Inner Will

143329bIt can appear to us that we are at the mercy of events in our lives, always reacting to what happens and doing the best we can. But there is also another aspect of the way things unfold, and that has to do with our energetic effect on things. For instance, if we are not judgmental of others, that will give them a freedom to be more themselves when they are around us. If we are accepting of others, that can cause them to feel safe when they are around us. In these subtle ways we effect the world around us, yet we can also be conscious of this possibility and offer something good into life. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: All I remember of the dreaming last night is it felt more energetic, in the sense that it was like you and I were in bed here, and I think we were wearing like blue hospital scrubs. And my impression was that there were some men that had been surgically altered, like maybe they had their penises taken off, but something else surgically removed, too.

And then what I would do is I was laying down in bed kind of laying into you, and just working on the energy of healing whatever was being changed, or altered. And so it just felt like that just went on. You know, there would be people that were surgically altered. I was wearing this blue, and I think you were wearing, blue scrubs, too, and it’s like I would just kind of try to lay evenly into your back or something, and then I’m working on healing. And that’s all I remember of the dreaming.

John: That’s the nature of what it’s like to work in the outer reflective, without being able to recognize, or see, the inner pure light that is coming from inner into outer as a change agent, or means upon which life is able to flow.

This is like an inner will, and it’s always at play in physical manifestation. In other words, it’s like out of an essence of whatever is the everything, or the wholeness, or oneness of it all, there is an inner flow that is reflective within outer appearances.

You are saying that, as a person who has a responsibility over manifestation, that the things that are going on, from within, are not something that you are finding yourself denoting, or pinpointing, or trying to put your finger on per se – like the masculine feels that it has to do, in terms of having to perceive what is going on.

You instead feel that within the outer and the reflective outer that is you and, in a sense, all around you, but you embody something that is more than that reflective outer, that that which you embody, which is natural to yourself, you’re able to work with that in terms of healing, and fixing, and transforming what is going on around you.

So the attention is slightly different. In other words, it’s not like in the masculine which is trying to portray, reveal, discern, describe. In your case it’s simply a matter that you’re in the myriad of it all, and are able, from some sense of overall, general, natural beingness, to know how and what is required, or needed, to transform or touch what is going on, in a redeeming and healing way. The poor masculine can’t say it that way.

To download this file, Right Click (for PCs) or Control Click (for Macs) and Save: Inner Will

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