A Constant Dynamic

After9Sometimes, when we do something, it seems terribly difficult. Then, on another day, it goes very smoothly. This happens all the time, and it has to do with the combinations of energies at play. Because the way a moment unfolds is never just about our efforts, it’s also about what is possible in that moment. Is there energetic support, or is there energetic resistance? Long ago certain peoples understood this, so they would travel to places that would support, energetically, what they were trying to do: healing, for example, or fertility, or any number of things. To be able to read the energies of a situation lets us know what is possible. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In my first dream it’s like I’ve been observing a football game, and the football game, and the plays on it, are correlated to something that’s happening in the outer. So when they make a play there, there’s something else that is built on that in the outer.

But I observe that there’s one play in the game that was called wrong, that affects the outcome, or will affect the outcome, but they keep playing past that play. So I keep watching to see, since there’s something that happens out here that’s correlated to what happened in the game, I keep waiting to see, are they going to correct that?

And, when they do correct it, will they go back to kind of unravel things to where the play was called wrong, and start over with whatever they’re correlating that here with that? Or do they go on from when they finally correct it?

And it feels like there does come a point when they call attention to it, but it’s like probably seven or eight plays after the initial one. I’m just wondering, what are they going to do then, and how do you balance that? But I don’t really see what it is they do. That was the first dream.

John: Well, what’s interesting that you’re doing is you’re using something like what you perceive in the outer and, of course, the outer is there for revelational purposes, to try to show how the two sides of one’s self are meant to come together as a oneness – and that they appear to be separate.

In fact, we identify with the outer and don’t even recognize the inner, and, ultimately, one can come to realize that you can use, or look at this, as a constant dynamic between the two. And, in a way, that’s what one is doing and not realizing it when you’re watching a football game.

Now the tendency when you watch a football game is to get sucked in to where you’re using a certain kind of outer momentous nature to try to cheer on the consequences of whatever it is that you’re supporting as a team or something, in which case then you go up and down in relationship to the heart getting stabbed because of the predilections you have.

But then, also, there is a way of looking at the football game where you can see that the momentum and the mannerism that exists in the environment tends to determine the outcome, including even causing things to happen that shouldn’t happen. And that can work both positively and negatively.

You can see, for example, a team that can say have a type of home field advantage appear to get lucky breaks, and then once in a while you can see where even the home field advantage doesn’t necessarily help because there’s a manner, or demeanor, that exists and everything just seems to work out in some peculiar, unexpected, way that indicates that something else is in the equation.

So what’s interesting is to be able to be in a place inside one’s self to where this other, that’s in the equation, is something that you are able to access, or to touch, or to have a sense of. And to be able to see how that undulates, because you could see that it’s as if something is constantly being tested, or teased, or played with.

You can have a situation where the momentum can get over the top, and, so much so, that then all of a sudden it stops, and it aligns, and something rises up in an ebb and flow. But the momentousness of the vibration is such that you can tell that it is carrying a greater domination overall, it’s just having to take a step back, or something, for conduciveness, for balance purposes.

And it’s interesting if you could take and you can look, and you could see, everything as having this quality that is like this, as if there is all kinds of variables in life that are intertwining, and interacting, in a greater wholeness way that have to take into account each other, and do so. However, the outer particularities can be most confusing because one isn’t in touch with how the subtleness of things is dictating.

Now what’s also interesting is you can have, and you can access, a certain overriding sense inside of yourself about the way something should go. It doesn’t mean it will go that way. You may be wrong. You may be completely wrong, or you even may be right, but it just doesn’t work out that way because there’s something more, that is important, that needs to be factored into, and composite itself, at the situation.

So it’s really, really interesting to keep looking at something to see what is it trying to say? And why is it trying to say it? And where is it trying to go? And what is there in that that correlates to how you are, and where you’re at, in terms of what’s unfolding?

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