The Substance of Sound

sound33Everything is energy, and energy has a vibration (sound), and the vibration effects and changes the nature of the matter it comes in contact with. We, too, have a sound and a vibration. To develop is to raise the frequency of our vibration so that it is healing and helpful to what it resonates to, and comes in contact with. It is the coarser frequencies that set up vibrations that can rattle different states of matter into pieces. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: Maybe the way to put it is: we all have a type of internal dialogue. It’s a way that we cycle in terms of how it is that we are. And that internal dialogue, that way that we process, or orient, ourselves in relationship to things, is done with a type of generated, creative sound that we have access to – and we pull this sound out of the stillness.

Now we don’t realize that what we have done is we have caused the first aspect of substance to come into being, and the substance is sound. And with sound we’re creating, and we create the kind of world that we create, and we have this estrangement, in terms of our heart, because we are able to create the distance. We’re able to create like a duality of barriers between that vibration that’s coming into existence, coming in as a sound, and that sound then shapes manifestation.

Now to be able to see one’s self walk as an entity, that is a quality of sound. And that sound is having an effect, and that effect is generating manifestation; because you can catch up with that sound. You can get to the point where… I can take and I can look and I can see the sound of other people. The words are getting difficult here. “See” is not a word in this regard. I can denote the note of the sound of another person, and because I can denote the note of the sound of another person I can know what can happen for them, and what can’t happen for them. I can note to what degree they can understand something, or can’t understand something.

Unbelievable that it comes down to something as trite as that, as sound. There’s all kinds of aspects to the sound: you can get to where you can see where people are lost in their sound waves, and there’s no way of snapping them out of them being lost. And a given sound wave that they are going about in life creating through the mire of things, creating a motion, in other words, the real subject that we’re on is the ever, ever, ever, greater, greater, greater deeper, deeper, deeper level of stillness, and a type of stillness has a loudness of sound.

A deeper, deeper, deeper level of stillness has a quality of light. A deeper, deeper, deeper, deeper level of stillness has no light, and has no sound, and it’s a nothingness.

When you sleep, and when you let go, and when you get quiet, and when you drop the senses and the mind to some degree as a sleep sort of condition, you are working with aspects of sound and light in a different way.

If you approach this in a very scientific way, first you have this overall vibration. And in this overall vibration, the Bible calls it the “Word.” In the beginning was the Word, and out of this Word everything was created. And so that’s the beginning of the Bible, and it says so in both the Bible and the Koran, that all things are created out of sound, out of this Word.

So the key is to take a look and catch up with all of that by playing with, and dealing with, all the adjectives, or the adverbs of it. So first of all you have the sound, and the sound is a vibration and you could say that it is encompassed within the parameters of a breath, and that breath includes the universe, the in-breath and the out-breath, the up and the down, the up and the down.

Everything’s going on there, and then comes the adverbs out of it. The adverbs out of it is if you want to allow yourself to wander a little bit, you notice that there is sound. If you want to let yourself go into another type of stillness, there is a light. If you want to let yourself go into a type of ecstasy, there is a taste, or a nectar. These are all adverbs of the principle which is a noun, which is the sound, that is the Word, that is the creation of all things.

From a scientific standpoint you can split the atom, and when you split the atom you’re going to have tremendous light, you’re going to have tremendous sound. It’s palpable. All of that becomes palpable when you split the atom. And when you’re doing all of this inside yourself

you’re discovering it in the minute this way, because as something is in its singularity, it is in its immenseness in terms of however it’s conglomerated together.

So you can take and go on these little separate journeys, instead of just being able to stay within the aspects of the all pervasive sound, you can ride your own sound wave. And when you ride your own sound wave you’re riding your own way of seeing yourself, or feeling yourself, or however that word needs to be, that is a note that has to do with you.

Now, as you go about in life, you actually know that this person is like this and that person is like that, but you don’t know why it is that you note this person is like that and that person is like that, and why it is that you might feel a little sad that this person is like that, and another person is in another way. And it’s because you can hear their sound. You don’t know that you can hear their sound. Just like there’s a light that you supposedly can’t see, and yet you need to catch up with because that’s what a Sufi is.

The same thing is true with the sound. There is a sound that you need to catch up with, that you actually are hearing but don’t know that you’re hearing. It carries the feeling, the emotion. It carries the content of everything. The sound compacts the content of everything. If you’re real angry you can take and you can bust things; you’re using a quality of turbulency on a sound orientation, and so you carry a note, and that note is a type of turbulency, and in that note you come across.

So if you’re talking to somebody and they don’t understand what you’re saying, it’s because you haven’t figured out how to talk to them in a way to hold their attention so that the note that is going on in them doesn’t blot it out. What’s interesting is you find that there are more and more and more people that a person’s attention has to be streamlined to just a specific subject matter, or note, where their attention is at, where their vibratory attention is at. And if you start jumping this way and that way, they want only this note.

So you learn the art of bicycling around in terms of moving this note, changing this note, but you can only change this note and flicker this note with a person who’s able to let go, to some degree let go, to where they can suddenly see that there’s something else, and they can hear it. But will they be able to sustain it, because the tendency is to fall back to this note or this sound that they hear that is them?

What we’re talking about is we’re making a mockery out of what existence is, in terms of a human being, that a human being that is walking around is walking around carrying some sort of bifurcated storyline that they tell themselves, that’s a note on a vibrational level, that is a quality of sound.

On a vibratory level, it’s all there. On a sound level it’s all there. If you catch up with the bifurcatedness of sound of your being, in other words the part of yourself that’s off on its tangent doing its own thing, if you catch up with that, you then take into account the wholeness of an accountability of that; they can change, they can shift.

So I’m beginning to think that the quality of sound, and a quality of flow, the quality of sound that then becomes a quality towards a type of consciousness where one takes on a particular demeanor and can shape other things, in terms of demeanor, in other words can set up an environment that they consider conducive and can hold it together with a quality of a sound orientation – and you could say that this is like a type of internal dialogue that one has that holds it together.

It’s a very strange way of talking about a kind of substance that is so subtle that it permeates, and has an effect, upon a denser substance that’s in the overall, and you’re doing it with this subtler substance and we’re calling the subtler substance sound. And that you can go then beyond the sound to a quality of light, which is also a type of substance, but it’s even a subtler, subtler, subtler substance. And that, ultimately, when it’s all said and done, all of it just can go “poof,” if you can hit the total stillness – but you have to hit the stillness without any of the adverbs going on.

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