Missed Connection

A10_When things in our life don’t work out as we had planned, or expected, we often feel annoyed. This dream is trying to show how it is the annoyance in us, the aspect of a situation that becomes personal to us, that keeps things from a natural unfolding. And the more annoyed we become, the further and further away from the flow we end up. To be conscious is to understand that we are here to be a part of the everything; everything isn’t here for us. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: And so then, my sleep dream is, in this dream, I go over to pick Mick up. Mick is living or staying in a place with others, and he’s kind of ignored, he’s just there, and for whatever reason I’ve decided to go pick him up and to take him somewhere. And there are others there that are waiting for rides to go somewhere, and so, when I arrive, I see others out there waiting but I don’t see Mick.

Well, there’s something about my nature that’s off, and so I’ve even arrived 15 minutes late, but that should not be a problem. Mick should still be there somewhere, and he’s nowhere in sight. So I get out of the car, wander around, and I can’t find Mick. And this is a little disconcerting, and it’s a quality of nature where you kind of get pressed by things, where you’re carrying a subtle on the fritz, or kind of subtle tension.

Then that subtle tension keeps you from being able to free flow naturally and smoothly. And, as a consequence, everything is bugging you, or everything is too much. Basically this is an image showing that I am out of touch with my surroundings.

And so I repeat the situation, of this being out of touch with my surroundings, because I talk to a person who’s a good friend, or knows Mick, and this person mentions that Mick has told him that I don’t stop by and see him anymore like I used to. And I’m surprised Mick would say that. Wow, hmmm.

And I ponder that a little bit and notice how I seem to be acting as if I’m also busy. I’m also irritated as I’m talking to this fairly simple and innocent person who’s just being how he is, but not sophisticated in any regard, and he’s just bibble-babbling about things. He points to things over in this direction, and things over in that direction. And I could care less about that. That just drives me a bit crazy.

And I don’t have a cell phone to try to call Mick as if he is somewhere that I could find because I figure he might be in a gym, but if I try to go to where that’s at he’ll probably show up and I’ll miss him again.

Now, this is actually the second dream, and I refuse to pull out a prior dream because the prior dream had something in it that was shocking. And it would’ve been nice to pull out the detail around this that was shocking, because in the prior dream with a completely correlated and related vibrationality, but not maybe as loud, but louder than this, my latent upsetness lashed out and I told one to shut up; really loud. And I didn’t write up that dream, but I can tell that I was at a pitch with that intensity. It just overwhelmed me.

Meaning: The theme of the evening is about a superseding innerness that pulls the flow of life together. The meditation dream indicates that this is a connection of inner into outer, that I am meant to close the gap on, so that I follow the direct correlation of the outer to that inner.

If I observe this properly I will be able to tell how things are unfolding, in terms of the whole – and how the inclusiveness with everything is. In this dream I am being shown that I am out of touch with this connection because I am going about in life on a subtle agitated tilt. The tilt is there because I am not catching up with an inner awareness that I am meant to be in touch with. Mick is being used in this dream because he goes around afflicted in a hypertensive way, in this regard, much more so than me.

The purpose of the dream is to draw my attention to a vibrational tone that is a limitation I am carrying in my being which is preventing me from accessing within a flow I am meant to reach. This is a connection in which the inner planes of myself access what I am doing in the outer by way of revelational correspondence, that is clear that this is me, in an all-permeating overall oneness. To not be in touch with my inner into outer recognition is to lose a revelational way, that is important, and instead stay in an agitated, askew condition.

And then I continue on to the last image to see that the reason why the buck is being passed is because I’m trying to slide to something else. Now, the dilemma with having a demeanor that is constantly sliding to something else as significant and important, is you’re always going to be doing that. It’s a possessorariness, a type of greed, on an inner level.

Just like you can have it on the outer level, you can always be trying to think that if you get your life lined up a little better in this way, and that way, in the outer, then something more will be possible. Well you can do this on the inner level, too, in that I can say, okay, I don’t have to contend with this other because I’m still working with a greater aspect of something coming down upon me that is the elements of things, the light and whatnot, that has to be taken in. You could be passing the buck like that forever, too, and always ignoring something.

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