The Relief


Who will save us? We will; each individual saving themselves, at first. Which is good news because it means we don’t have to wait any longer for everything to change. We can begin now. The human design and the planet we are born on are everything we need to succeed. All we lack is the passion, the desire, and the trust that it can be done, and that we can do it. The journey requires such passion, desire, and trust because everything else will appear to be against our success, so we need the strength to keep ourselves moving forward. And it begins with the understanding that there truly is more to life than the way we live today, and, in fact, that truth is undeniable. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: My sleep dream kind of goes through this in a very peculiar way. In the dream, hope and relief was promised, but I didn’t get the memo. I haven’t caught up with what that means. I make the best of where I’m at because I haven’t gotten the memo about anything, so I’m just blindly going through life not knowing any better about how things could be different.

And then I come to learn that someone was supposed to relieve me of this ordeal by now, but didn’t show up. It’s like they forgot. So I went through the worst imaginable, not knowing any better, and somehow I seem to still be alive.

So, in the dream, the sensation is that of being immersed in sound, as if sound is a problem here that is too much to contend with. So, in the dream, this is sound that gets in every pore of my being. It blocks out the light so much so that I don’t know that there is such a thing, or that there is a difference. It’s like a purgatory. It is like I am bathed in it.

In the dream I come out of what I voluntarily went into, in other words, I didn’t know any better, and it’s like going into the bath of it all. It’s like one great big tub of things, and creatures of every way, shape, and form are falling off me, coming out of my pores, from my breath. I appear to be as toxic as a person could ever possibly be. I hadn’t noticed that you could see this.

Every out-breath is just, oh my gosh, fog, and this, that, and the other. I mean I woke up as if I should be struggling for breath, it was so overwhelming, all of this toxicity dangling, and crawling, and creatures every which way. And see, the thing of it is, these creatures were like a bifurcation of an immensity of sound, is what they were. They were an immensity of sound. That’s a strange image, wasn’t it?

And so now I find myself almost like in some sort of state of redemption, or something, or some sort of state of something. I’m before those who just look as if unable to believe what they are looking at, and that’s when I find out that something was supposed to have come to my rescue, but forgot.

So, as I’m standing there, or as I’m there, it’s like a quick accounting is being made, and it’s almost as if what got forgot, and who forgot, and what’s to be done? And so those who have the responsibility are called out, as if they are all restaurant chefs, they’re all cooks, to a process of some sort, and these cooks all cook in different ways. It’s like, what cook was supposed to have dealt with this, that didn’t? And one of them, one of the newer cooks that kind of wasn’t as sophisticated as the old cooks, it turns out that this cook was the one that forgot, or let me go too long.

So it is decided that I’ve been ignored so long that I’ve been ignored in a wrongful way, too much, in other words. I was never meant to devolve to this point. So, to make amends, tomorrow this person who let me go into such dire straights is to come over and tap dance on my table. And I am told that they will use their own shoes.

Now the image I have is they’re going to somehow take these shoes off and tap them on the table. They can’t possibly get up on the table themselves, or at least I wasn’t thinking that. And just as I am considering this to be a bit over-the-top ridiculous, I am told it isn’t all absurd. At one point the person actually dances with a partner, and, in it, is the hope and relief that is revealed.

So the meaning is, in my meditation dream, and sleep dream, denseness that is all-pervasive is represented. First of all, it’s represented as a condition of sound, and there is no visible light in a condition of sound, because the sound is like all-consuming, and infectiously consuming.

So in the sleep dream the sound is reduced into all of its compositeness, and it’s as if it’s all germs and viruses of every way, shape, and form that consume the body and my being. And it is a wonder that I’m even alive. The contamination is so great that I suppose there would be a way of looking at me and saying that I am rotting, but don’t know it.

In this dream I am shown that when the moment of redemption arrives, and no one knows when that is to be, that is when there is hope on the horizon. That is when I’m able to dance the inner dance. That is when I am able to be relieved of a nearly unimaginable affliction, an affliction state so out of it that it is good I had been amnesic, not knowing any better. Ignorance somehow was my redeeming quality. And, in the end, I am able to give all of this affliction up.

The relief, to begin with, seems a bit silly because I have been in such distress for so long I don’t know any better, but there comes a point where I am able to shift into the inner exquisiteness that is possible – instead of the outer appearances, that are more dire than I know.

Because I reach a point in which I let go and leave the direness behind, the reflection that unfolds is able to touch outer life as a mirroring, an effect that transformatively goes into the outer, and awakens, redemptively, a deep within wholeness from within the denseness of manifestation.

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Out of It

tree-1To be born on this planet, as a human being, is to be in receipt of a great inheritance – the human inheritance of purpose. But how do we sort that out, when there seems to be no instructions left for us to follow? Actually, the signs of something more to do are everywhere: the history of more advanced, ancient civilizations, the endless UFO sightings, the deep urges within us to keep searching, together with the enormity of the universe and the inconceivably exact way that it operates. All these things point to something else going on, while all the things we busy our lives with point to nothing else, except the ultimately empty pursuit of happiness through the collection of material things. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So, in the first dream, I seem to have been with a man who has recently died, and he had apparently had family, been married before, had relationships before, and he also had a lot of things.

Many of those things have been left with me, and I may even be the only one that knows where they are, or what they are, and I’m looking around and trying to figure out what he would want done with some of them. And it might just be something like a nice pocket watch, or some things that are much more substantial.

And, at first, I go to where his family from before was, and I look at them, but then I realize that it’s like they wouldn’t really sort it out. They might just even fight among themselves about it, or they’re not going to be much help to me in sorting out what I should be doing with what he’s left.

So I leave there, and I seem to go through these woods, and then I travel a distance and I come to a town where I have a high school reunion going on. And it’s a little town in the mountains, and, as I travel to this town, I come upon one square where someone I knew, that I grew up with, is almost like playing hopscotch, and they’re maybe going to have a dance in this little area. And I just seem to take that in.

And then I go up to the school, and I kind of look in the classrooms, and I go through the building because maybe people will be coming back and having a dance there that night, or part of the reunion. And I don’t really seem to participate in anything, but I observe things. I see the people that are there, some teachers that are there. I go through the building.

I kind of figure out when things are happening, and I know that I want to time it a little bit so I can come back through the square when there was some kind of meeting, or dance going on, with the girl that I had observed before. And I seem to communicate to her mother, in one of the buildings, where she’s going to be at a certain point in time.

Then, as I travel back through the village, I leave the village and I go back to where I was originally when the dream first began, the other town. And this time now I can see the form of the man that I was with that died. I mean, I realize in a sense it’s not quite like he’s alive again, because he can’t speak, but I realize that now that I can see his form, as though he’s really there, that I’ll be able to sort out what he’ll want done with what he’s left behind.

John: So your dream’s basically pointing out that it doesn’t matter whether you’re masculine or feminine, that there is a sort of plight that exists, and that this plight exists in such a capacity that there’s no way that you can sort it out.

And, as the dream starts, it’s as if a certain kind of ignorance is bliss, in that, in your innocence, you have no idea of the conditions that you’re placed into. And these conditions have such an infectious effect to your being that, if you were to pause and ponder, as if you have a responsibility over this plight, and in this plight, you would realize that you just don’t see it because you’re not able to go back to the history of it all, even – and yet there it is.

Yet because something like this plagues you, it puts you in motion to a type of traveling. And so, as you start traveling, you now switch to where you are trying to catch up with all of this, as if it’s a burden that you have to sort out, this plight, that in your innocence you just seem to find yourself in – not knowing the degree, or anything like that.

Now, all of a sudden, you’re trying to sort something out. And so this is when you switch from subjective to objective, or back to a type of masculine side, and there you find yourself kind of going to a village, or traveling, and there with all of this plight that you’re trying to sort out you see the innocence again, of another woman, which means you were a woman, and now you’ve switched and you’re a guy. And then you go back, then you find yourself going back, because somehow or another you’re realizing that there has to be a type of tremendous letting go in order for you to get it.

And so, when you go back, you can almost now see all of the shadow of things that you’re subjected into having to contend with, when before you were protected from even having any idea of it as being in a type of amnesic innocence.

So what is being portrayed is a huge reporting of your plight, the plight of a human being, and that, what is there that can be done in terms of this? And it is shown that it just is what it is. I mean, you’re that out of it. You go through the commotions, and the motions, and eventually, if anything rescues you, first of all the innocence is like a kind of natural ignorance bliss because you don’t have any idea all that you’re having to contend with.

And then when you think you have to figure out how to contend with that, you come to realize that, behind it all, there is really something more to be seen, and that everything that you had been dealing with, had been contending with, goes nowhere. It’s all a type of purgatory.

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Open Window

worldThe physicist Heisenberg put forth the idea that we can’t observe nature in its natural state because the very act of observing changes the dynamic; we can only observe what happens when we are observing something. That describes the level of intertwinement we already have with everything around us, and it is made more potent when the focus of our attention is put upon something. So, just the fact that we exist has already changed everything. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So this is an odd subject, and so the subject continues, in which I see myself as having access to a condition called 2N. This is where I can sit at a window, for example, and appear to be asleep. And there can be all kinds of things going on inside the window, and, at first, no one knows that I’m even outside the window. But then, when they do, they’re not bothered by it because, for appearance purposes, I am nonchalant, so nonchalant like I’m asleep; that I’m like out of it.

I don’t hold onto anything to cause a self-consciousness to exist, which is the same thing as saying, is I’m not actually asleep. I am able to act like I don’t know what is going on so well that the outer perspective doesn’t control my beingness, like everyone else. I don’t have a self-consciousness. I accept everything in the outer. I have reached an inner surrender that is able to not be reactive. I’m able to let things go as I know there is a higher purpose to it all.

In the dream, it’s at night, and I’m sitting outside a window. And from the perspective of anyone who suddenly sees that I am there, I appear to be sound asleep. A friend I know, from my childhood days, discovers me there, he’d been inside the house, but by the way I am, in my groggy condition and everything, puts him at ease because I am able to come across as so checked out in my mannerism that I’m not a threat to anything. Everything is left undisturbed, and everything that is going on is able to just be itself in a natural, unassuming way.

The meaning is that everything in the outer density of life is an acting-out designed to complete some wayward karmic condition. To know that is to be able to let things be – without carrying an awareness that perpetuates self-consciousness. See, that’s what you were going back and forth. You were keeping yourself self-conscious, is what you were doing, instead of knowing that you can let it all ride.

So, in the meditation dream, I am able to see that, in the outer, everything is a state of transitioning towards an emptiness and intertwined wholeness. I’m able to see that, in the fullness of time, there is nothing that means anything. Some things may take longer before they run their course, but, in the end, there is nothing that is lasting. That is why there is the statement, vanity of vanities, everything is vanity.

So, in the sleep dream, I can be at an open window knowing that a greater purpose, behind everything that goes on in life, is at play. So I’m able to let it all be without indulging, or carrying on, in some capacity, which doesn’t do any good anyway. It just contributes, when I am too poignant, it just contributes to further neurosis, and neurosis just perpetuates the self-consciousness, and the waywardness, of a bifurcated self.

So we’ve got to quit doing that to everything. We do that to ourselves all the time, but we’ve also got to quit doing that in regards to everything that we see that is happening in the outer. We accept all that and, if you can’t, then that means that you are looking at something that’s an ideal – and that in the outer there are no ideals.

There is something in a total stillness of which nothing is going on, but then that stillness has gotten released into a motion, and that motion comes back to the stillness again. But as long as there is that motion, in that motion we think that we’re going somewhere. And when we realize that we’re not, then you’re back to a stillness.

It’s like a game of a hidden treasure longing to be known, so it sees itself in all of these different fashions, and forms, and degrees, but knows that, deep down, none of that goes anywhere. You know, I already seem to have, for example, that kind of quality of my nature where someone will tell some goofy, dumb joke that everybody, in their hypertensive way, will think it’s funny, and I’m one of the last to get those kinds of things.

And often times people want to be heard to such a degree that they’re talking, but they’re not saying anything that really means anything that grabs my attention in any way, and yet I really did hear them. But, then again, do I really do hear the other? That’s the key, and let go to just that.

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