The Lens of the Heart

heart-connectionHow often do we find that the technically precise musical virtuoso, or the exacting painter or dancer, is less interesting, and less moving, than the imperfect artist that is working from the heart? It is true in our spiritual work, as well, because to see our path only through the data crunching of the brain limits our ability to encompass much more of what is going on. There is information, connection, and intelligence in everything around us, and it is the lens of the heart that brings us online, into that network. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, in my dream, it starts off where there is a stock that has three aspects, or parts, to it. In other words, there’s the typical aspect of the stock, and then there’s kind of like two other variables that aren’t as dense, that are kind of situated in terms of the composite of what makes up its value – kind of like intangible aspects.

So if you look at it in sum like that, it’s like an arbitrage. In other words, it’s value is set, and stable, and consistent, and has this underlying quality to it that makes it most interesting. So I look at the three parts and realize that the company’s kind of well protected, then. So when it’s like that, when it has a more roundedness to it and it’s not just an idea, or conceptualization, it makes the heart feel good.

Well, the significance is that I’m finding value based upon how my being is able to equate perceptively to the heart. If I am doing this by strictly looking at outer appearances to come to such a conclusion, doing something like that runs the risk of creating a lot of inner grief because, again, you’re going in the wrong direction. It’s like you’re using what you consider a type of consciousness, in which you don’t have the big picture, to try to get something, to shape something, without the full picture to shape it in some particular way.

So when the heart is occupied to functioning in such a capacity, in other words, constrained, that’s when it gets misused. So you have to look to the freedom of the heart, to keep it viable, in terms of what is potent, and real, and vibrant. Yet by constraining the heart it can cause you to catch up with things providing you let go – but it’s a different quality of letting go. One soars, and the other kind of falls back into kind of a reconciliation at the depth of one’s self.

So the heart is designed to access the vibratory unseen world, and the outer mind is for the outer. So when the heart accesses the unseen, the heart is in its element. The mind is in its element looking at manifestation. Problems arise when the two are blurred together in such a way where the heart is inclined to be used to rationalize one’s presence in life, in manifestation, in such and such a way that makes things work.

The mind and senses can’t help it but they’re inclined to look at outer appearances, and they function on that level. But the heart that misses out on the inner vibratory queues, because it is compromised by being directed into trying to help with the mind and senses in terms of sorting something out, that’s the kind of heart that is getting more and more misconstrued.

And so this is accentuated by showing another image in which I’m holding this time a stock that has dropped from over six to the shocking price of four. Now it wasn’t supposed to go under six, and if it goes under six it could go a little bit under six, but it goes to the shocking low price of four, and so that’s like devastating because it really, really makes no sense at all, and couldn’t happen based upon anything and everything that I know.

And so I didn’t pay any attention to a sense of the heart that kind of indicated that something more terrible could happen, so that leaves me shocked because I don’t know how to put the two together. The fact that the mind knows something and then the heart reflects the hint, but now all of a sudden I’m trying to hold it tight, based upon something that I can’t hold it tight with, is happening.

This results in me sitting on a bench, kind of sitting in shock, and this guy comes up and sits down next to me, who’s kind of like a broker who knows something about my account, and he says, “That is not the way it is supposed to be done.”

And what he is really doing is this is a hint, talking about how the heart is supposed to function. It’s not supposed to function in terms of lining up things in the outer, letting things in the outer vie for it. The heart works in more of an invisible essence way.

The meaning is, when the lens of the heart is used, for outer identification purposes, the heart loses it’s overall orientation. It loses its grounding. In other words, it’s an amazing statement. It’s a way of using the word grounding to point out that the heart is grounded in the unseen.

So the heart is designed to access an inner vibratory knowingness, or atmosphere, that is the essence behind appearances, the outer constructs of things. Melding the heart to outer nuances is not how the heart is to be accessed.

The heart knows the empty space, and can denote what arises and touches the empty space. When the heart follows the empty space into objective orientations it gets lost, and abides in the illusory density of outer appearances. That is when the heart’s orientation to the empty vibratory spaces is lost, or goes askew, from the vibratory essence of life.

And then it suffers. The heart suffers in the sense of feeling itself being drained or misconstrued. And so this is how I came to know that the heart is the Will of God. I mean it’s the guiding force. And the mind senses are the Will of man.

The significance is until the heart rises above this abstractive misuse, a person remains in a painful delirium. And, when you’re like that, you need an extraction from misuse. To connect to the intangible vibratoriness of the overall will is to access the secret substance that touches all there is. Real life is not visible. An aliveness that vibrates more subtly than our physical senses is an aliveness not designed to function directly through physical appearances.

Physical appearances are created out of the subtle unfoldment from an overall, inner, all-pervasive empty space that the heart knows. You don’t listen to your mind and all of its senses because it’s not going to have the full picture, yet the heart can always have a sense that knows.

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