Natural Order

stceWe all have many different abilities and attributes. Some we use more than others. But we are not always conscious of how this works in us. For example, if we are trying to solve a specific problem, that is a job for our masculine side. And if we are trying to see how everyone can work together, that is better suited to our feminine side. If we are more naturally aligned, we will allow these aspects to play their proper role in how things unfold, using the best tool in our toolbox for whatever is needed in the moment.  (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, in my sleep dream, I find myself lost and confused, and having gone away from where I am needing to be. And I’m in such a lost and baffled condition that I see myself sleeping on the floor amidst a bunch of other hobos and whatnot, people I do not know, all crowded, and there are no beds or anything. We just sleep any old which way that you can figure out how to lay down and sleep, twisted and contangled, and everything else.

Well, suffice it to say I didn’t get much sleep. And I’m in such contorted positions that I never can get settled. The people who are here try to accept me amidst them, but look at me with a wary eye as being someone there they don’t really quite know, not really necessarily part of them.

The next day I come out of the amnesia. I don’t come out of it in the morning, I come out like midday or so, and when I come out I realize that, while I was in this spellbound trance, the doings of that which was subjected upon me by a thieving witch, that my milk cows, that I am responsible to, that had just started milking recently and the bags are full, and they really ache and they’re very tender when the bags are first getting a lot of milk, were left unattended by me. I forgot all about them. I’m in an amnesia.

I didn’t know I had this responsibility, so I missed the milking at night, and I missed it that morning. And the witch was able to get the milk from the two milkings and took the milk to another place to satisfy an obligation she had. The spell I was under had wiped out my memory. And I was like this until the middle of this current day.

As it comes back I realize that I’m the sole proprietor of this farm, I live all alone, and I’m responsible for a whole lot of new milk cows who have just came in to production a few days ago. The witch was able to rely upon two neighbors who responded to the plight of my milk cows. I need to thank them for being there to rectify the wound, or the need.

One who stepped forward yesterday evening, it was a different neighbor that stepped forward yesterday evening, and the other that stepped forward this morning, both of them were people that I hadn’t really met, and the one who stepped forward this morning also fed the cows hay and water.

I don’t know my neighbors that well and am surprised that they saw the need and filled it while I was tranced out. In other words, who told them? How did they figure this out? And of course the witch just benefits from mayhem and gets the milk. You know, they just did it as good will, something that had to be done.

I forget who the neighbor was that took care of the need last night, other than this was a person I need to meet because he has a heart I admire. And the other person who milked the cows is a neighbor I know about, that milked them this morning, and she is a person I considered way too important, distant, and aloof, who is so busy and consumed with other activities to even pay any attention to doing something like this, and yet to my surprise she dropped everything else in the world to meet this need. This person was Mrs. Clinton; she actually milked the cows herself.

So what is going on? In coming out of my trance, the first thing I have to do is set the record straight with a guy the witch feels she owes my milk to – who she is duping. I know that I am able to do this even though it will be initially confusing and the false expectations will need to be set aside. I can easily get back on schedule, picking up where I left off, and proceed with my day in, day out, morning, and night responsibilities to produce much needed milk that relieves the world; which is the cows, the physical.

What I am doing is serving a quiet purpose that I hadn’t realized would draw neighbors, and parts of myself, I wasn’t appreciating, draw them out, and had been taking for granted. I am fortunate to come out of the blackout and come to grips with life’s ramifications.

Meaning: A non-assuming good will, designed to relieve an anguish, rises to the occasion in the evening – and that’s the neighbor with a good heart and no expectations. In other words, that’s the type of awareness that occurs when you live something in the outer. You see it, you live it, you’re in touch with it.

In the morning is the awareness that extends out into the whole of life, as a consciousness. That’s where the waking up occurs. That’s what I call the hypnagogic of that, using the breath as a way, too, of describing it, and it permeates out far more than I had been realizing. The evening milking was a heartfelt service which touched life inflectively. And the morning was an effect in outer consciousness that reflects to the divine.

My first impulse to my neighbors is to gracefully thank them for attentively recognizing what was needed to be done as a direct action in life, which is living it, and then to Mrs. Clinton who saw the greater outer reflective need.

But then you have to pause. This action makes possible what I did before, which was to correct the witch’s misbehavior in which false expectations were perpetrated. She got the milk, you know, in a taking advantage way, knowing that I was out of the equation.

When I take and I have a meditation dream that brings in something that seems so over the top, you know now looking at the living of something as an aspect of the hypnagogic, in going into things, going into it, which means we’re making the reflections – that seems awfully bizarre, and outrageous, and over the top – but what I am seeing is this after-the-fact, so to speak, in-breath/out-breath realization is what heals the world. It has its conscious ramifications, but the net effect of an attentiveness is to sustain the intertwined natural order.

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