All is Still

433-doorIt is easy to feel that so much of life is hidden from us. Yet that journey of discovery is exactly the one we are designed to make. Little by little, development by development, and elevation by elevation, we understand and know more. As we go, we begin to see that nothing is unknowable to us – if we continue to do the work we are designed to do. And in this, we become less separate from, and more aligned with, the wholeness itself. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: In the meditation dream I am impressed at the sophisticated awareness that exists. It is not possible to pull off anything which is not detected in some way, degree, or manner. In this dream it’s like I’m so street smart that nothing is able to fool me, yet, in this dream, I find myself as being in a scenario in which what occurs initially is somehow blowing me away – and it’s as if that’s a shock, and a surprise, because deep down I kind of know better, that there’s nothing that can actually do that.

And, in this dream, I hear an unexpected knock at the door. To hear a knock that isn’t taken into account, in other words, because everything is taken into account and yet here’s this knock, causes me to realize that what I am dealing with is an overall beingness that is more inclusive, and more subtly aware, than I know to be possible.

In other words, what I’m trying to say is that, as I’m developing an understanding and awareness of things, I come to recognize that I’m not really gaining any ground towards anything because it just means that everything else is just that much more, and that all of that which is just that much more is still a process in which I am relating to myself. And it’s like the further I go in terms of whatever it is that I’m attempting to break through, and resolve, and understand, the more I keep finding, the more it becomes obvious and apparent, that what is going on is just relating more and more and more to myself. There’s not anything else there.

So for there to be something steadily opening up, or appearing to be subtler and subtler, indicates that there is something that on the surface seems to indicate that there may be something that exists beyond myself. But each step I take is just relating more and more closely to myself.

And then I get it. This is about a stillness, and what I get is this visibility of things, this way of trying to determine something as if I’m looking at a self that is separate from self, just isn’t so. That the quality of pretend like that is just a fabricated movie. In other words, everything is just quiet, and it’s just real still.

And the significance is, I cannot be affected by that which is me. That which is, in its essence, me is something in which there is nothing able to possibly exist that isn’t already taken into account. As my consciousness awakens, I become more and more subtly aware, and I am always in a knowingness, as the more I see and be the more I realize it is all myself.

So, in other words, God is not something that is separate from me. I am everything, so God is me. So what is going on? Everything that exists in the universe that seems to have an awareness of its own is an illusion. There’s nothing going on in a separate regard. The seeing, the sense, of separateness, is like a veil in which there is the impression that there is something beyond me, which there isn’t. There is no such thing like that that is real.

Physical manifestation, however, exists as a means of seeing and hearing myself as a self that is all there is. In other words, that’s why if you’re feeling a particular way you notice that the outside world rapports to you in that way, and if you develop a negative attitude you have negative feedback. You impose that, or impel that, into the outer. In that sense you’re very creative, which is the same thing as saying that physical manifestation is the means of seeing and hearing myself as the self – and that’s what is going on, that’s all that there is.

The degree in which that doesn’t seem to be so is the degree in which a self deception exists between my self, little “s,” and my Self, big “S,” and in a stillness it just isn’t so.

The deeper meaning is: to carry a concern or regard that there is an inner problem that is reflecting itself into the outer is a spiritual illusion. That is not possible in a oneness. I know I am in a oneness, and to live it means there is no illusion, or veil, that extends over who it is that I am, nor is there a beingness that is outside of me. The inner and outer are the same. All is still.

To download this file, Right Click (for PCs) or Control Click (for Macs) and Save: All is Still

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