A Never-Ending Presence

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Do we compartmentalize our spirituality? Do we read something meaningful that inspires us, and then forget all about it an hour later? Or do we meditate and then get worked up into a frenzy during our daily commute, or in dealing with others? For us to make real progress in our journey, we need to apply our spirituality into the every-day interactions we find ourselves in, holding the bigger view of what we are trying to do. In this process, we let go of a life that is always about us, and embrace a way of being that is about something more.  (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So now, in the sleep dream, I am an employee that has worked in an office area of a large, technically-oriented, awakening center in life. Now, there are certain things in life that are a bit like an awakening center, like Apple Computer, for example, is bringing in new technology, in other words, it’s unfolding new things in life. And so I am working in a place that is maybe not as big as Apple, but has this kind of quality in terms of how it works in life.

So, in this office area, there is a vault room where the main operational state-of-the-art heart of it all is kept, and it’s kind of like a center area and people don’t go in there very often. I don’t know what all is kept in this vault room. There are a few old cloaks that are kept there, but, basically, they’ve got a safe and everything else that’s in there. In other words, the vault area is like the safe itself, but it has a light and everything in there, too.

So I could just leave, and it’s the end of the day. It’s kind of like I have essentially kind of finished with this place. The others still come and go. I’ve kind of finished with this place, but I still have my attention there, somehow, which means I could just leave like everyone else – and this would be a type of leaving where I could go out the door with a smart TV that has a digital sensor memory, and is also analog.

This analog is me as a human. The digital sensor is my greater overall beingness. The question I have is: am I able to bridge together both technologies, the analog and the digital of myself? The inner and the outer, in other words. So, somehow or another, I’m taking and pondering this as the challenge. To sort this out I am seeing what is and what isn’t.

For example, I’m an employee who, at the end of the day, never says goodbye. Everyone’s noticed this about me. Everyone else says goodbye to each other as they go out into their day-to-day, but I never say goodbye. It bothers them a little bit. I I look at this as they’re just chummy, and they see themselves coming and going through life in a back and forth way, but I’m changing from that, and am evaluating how that feels, and have reached a decision to shift this mannerism.

In other words, there’s no such thing as a goodbye or whatever. I know that everyone else is okay with the collective condition because it is such an easygoing way to be, but I am thinking I need to access the heart of it all – instead of something like this that just closes things off. And that heart of it all is represented as a vault room that is there, but not fully appreciated.

So I am thinking, at the end of a day, I can slip into the vault room, because no one’s really realizing I’m around, and get behind some extra cloaks that are there. And just in case someone happens to peek in, as an afterthought, as they’re turning off the lights or something, the goodbye lights, I’m noticing how easy it is that I can hold onto an electrical circuitry – that’s in the corner along the back wall – and pull my feet up so there’s nothing visible about my beingness there anymore. I don’t think I would be visible.

So now I have to evaluate, am I ready for this? So I don’t think I would be visible, and am pondering if such an approach is possible. In other words, you can actually tell ahead of time by the way you feel the vibrational airways. And so, in pondering this, I notice that the worst thing that could happen is someone might sense my presence somehow. I don’t know that they’re that perceptive, but that’s a possibility, so I have to take that into account. Someone might, by just an off chance, do it for some peculiar reason, and so I’m pondering what all that could be about.

So what I reach inside of myself is, were that to happen, and I’m going over the consequences if that were to happen in the worst case conditions, to see if I am there or not, in other words, if this can be, or not. So, you could say, I’m running scenario after scenario of what is needed yet to do this, or could go wrong, to feel if my psyche is ready for the shift.

If I can do this, this would be an inside job of inside jobs that no one would ever get in the way of anymore in the future. I know this because I know that no one, in this easygoing place, is imagining yet that this is even possible. What I am doing, as I go through the variables of what might happen to keep me from this hidden connection with the inner workings of this place, is the last vestiges of a paranoia that I might still yet carry, to some degree, that needs yet to be flushed from my system. And feeling the subtle vibrations I am able to tell if I am ready for this, and if it is meant to be at this time.

I am looking at my heart and how it is able to feel the space. If I am able to see my heart embracing it all, then no vibrational nuances will get in the way. Why am I doing this? Deep down I have reached the point where the coming and going back and forth needs to be at a deeper depth. I am at a point where I need to be one with the overallness that everyone treats casually, as if there are separate aspects to their beingness. I don’t experience it like that. A part of me is already not experiencing it like that, and that is why I seek a state where the word goodbye does not exist anymore.

So another meaning of it is: I am talking about taking a vibrational note, from a casual day-to-day state, to an inner depth that merges with all there is. This is something others, in their current waywardness, do not see yet as possible. If I am able to shift, without being detected in some self-conscious way, I will be free to merge the inner and the outer environment into my beingness, and as my beingness. I would come and go, freely, with an embodied consciousness, and be vibrationally steeped, in an intertwined way, with the source of it all.

And, you could say, a reason for the dreaming is I’m realizing that I dream various states within as a healing process as I am still awakening to who I am. I have reached a way of letting go that enables me to note an inner depth, but, deep down, I know this note requires me to embody it in its entirety.

I wouldn’t be feeling this potentiality if I hadn’t reached the point where I can access a note that enables me to function in a more free-flow way than everyone else I see, in an outward sense, that comes and goes ambivalently. This note brings me into the inner overallness straightaway.

The environment I am talking about is a pent-up within and without, embraced in an entirety. Such a big step will take me out of the day-to-day bifurcations, and enable me to be a beingness at the essence of this place, in a way that, from here on out, I can be an actual never-ending presence, instead of the pseudo-state where coming and going is accentuated by separation called hellos and goodbyes. Such an absentmindedness lies in the way of a greater invisible intertwinement, to all there is, in an inner and outer overallness.

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