Carrying it Across

rqwetionWhen we get advice from others, do we follow it? The answer for most would be: sometimes, if I agree with it. Any advice we get in the outer world will always have a bias and an agenda, which then meets our biases and agenda. And mostly we are not conscious of this effect. Our dreams also give us guidance and advice, yet the images just show us where we are and what we are dealing with, leaving us to choose our own direction. Of course, our dreams also have an agenda: they are always trying to help us fulfill our human possibility.  (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: What I remember about my dream is that it felt like others, and I, were living somewhere where we were given the ability to do our routines in a certain way. And however I had set up that routine, in terms of how it pulled things to you, or how you did things, I knew I had done this before.

Then I’m kind of trying to study the results, and the way other people have set up just how you go about these routines, and how you pull things to you. And I feel like the way I’ve done it either doesn’t rack up enough points, or it’s not as efficient as it can be; and I know I’ve gone through this before, but I’m a little frustrated. So I’m talking to someone because it feels like I want to change it so it’s more efficient, or so I get a different result.

I know there was more to it than that, but it was about all I could pull out.

John: The schematic that’s coming down, or opening up, is that the stuff that we’re going through, whatever it is in the outer, we always know that the outer somehow reflects what is taking place on the inner. We kind of know that, but it’s getting more and more apparent that it’s like that.

So when you have a dream and you have a certain vibrational element in it, as it becomes more and more apparent that there is something of a transformative flow coming from inner into outer, it becomes more and more apparent of a recognition of this somewhere else, which means that the barrier between something that is occurring in the outer, and something that is opening up in the inner, is becoming thinner and thinner.

And, ordinarily, for the average person, they go through and they do things in the outer and they tend to think that the way the weather is, and the way this is, and the way that is it all has to do with circumstances and fate – and they don’t realize that the way you’re meant to look at the outer is you’re meant to look at the outer in terms of what it portrays is going on in terms of you – from inside yourself.

In other words, there’s something about a human being that is tied to orders and guidance. And so, initially, you just think that you’re going around and you’re doing whatever it is that you’re doing, and you’re doing that just for shits and grins in terms of what is interesting to you. And it kind of stays on that level to begin with, but after awhile you come to realize that everything that you do goes back and reaches to some depth within, in which something is correspondently inflecting into the outer.

In other words, to begin with, the outer just appears to be something that is functioning with a whole other level of inflection. But, ultimately, the outer becomes something that is a blueprint carried across vibrationally, from the inner, so much so that as you dream you can see something that is extremely, extremely clear inside of yourself, and can you wake up that something that’s extremely, extremely clear inside of yourself? Can you wake it up so that it is also unfolding? And the recognition of that unfolding is an outerness, and you can see the outer context of something that is an inner awakening, or quickening. That’s what you’re dreaming.

And so, it’s funny how that was the theme. Probably the simplest way to present it is that there comes a point in time when a person comes to realize that they receive guidance in the dreaming. Before the dreaming is something that operates in kind of another level, that can seem separate from a capacity of inner unfoldment, in terms of the outer. In other words, the outer can seem distinct from the inner, such that the inner is something that hints, or tries to speed up, or tries to quicken something in terms of an outer capacity. And yet you see yourself as functioning in an outer capacity.

Instead, what you have to come to do, is you have to see that the outer capacity that you’re functioning is a closer blueprint to the vibration of something that you are aware of inside of yourself than you realize, and that as you become more conscious you come to realize the two coming together. But you’re at a point now where what you see inside, when you open your eyes you don’t see it on the outside. But it will come to a point where what you see on the inside when you open your eyes you’re going to see it on the outside as well. That’s the inner and the outer coming together as one, and so that’s kind of the theme.

In other words it’s introducing a little component that, for some reason, one is refusing to look at. In other words, it’s one thing to say that the inner and the outer have to come together as one, and it’s another thing to realize that what you see vibrationally inside yourself, that you can’t hold onto, the look and the appearance of something inside yourself, and when you open your eyes it’s different, means that eventually when you open your eyes it is no different, that how you are in the outer is identical to how you are in the inner.

And that the idea that something is slowed down or whatever in the outer, meaning veiled, well, when you take away the veiling it’s kind of like one and the same. In other words, it’s like you do something in the outer and it seems to function in terms of a whole other sense and mind kind of manner of being, and that’s how it is when you’re doing something in the outer is you tend to see that, you know, okay you’re not working with the unseen light, you’re working with the senses, you’re working with something that’s apparent, that is very limited.

But you will come to see that eventually they’re two close together, that that whole unseen gets played out, and practiced or effectuated, comes across. When you no longer hold onto the illusion of the outer, in terms of that being your reality, you come to realize that what you’re doing in the outer is carrying across some innerness.

Very unusual epiphany. I mean it’s easy to go along and make a great big step and say the inner and the outer come together as one and the same, but it’s another thing to note how that is, to actually have a sense of how that is, to feel that instead of conceptualize it. So you’re trying to feel it.

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