A Hidden Capacity

black-boxIn the purest sense of the idea, everything can be solved on the inner. It has become our nature to look at the world around us and want to fix this, or change that. Some of these efforts may even help, for a little while. But if we really want the world to be a different place, we must change ourselves on the inner levels. Then, everything around us will eventually change to reflect the inner. This is the way everything works: inner into outer, energy into manifestation. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I just remember my last dream. And, in this dream, I’m like in a workshop area, and someone’s brought me this little box that’s almost like got a little computer in it, and they’re trying to show me how to adjust it, or work with it.

It just looks like a workshop area, like there’s a blackboard here, but there’s also a bed or something over here. And I set it on the bed for a minute, and I’ve gone over to the blackboard and I’m working with the diagram. And then I’m going back over to it, because I’m going to take the box and adjust some dials or something on it.

But it’s like there’s a pressure about there’s only so much time to do this. And when I go back over to the blackboard I kind of have it worked out how I need to do it, but then this person comes and they’re standing there, and they’re saying, no, just to work with the image on the blackboard – when I want to go over to where the box is and adjust it.

They’re telling me I can just work with the image to adjust it, and I’m not sure, that’s not really the way I would do it. So I’m feeling some pressure, because there’s some time pressure to get this fixed so it’ll work different. And I’m not sure you can really do it just with the image when I’m trying it their way, and I think that’s when the alarm goes off.

John: So what you’re talking about, as an image, is the way things are in the outer. In other words, everything that you see in the outer is an image, and everything around you seems to suggest, and indicate, to you anyway, from their perspective, that you need to contend with the images of things in order to work things out.

But you have a greater sense of something more, and that’s where this black box comes in. And that the understanding of something that is in this hidden capacity is important to being able to bring something across on the blackboard.

And so, even though everyone would like you to put your attention to the stuff that’s in the outer, you know that there is something more that you need to be putting your attention to, and, in that way, you come to know what is going on. And you come to know that the blackboard is but a reflection.

That’s interesting. Quick, huh?

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