Nothing to Find

00w22sWe know that the less luggage we bring with us, the easier it is for us to travel. So why would there be images in our dreams about lost luggage, or too much to carry? To convey the same message to us about our spiritual journey. What is our baggage? All the attachments we have to things in the physical world, in the sense that we put ownership on them, or seek to control them. Our baggage is the way we take everything personally and think everything is supposed to work out in a certain way. We are living in the universe, not in our personal world, and when we let go to that idea we gain everything. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So then I came to bed and, in this dream, I’m at a place where everyone at this place has packed, and is leaving, to go to another place. Initially, I was in a hurry, but then I’m told: why the hurry? No rush; no reason to rush. You know, it just unfolds. It’s not a matter of timing or importance like that.

So I settle back to relax. And there’s rooms and whatnot in this place, and suddenly I realize that, as I walk into another room, that nearly everybody has left, and that I don’t have my own car, so I will need… and these are all people that are like part of the group that I’m in or something, cronies. We all share a similitude, except I don’t have a car. I need to maybe bum a ride with one of them that knows where things are going, and of course, they’ll all give me a ride because we’re all one happy family kind of thing.

So as I realize that there’s just a couple of us left, I now look to where my bag is supposedly packed – and I can’t find it, it’s not there. I go from room to room, still no bag. I ponder, is it lost? How did it disappear? Did it get misplaced? Did someone else pick it up and leave it there?

And then suddenly this place, which is kind of like a house in which what was left behind was just rubbish other than I can’t find my bag, that would be the only important thing left, suddenly the place is a little bit like a hotel and I realize I can go and ask the lost and found, lost and found. And then I wake up.

And the meaning of this is, this is a dream about letting go to find one’s self. And then something was found, lost and found. Where I am at I am part of an energetic that is shifting to a new spatiality.

I am soaking up all of the ambience of the house, of the place that I’m currently in, and, in doing so, not leaving any part of myself behind. The theme of the dreaming last night was living the essence. To live the essence is to grow, from the beauty and wonder within the reflective world, to living the essence from which reflections originate.

The epitome of the essence is an emptiness where there is nothing to be found. The lost and found department is that emptiness. The question I have for myself is, can I handle the emptiness? In the dream this was a shock that I am not yet prepared to face. By letting go, that is where I eventually get. Or to put it another way, to live the essence everything must go.

In the dream, although I am able to free flow, deep down there is still an identity I hold onto. Now there’s something missing in that, and the thing that’s missing is that in the living of something the actual highest state of living of something, because you can live something in a way in which you can change… the living of it changes the reflections. But the final dream points out that you have to get to a point where you don’t even do that, there’s just the emptiness.

So, in the final image, I arrive at a place where what is supposedly the end all, be all, of things is taking place. At first I think there is a backstage area where I can go to, that I might have an access to. In fact, I happen to be with someone who tends to have that. But, then, no, I don’t want anything to find, even that – so he can do that.

So what ends up occurring is I go through this corridor, and that corridor, and suddenly I’m looking down and I realize that as far as the idea of this being in some hall or something it’s not, it’s right out in the open, anybody could be there. And when I look down, from a high place above, I realize that the spot I have found, that has the purvey of it all, is a spot that’s just no one but me there, no one else even knows that this exists, and in this place I can look down over all of this, and I’m taking it all in, yet am totally out of the way, in other words, not having to contend or be this way or that way.

And the last thing I hear, it’s like I’m touching the very tail end of what is occurring there, and I don’t actually see anybody, I just see kind of the teacher on the stage. But then when I finally look closer as the teacher has walked off the stage, and I’m way up above looking down, I realize this is just an empty space up here. There’s nobody else, even though it’s all out in the open. And what surprises me is the last thing the teacher says, and he says, “If you want to preach, then preach,” and then he walks away.

And the meaning is, this is yet another way of saying that there is nowhere I need to go, or anything I need to find, or hold onto. I am free to live and experience life from a vantage point in which the essence is an emptiness before me, in which there is nothing to see, and nothing that remains.

And then this is another image that came in. If I were to go around and around that which supposedly exists, as if it’s in the outer, no matter where I look, or how many times I go around, there is nothing to be found.

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