A Greater Speed

radiate-energyWhat does it mean to exude an energy? In simple terms, we can understand that a lion exudes the essence of a lion, or that a mother can exude the essence of motherhood, or that a nurse can exude the essence of care. For a human, to exude means that the energy of something lives with that person, so when they express themselves, the energy is radiated out from them. And, as humans, we can choose what we want to radiate into life. Then, through years of thoughts, actions, and intentions, that energy can come to be with us. That energy can then be transferred to others through us, as a service into life. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: In the sleep dream, it’s like I’m standing there near Dean. Dean is standing, and he is saying something. And he is saying something to everybody, which is like a group that’s standing off, in kind of like almost like a listening student-teacher mode, but I happen to be standing near him.

And so Dean has apparently said something that has a kind of, what you could say, an epiphany aspect to it, and then he throws in a laughter, a joyousness, that exudes it as he says it. And, as he says it, he then takes his arm out and, just like I was holding my arm over you, he then extends his arm over my waist. I suddenly, spontaneously, as he does this, to keep from being knocked around, take my hands down over his arm, and he then spins me off the ground in a circle – as he is continuing, almost without paying any attention to what he’s doing. It’s just his exuding. As he is continuing to have his focus on the group, there is this aside motion in which I am spun off the ground.

So in being spun off the ground, you know as an image, then as I am continuing to sleep is when I came to see what this was about. I’m still in my sleep. I don’t wake up to this. It’s still in my sleep, and I come to realize, I come to see, I come to wander almost in a kind of mindfulness in my sleep, and realize that there is an energetic that comes from a focus and attention that may have something that is said, in an outer capacity way, but behind what is said in an outer capacity way is a whole other depth. And to catch up with that depth is to be spun, and not sit there and contend, or noodle, with that in some sort of in-between capacity mannerism, or way, which means that all questions just automatically have to simultaneously fall away – as if there is just a complete, total letting go – which is akin to what laughter is like.

And that is why, if you look at this in a lesser octave way, that is why if you are capable of sitting before such an energy and let your questions sit in the etheric, as opposed to articulating them, because in the articulation there is kind of a doubt, or a barrier, that has to be punched through. That’s why it’s a question. It’s something that’s missed in the acuity of the energetic. If you’re able to sit, they just get flecked away. It’s almost as if they get answered.

But if you were to just sit, and totally sit, and then take this to a greater and greater speed, what’s really going on is you’re just being spun into that vibration; not the ideas behind it that are the building blocks that tweak you towards a closer, and better, and clearer insight about something. No, that’s the capacity of still working with the mind, in relationship to how the mind is always having to sort something out. That’s still a sorting out in relationship to where you stand in relationship to this. You have to just completely let go so that what is said is of no significance, and no importance.

It’s like talking about having recorded the teacher one day, thinking that what she was saying was so profound that he could then stop and have it translated into a way of looking at it that you could then, by slowing it down, you could go and you can maybe see and catch up with some of the profoundness of what she was saying – as if what she was saying is profound.

But what you were experiencing that was profound was the energetic, because then when you stopped, and took down, and looked at what she said you found out that maybe she was just talking about the weather the whole time. And, yet, through all of that was the energetic.

So that’s what you were doing when you were looking at the this over here that was deemed to be profound, and that that over there is deemed to again to be something significant, but what is the distinction between this and that? To what degree do they comport, and that comporting has to drop to a spinning.

That’s a profoundness. Instead of continuing to have the machinations about this, and machinations about that, it just suddenly goes “poof,” and it all melts away. Very deep vibratory realization and, of course, that’s how I did it in my sleep dream to catch up to being able to see what you were doing in terms of your vibratoriness.

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