Accepting the Memo

887012It can feel very disappointing to not be able to control everything that happens; something in us wants to write the end of the story. But that’s not the way of universal things: we want to learn how to be a part of Its story, not make the universe part of our story. Ultimately, a human life is all about the unfolding process, and much less about the end result. If we are able to be in The process, the results will turn out just fine. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, in this first meditation part of the dream, in spite of how much I would like something to be, in terms of looking at it in the inner and then somehow or another being able to volley a little bit into how can that come through into the outer, looking at this in a meditation dream I had to admit to myself that hope was being dashed, no matter how I might want something to be, it wasn’t happening. In other words, I know how the vibration of the outer needs to be, that corresponds with the inner, and wasn’t getting there.

So then when I go to sleep I go back into the dream, and that’s when I learn that there is a vibration that determines the situation. If the vibration is there, in a conducive way, I am able to embrace the process and I find inside myself that there’s all kinds of workers, and everything else, that are all aligned; which is another way of saying that all my vibrational nature is at the disposal of what is to be an intended way.

If I see a particular outcome, but there isn’t the appropriate vibrational alignment, and I’m seeing how it should be, for example, but it isn’t meant to be, and yet I refuse to accept the memo, so to speak, that we are in kind of a bifurcation that has yet to run its course, and I refuse to abide by that, as if my righteousness is everything or something, then I’m going to really suffer. And I could suffer in a lot of ways: physically, emotionally; a lot of ways.

So the reason for this dream is for me to know I can reach a particular knowingness state within that aligns into what is meant to be, and then there is a natural flow that is possible. What is interesting is how a charisma of pragmatic energy is naturally able to discern an outcome, and can do so by being able to step aside from value orientation.

If the value orientation of the heart were there, that then would be an even more interesting unfoldment. The reason I say this is, pragmatism, per se, is a wonderful understanding. By understanding, I mean it knows how things seem to be ebbing and flowing in an outer consequence way, in spite of the value orientation that knows how to set it aside and can see how the ebb and flow of something in the outer is, and it can set it aside because it doesn’t get caught in the value orientation.

But what would it be like if wisdom of the heart were introduced to the pragmatist? Well, for one thing, this would really enhance the breath. Instead of it just being one half, the pragmatist half, and then the angelic half on the other side, you could be pulling both sides of the equation out. You’d be making an inner into outer image, as the flip side of the coin, so to speak, the inner and the outer, flip sides of each other, is revealed; becomes the effused unfoldment.

See what’s interesting is to see how your dream worked with all of that. I mean you were sitting there trying to determine how to go this way and that way, and your idea of how you appreciate a ballgame is somehow or another always affected by an opinion, or a mannerism, you have, in terms of what you’re looking at, and what you would like to look at, versus how it actually is. That was the football game.

And then when you took it into life, in your second dream, you came to realize that now you’re applying your mannerism that you had in the first towards the football game, you’re applying that to the action of what it is that you want, and how you’re going about it initially ignores the two kids, ignores the mother, realizes that you’re using a veil to climb under in order to impose something that you think is wonderful. But then when all of that gets factored in, and you find the freedom of the kids, and the freedom of the guy and whatnot, it’s all been a projection.

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A Certain State

42sswTo put things in a stark contrast, either everything matters, or nothing matters. If we believe that everything is energetically interconnected, then our intentions matter as much as our acts. Even to sit in silent judgment of another is to energetically alter the situation. That has important implications, for those on a journey, because it comes with a sense of responsibility for what we add to the wholeness, while also letting us know that how it unfolds isn’t really up to us. What we must decide is, whether or not we want to be a part of what It is doing. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: First of all, in the meditation dream, I’m seeking to determine if conditions in the outer are on the verge of shifting. In other words, there’s a part of me that believes that something that exists at present cannot continue – and that it has to shift.

So whether that’s a correct belief, or not a correct belief, who’s to say, in terms of the sequentialization of time? I could be correct in terms of the fullness of time, but, in terms of what is going on now, that’s not necessarily the case because I can see the Will of God, for example, but I don’t necessarily have access to how it is directed – unless one gets really, really purified inside so that the one and the two become one and the same.

So, where I’m at, it is my opinion that, from an inner way of looking at the conditions, I’m trying to tell myself that there is a shift, and it’s in the making. In other words, I’m sitting on the cusp of it, or on the verge of it, you know, which may or may not be true. I mean it’s pretty much a guess, because I’m not connected to the pure light, so to speak; when one is indulged in the outer, or finds themselves in an outer, one can only sense this sort of stuff in terms of a degree of connection that they have with the heart, in an intertwined way, that has at their disposal a flow.

So I’m looking to see if this inner is touching the outer to effectuate the shift. I mean I spent most of the dream going back and forth trying to see if I could impose my whim, and way, and belief, and I was unable to see it to be so. In other words, at least in my sleep I’m able to be a realistic as to whether it is; in the outer I can get to the point where I just believe that how it is that I perceive something has to be so because the other may make no sense at all. But in the fullness of time I could be correct, but not necessarily in the unfoldment as it exists.

So I notice this bias that I have that a change is coming, so that leaves me wanting to break the conditions that prevent the change from coming into place. But from what I am able to see, there is no way I can say, at this time, or conclude, that a change in the outer is imminent. In other words, I could see it in the inner, but I can’t see how it touches the outer. And so if I can’t see how it’s touching the outer, and the outer seems to be doing another kind of dance, then I can’t just go around automatically saying that such and such, and so and so, is going to take place.

When one is in sync with it, you don’t say, you just stand back, and watch, and observe. When one is in a state of frustration, wanting something to be so that isn’t necessarily so, then you’re kind of a crusader, or a martyr, even.

So this is pointing out how a human being can access something, but they have to really take a look at what they are accessing, in relationship to inner and outer, and how that, as the Crown of Creation, works.

So I can see a hope, but I can’t see where that hope isn’t being dashed in the near future. In spite of how I might like it to be, I can’t say where it won’t be dashed in the near future. And you can actually become a bit sacrificial and say, okay, I’ll let it be dashed in the near future because, ultimately, it’s going to be shifting shortly. Gosh, that’s pretty reckless, too.

So to arrive at this inner into outer opinion, in other words, to try to sort this out, I was reverbing back and forth over and over in terms of what was being suggested, as if I’m able to take the suggestion and play with the time of it. And I was doing my best to give it a positive spin to denote change is afoot. I couldn’t make this next step, which is the coming into the outer, a vibrational unfoldment – or a viable unfoldment.

In other words, there’s a way you can feel about something that, when you catch up with that feel, it will work, things will change, things will happen, but until you catch up with that, if you still have some part of yourself that has a waywardness about it, that waywardness will keep it from happening. It will prevail, because you do measure, inside your heart, your ability to take into account a greater overall wholeness and, if the collective is such that dictates more than what you’re able to, with heart energy, effuse and infuse and swallow, and take in, then the tone, or the mood, or the mannerism you have sits there, in a bifurcated way, and complains. You’re actually complaining when you’re in a mood, or a mannerism, or an attitude, and you’re suffering in that mood, or mannerism, or attitude. You don’t hit the elation of something that breaks through.

You can hit that vibration that breaks through. There is a certain kind of sweeping through that has taken place, that is taking into account the bigger picture, when before it was just enforcing what it could enforce. And so, how do you catch up with what is possible? I guess this is the theme, and you can catch up with it when you hit a certain state inside.

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A Peculiarity

According to some, we wouldn’t dream at all if we were fully functioning, realized, human beings. If we consider that idea, we can see that dreams are always showing us how we interact with ourselves, and within ourselves. If we had no psychologies or fears, and we didn’t project our personal view on the world around us, the sorting that dreams allow wouldn’t be necessary. Said another way, we would be in the flow of things. And if we were in the flow of things, then all the sorting would be happening in the moment, as needed, and there wouldn’t be anything to work out in our sleep. And that sounds rather dreamy. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So, in the next dream, I seem to be visiting a man, in his living room, and in the adjoining room he has two young sons who are sleeping, or at least playing in their room.

And then I go over and it’s like I want to lay down under some blankets, on the floor, with him. And it also feels like there’s his mother, or someone, in the background somewhere, but not right there with us at the moment, but an influence.

And it’s like we kiss, but I can tell there’s an imbalance going on, like one of us maybe wants more children and the other doesn’t. And I’m also trying to figure out what is it that the mother would want, or what is it that the boys want? Because I think maybe he doesn’t want more children, and that’s what I’m trying to figure out.

And then the scene shifts, and I seem to be by myself, in a house where I go, and I think the boys burst into that living room at some point, too. Then I seem to be in a house and I go up to a room and there’s a man there, a married man I know from New York, and he embraces me, and kisses me, but I’m really not feeling anything. But now I know he’s going to be going back to New York. That was all that I dreamt.

John: Well, what you’re doing is you’re playing with the aspect of whether or not your intentionality of your nature is taking into account the surrounding. I mean, it’s not a whole lot different than when you’re observing the football game, and going up and down with every little aspect of things, and fail to realize that there is an intertwinement that you’re capable of catching up with, and should be seeing.

And the closer you get to that intertwinement, the more closely you get to what is actually going on. And the more, somehow or another, you actually influence, or seem to influence, because you’re in touch with the sequence of events.

So, in the first part of your dream, you are actually trying to do something that doesn’t quite feel right to you because there’s the mother in the area, there’s two kids in the area, there’s this guy in his notionality of things, and then there’s the blanket that you crawl under and hope to, as a consequence, blank out, or shut off, all of that in order to effectuate a particular kind of momentum, or intentionality, of your nature.

And, deep down, you know that it isn’t meant to quite work that way, because what you’re doing is a peculiarity of overtness of your nature that isn’t taking into account a bigger picture.

So, in this other part of the dream, you’re starting to let go of that, and, as you let go of that, you find out that, for example, the boys are able to now free flow around the house, when before they needed to be off to one side in order for you to get your way. And that the guy that you were overly indulging in, with kind of an emotional blood energy depicted aspect of projection, turns out, you know, that that was all projection on your part because you realize that you had to carry it all, that he doesn’t, isn’t, and wasn’t really intertwining with you, and it was all coming from you. Because when everything is placed back into the natural, where everything has its own place, you come to realize that that doesn’t fit.

And so it’s kind of a teaching dream, in a sense, in that it is showing the momentous mannerism, or nature, that we get caught up in, because we live in such a bifurcated way, that we can’t help but have predilections that choose to select this, and select that, as we bicycle about – all the way from how we watch an illusion unfolding in front of us, like a football game, to where we take steps to try to enhance our life, so to speak, but there’s nothing to enhance. There’s just something that has to be intertwined, and, if we don’t see what is intertwined, then we just cause ourselves a lot of grief.

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