The Intersection

intersection-2When we are at an intersection in life, sometimes it can seem difficult to know when to wait and when to go. We may feel unready for what lies ahead, or we may feel hesitation about what we leave behind. But a spiritual path, as life itself, is a continuous unfolding and, if we are being conscious of it as a process, we have prepared ourselves as best we can for what is next. All of our what-next moments come from what we actually do make our selves ready for – through thoughts, intentions, and actions – because they are what trigger the events that come our way. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, in my sleep, I notice that I am embodying a quality inside that opens up when I proceed through life. When it was more dormant, and existed as a sensation, mostly as a sense that I had within, in other words, not yet ready to come out, I had to watch myself. In other words, I couldn’t trust myself, when it was like that, because I could be over the top. Or, the way I say it, I could easily undermine myself prematurely because it was so intangible yet – in terms of its awakening.

So, in the dream, this was visualized in which I am sitting at an intersection in my car. It’s a four-way intersection, and I find myself hesitant to going across. And I would be going from what would be considered a southern direction to a northern direction. And, on my right, is the east, and on my left is the west.

And I know I’m meant to cross the intersection, but I’m not doing it because on the right there’s just this constant stream of cop cars that are coming from like a police station there. I don’t want them to think that I’m interfering with what they’re doing, in terms of bringing something forward, because they are crossing this intersection and gathering up, or getting into, the affairs of things in life that’s on the left, which is on the other side of the intersection. What they’re doing there isn’t revealed, it’s just that it’s important for them to come into life, to come out of the police station and get on with their day by crossing the intersection.

And I’m sitting there pent up, wanting to cross the intersection, but have to hold myself back because I’m apt to do it in a way that draws an attention that could backfire on me, or, in other words, I do not want to do anything to compromise myself by overreaching before it is timely.

This way that I am, as I’m sitting herky jerkying inside, that herky jerkying inside it’s like trying to bring something to the surface, time wise, so that it can come out. But it’s herky jerkying back and forth, almost like not yet at a crescendo to come across, and that herky jerkying back and forth is an inner presence trying to come across.

And so it is experienced inside as a kind of feminine awareness, or, in other words, something feminine in my nature sees this and it reports this demeanor as signamatic, revelationally, to an unfoldment process. And this unfoldment process that it’s signamatic about, and is pointing to, is picked up by a guy who suddenly appears and recognizes me to be part of the Tao, or what his tradition is. In other words, he doesn’t speak English, but I’m recognized as being like a comrade.

And I can’t understand what he’s saying to me in his language, but he treats me, by coming real close, he pats me on the back as if everything’s obvious, and is as supportive as he can possibly be in getting me to continue on, to quit herky jerkying at the stop there, at the intersection.

So that I then cross that and continue the journey unimpeded, and that’s just essentially his role is to give me that little bump, and then as I cross the intersection, somehow in crossing the intersection, I’ve taken into account the east crossing to the west vibration of something coming into life. I’ve taken that into account, and then I can just continue to keep going deeper and deeper in the traveling, which is in the spiritual north.

So the meaning of the dream, is I’m at a crossroads in my awakening process. I see myself as on an edge holding back because what is coming into life, from east to west, is easily overwhelming. It is more than I feel I’m ready to absorb.

However, upon an inner journeyed level, I am deemed ready to proceed across from the south side to the spiritual north, and on and on from there, able to handle the unfoldment and that which is coming into life.

That which is coming into life at this time is supported by a process that recognizes what is meant to be. The reflections are meant to go beyond an illusory spell, and indulgent self-consciousness, to be in touch with the inner guidance that is meant to come through at this time.

As I break free I am able to naturally incorporate and intertwine, at this time, that which is coming into life. As I flow anew I am able to see what I have to do as I do it. I am no longer that which is yet held back to be shaped for the future as a latent work in process. I am in progress as the unfolding future.

The difference between the other and now, was before the inner consciousness was pent up, in other words, having to awaken, but then when you have the hypnagogic aspect that you’re catching up with, as you’re going into the stillness, or to meditation or whatever you want to call it, now it is quickened and in motion. And, as it comes through, it sees itself more and more. It sees itself more and more as it shapes life.

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