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ghost_orchid_smallIf we’ve ever gone on a retreat, or been in a deep meditation, both relaxing states, we know how difficult it is to bring that state of being into our daily lives. A few stresses and we are quickly back to our old state. This is exactly the issue with our inner guidance for our spiritual journey: we come to know a truth inside of ourselves, but we can’t apply it, or translate it, into our outer lives because our outer lives are such a different ecology. We can’t grow orchids in the desert, and we can’t bring higher things into the coarseness and chaos of our daily lives. If we are serious, we will have to make changes in our life to accommodate the higher. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So there were three dreams, and the first is the meditation dream that sets the tone of it all, in that in the meditation dream I was able to tell that I could come back into the outer, and I was able to tell that I was able to come back into the outer, because I was in a more of a quickened way that is, because there was something sensitive in my nature in which I could tell that there was something missing – as I came back into the outer.

In other words, I had seen something inside of which there was no substance, there was nothing. So there was nothing to look to inside, so then I turn around and I try to go in the opposite direction into the outer. And, because everything’s fine, and everything is still, in the inner, and a glancing into the inner doesn’t do anything, it just is. So I come to recognize and realize that there is an area, or part, of me that’s missing, when I am required to come or turn my energetic attention back into manifestation.

So I knee jerk back and forth. I pull back to something, then I come and I look again. And I pull back, and I come and I look again. So I try and I try, but each time there’s no complete answer. The dilemma was that each time I glanced I could tell that I was not bringing back into life the full completion, because each time my heart hurt, and an absence existed from an aspect of the outer beingness of self.

So what is going on? I tried and tried. I just couldn’t bring back into the outer the inner that took in, on a one-to-one correspondence, all that was going on here. I peeked over and over to see if coming back could be done, in other words, if I could find the combination in which I could come back that would be complete, and each time I would notice a physical area that wasn’t okay.

In most of the instances, when I would glance to come back, the physicalness of coming back into manifestation had to do with going back into the physical body. And when I would glance I would notice that my neck was aching, or was in a strange position or something, because when I come back naturally I can be in any kind of catawhomper position and be okay. But if I don’t come back completely, then something is askew and my neck might be a little out of shape, or something, as if sore from having to hold the position without the inner-into-outer relief that I know is there – but is somehow or another missing, in terms of coming into the equation of the outer.

So the meaning is, that the meditation dream is reporting that in terms of bringing my higher self – a completely intertwined innerness – into the outer is something that I am not doing. I’m missing something. There’s something that’s not quite catching up, or being brought through.

And so I’m not able to make the inner and the outer a oneness and, as for the innerness, there is nothing to report in that regard because the innerness is the innerness. It’s complete and whole in and of itself.

So I just seem to be kind of astir, or kind of out of sync, in terms of at home in the all-pervading stillness within. In other words, it’s not astir; stable. I am stable in a home that is the all-pervading stillness within. That’s why there’s nothing to report there, but it doesn’t translate across into the outer.

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