The Systemology

universal_fig2Humans often find themselves in trouble when they want to make a short cut to any result. But we know that we won’t be able to play guitar if we don’t practice the scales and learn the chords. Only after we have spent time at that stage can the next stage come to us: writing a new song. This is the way of things; we proceed according to the rule: if this, then that. It can be no other way in our spiritual life, because development comes from the possibilities that are triggered by the foundations we have built in ourselves. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well, I only remember part of one dream. In this dream, initially, it feels like I go someplace with some other woman I know, that I’m maybe are friend’s or work with, and there’s some kind of a contest. The funny thing is I’m not sure whether it was tennis, or if it was poetry, or if it switched back and forth between the two. But I did a lot better than I thought I would, and I realized I had a certain talent for it.

But then when we go back, to our normal living and work space, I realize that until another tournament comes up nobody even knows that I can do that well. And then there’s one friend who seems to notice, and I’m wondering if I’ll get another opportunity. And she maybe wants me to rehearse, or work with another woman, but that woman, I realize, feels…. it’s almost like she feels threatened by it like it’s a competition, when I feel like if she would just relax about it all, that if I did better she does better – if she could just realize that.

But she seems to see it more as a competition. I’m not quite sure how to work with that, yet. Plus my boss has no idea that I have this talent, so when I go back I’m a little bored because I don’t have any opportunities to practice it, except with this friend, if she would help me with this other lady that feels like it’s a competition. So that seemed like the whole dream.

John: The theme of the dreaming is, if you were to put it into a statement, in terms of a subject matter, the subject matter is what is the… In other words, what has been shaped is brought up to a particular point where now a change is needed, where something additional needs to be recognized, and realized, as an aspect of the process.

And that to get to this point certain things have transpired, but, now that one has gotten to this point, the attention needs to shift to what it is that has been lying dormant, that is in need of access, and/or assimilation and resolution, to be brought through at this point in time.

Now what you did is different than what I did. In my particular case, I had to deal with a certain kind of emotive pain; reactive, emotive pain. You have to deal with a certain kind of pent up… You have to find the confidence. You have to access the knowingness to something that is pent up, that is able to come through with an insight, and it can bring through a connective clarity that is entrenched in your being.

It’s almost as if you don’t seem to quite accept that, or know that, about yourself. Now, the theme of the dreaming had to do with something else, and it had to do with kind of a being shocked into having to realize the significance of this as a step, in terms of how one had to approach themselves, i.e. either through a greater teacher, or teaching, and the greater teacher and teaching is not a teacher or teaching in the way that one thinks of it as being. In other words, the greater teacher, or teaching, is yourself.

You are the teacher to yourself, and it’s a greater teacher to yourself. And that you have to put your focus upon that, and in order to bring through what is sitting there, now wanting and needing to come through, in terms of what it has to offer as its beingness. And that also the aspect of the dreaming is still allowing the schematic of inner into outer, and this is the inner, this is the quality of the inner, that is meant to come through for you.

In other words, it’s an awakening of something, that has an insight, that is naturally there, that has been kept and maintained in a pent up capacity inside of you until now that it is ready to come out. And before it may not have been able to come out. And the reason why it may not have been able to come out was that there were certain steps that had to unfold first.

And that was also a schematic in the dreaming. In other words, in my dreams I saw certain steps. I saw things having come up to a particular point. I realized, then, that something more needed to happen, that something that was kind of temporary and laid back now needed to become more permanent, in terms of working with that aspect, that that aspect could now be worked with because the other had been resolved. That this then held one back in terms of a way in which they could come out of a density.

And what I saw, and how it had to be for me, is different than how it has to be for you. That’s why I could recognize the schematic. What you’re describing and portraying is completely different than what I’m told, in terms of how it needs to be for myself, but the format, or I should say the systemology, the unfoldment systemology, coming to know what that needs to be as an unfoldment step, that aspect is parallel.

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