got Dean, you’ve got everything that’s there. And, when everything is there, that’s as good as it gets.

I mean you sustain, and maintain, and hold that sort of thing, and you have a natural knowingness in that quality of overall spatiality. As you maintain this overall spatiality, nothing gets lost. In other words, if all of a sudden you don’t see Lew’s wife, because you did see her in that home of your grandmother, she’s still there, somewhere.

When there’s the need for something to be supplemented, or replaced, like if Lew dies, and then the essence of what that represents can strike you as, oh, okay, there’s a loss, something is gone. No, it’s not gone because the data of that, the three claws of something that was lost, is now able to be brought forward.

Now what you’re noticing, this bringing of it forward, is a bringing forward of a quality of natural overall knowingness. You see it as coming in as a natural data that just emerges as if lost from long before. You see it as being like something exogenous to yourself. What is yourself is this overallness, of which this is in that overallness. Everything is findable in that overallness.

So what your dream is doing is it’s telling you that you don’t have to go looking for anything, per se. You just have to hold that spatiality, and that orientation to that spatiality, and it’s all there.

And where the dream is telling you that it works that way, is it’s showing you that as you are finding yourself, and you’re finding life fascinating holding that space, when it gets to where you think that there is something that you have to do, that is outside of the holding, and the attention, to that space – that’s when you hit roadblocks.

Which means that you’re finding that whenever anything is needed, for you to have to know, it comes naturally to you. And that you’re finding that you don’t make efforts in that regard, you just put your attention upon the overall spatiality. You experience, you feel, you exemplify that and everything stays full.

You think that you have to go off in some sort of scrambling capacity on your own that you run into roadblocks. In other words, there is no scrambling capacity that needs to be made, on your own, that’s going to find anything out of the ordinary, in the ordinary, holding the spatiality. It’s all there. That’s what your dream’s telling you. Isn’t that interesting? That’s a fabulous dream.

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