Unfinished Business

fbdfWe think that when we hold on to things that we retain them, save them, or keep them – but it’s not true. When we hold on to things we’re actually losing out on the things that are trying to unfold, because we are caught in the past and unavailable for the now. In this series of images the dreamer is being shown, in a number of ways, how the inability to let go prevents something from happening, or may even cause him to lose something he already had.  (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So I have a couple of dreams that point it out, and then one dream that shows how one can come back into a letting go ambivalency that sweeps and permeates. But that isn’t how it is, initially. Initially one gets abstracted, and when one gets abstracted the situation becomes somewhat abstract.

In this dream, I seem to observe a situation in which it appears a person over-watered an area, and by over-watering a very specific spot the spot seemed to have gotten flooded. As a consequence of this spot getting flooded, a whole chicken disappears. I never did quite see the chicken even, but I find out later that there was supposed to be a chicken there and, gosh knows how that ever was possible, that there was a chicken there, because the spot has been flooded.

So, in the next image, it’s kind of like a redo of it all where one comes back essentially to the situation but, you know, kind of in a reverb, but it’s not quite coming back in the same way. You don’t quite have this indulgence. You’ve let go of it to some degree, and so the chicken now is off to one side and is all cut up into various pieces, to be cooked or whatever you want to do.

So things are out in the open, but it doesn’t mean that that solves anything because there’s a vehicle in the area that is just sitting there. In other words, if anything the vehicle blocks a vision, or gets in the way. And where the water had flooded something, now the water’s just running in the area, and it’s just pouring around out of a hose, or something, onto the ground rather aimlessly.

So all the pieces and the components are there to be put together into something succinct, and to the point, and very clear, but currently everything is situated as kind of a sorting out abstraction. But, before, the whole place just got flooded and everything disappeared. Now things are around, it’s just that they’re still abstracted. They haven’t come together yet.

So into this equation comes another person who notices the waywardness and offers some suggestions, in terms of balance. He says, with the way all this is, we don’t want to be losing the chicken again. And, of course, before it was a whole chicken that disappeared. Now the chicken’s in the open, cut up into various pieces, but you have to go off to one side, and you have to ponder what to do next, and it’s not an easy thing to do because there’s a car in the way and then just prior to the car is water flowing. You’ve got to kind of take all of that into account. In other words, you’re kind of still in a wayward setting. But with everything visible, even though not aligned, a cohesion is possible as a potentiality.

And so then, in the next dream, those I am with find themselves in an unfamiliar place. In other words, nighttime has fallen and it’s time to settle back in this environment that functions a little differently. So there’s a house that we find and go into for the evening, which is a place where one can stop and rest.

You know, that’s the idea of going into this house is to stop and rest. However, even though it is conceivably what you would call a quiet time, the energetic in the air, the vibe of things, is still astir at this late hour, which means settling back into a quiet time or something is just not happening. And the way it’s foreseen is that there are like two rooms, and there’s like a bedroom, and then there’s like an outer room where everyone’s at, and they’re carrying on in an overly animated way instead of settling back as is customary at this time.

So, I seem to know, and can tell, that none of this touches me or something. It’s not more than abstract if it’s wayward. I seem to know that it’s best not to participate. You know, time is up for participating, and so I go into the bedroom. I don’t take my clothes of anything, I just lay on the bed as if to kind of rest, because there’s still all of this other activity going full steam in the other room.

A woman looks into the bedroom and sees that I have not really stepped aside from all of the other, and cleaned myself up yet. And the way this is pointed out is, she says I still have stubble on my chin, which means I haven’t properly shaved or something. What she means, like I say, not clean shaven, and not in a position to let go and be off to one side. In other words, I’m not able to just naturally step aside from an equation when something has been stirred up; I’m still caught in the animation, which means the significance of the dream is an image of malingering affliction.

So in this dream, what has been stirred up is still an unsettlement. I mean it hasn’t sifted itself out and let go. It’s still an intensity in the environment, so when I try to settle back this won’t work if there is a sense of unfinished business that is holding my attention in some capacity, that is keeping me entranced.

So as a consequence, if you really look at yourself, you see yourself as kind of haunted, not letting go. Something about my nature is obsessing, even, in that everything that the energetic appearance actually is giving that away, as I am still carrying myself with the wayward demeanor visible if someone steps into the room, or the place where I am at, visible for them to see.

And, when you put in the first dream, it’s like the situation got too indulgent, too much water, and what was needed got washed away. So to settle back is to find a balance and even-handed consistency. Currently the energy is too much and there is a discombobulation that predominates; energetic discombobulation. Given time a natural reorientation will occur.

The problem is that I am still seeking a type of attention – as if that’s what is necessary for breaking something through – and you don’t need to. You just need to let the stuff, like in the first dream, you’re able to break through the lack of recognition as to what to do, so you’ve broken through the chaos, you’ve shaken up the pieces so that the components are there that are important to be applied – if that is the intent. In other words, the chaos is no longer all over the place.

Although things may remain askew, I can move on because there’s a sight and recognition that can pull things together as it’s destined to be. It may not be a destiny in terms of what I would choose, but who am I to choose it? Now you settle back, you hand it off, you let go, and it’s no longer my business.

I’m not even sure that you work with trust anymore to properly let go; if you still think that you have to worry about the trust of the situation then you haven’t really let go. You hand it off, and so then what you do is you reground to what is needed as destiny takes over from here.

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