The Outer Context

222o4It is the constant struggle of our journey to try to apply what we know about human purpose, and a spiritual path, into the ongoing processes of our daily life. The tendency is to compartmentalize them: we will tend to the needs and demands of the outer, and then we will refocus onto our search and efforts – the care and feeding – of our inner life. The shift we are really trying to make is to a spiritual life expression applied to everything we do in our outer life. So one question we can ask ourselves is this: what would this normal, everyday task look like if it were done in a spiritual way? (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So it felt like I can just remember one dream, because it was repetitive last night. It was like I was at the martial arts studio, and going over and over trying to get some part of the form right so that my breathing would be right.

I mean, really, on the outer I was trying to breathe right so I didn’t snore and disturb you, you know, but on the inner it was like I was at the martial arts studio trying to learn the form. But the difficult was that there were other people around practicing so there’s only so much space, and the time had been shortened so you couldn’t do the whole form.

So I was trying to learn a way of doing a shortened form, and get my breathing right as I did it, and I had to get it all done before it became time to go on vacation or something. So there was all this focus all the time, you know. That was pretty much it, because it kept repeating.

John: Well, that’s actually almost a masculine image, because the way the masculine sees this is they see that something is going on inside, in which there is a whole sense of freedom, and a whole sense of a greater recognition in terms of what is possible.

One can see that, in the inner, but then when one turns that around and relates that in an outer context, the outer context, because we don’t see the entire picture anymore, the outer context has complications to it.

And so we’re constantly fumbling with something that’s a greater speeding up, and a greater letting go, within, in which we have the greater picture. We’re constantly trying to wield that, bring that into the outer, which has, by its very nature, in terms of it being a sense and mind oriented spatiality, we’re trying to get that to open up more.

And so we have this dilemma, and I say it’s more of a masculine kind of dilemma than it is a feminine dilemma because where the feminine aspect of it comes in, is it’s just trying to maintain a presence, or a state of beingness. Where it’s a masculine dilemma is where it is constantly doing the yo-yo, in terms of comparative analysis or something, where it sees the innerness, experiences the innerness, but can’t seem to get it to copacetically come across into the outer.

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