The Plight

t51pwWe often speak of the inner being more important than the outer, and perhaps the most important level of this concept comes in the discussion of good and evil. In our hearts (the inner), we believe that good will triumph. Yet, in the outer, good is running a poor second in the race. Why? Because we are the ones who must choose the good over the evil. This is true for us as individuals, and as a species. Because we can’t have it both ways: we are either improving things by our intentions and actions, or we are letting them devolve into chaos. There is no cosmic cavalry coming; this is the journey our freedom of choice demands of us. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, in my meditation, I’m slowly realizing that everything that happens is pre-scripted. In the meditation dream I seem to know that the direness of a situation is limited. With that in mind, I’ve come to believe that good triumphs over evil in a built-into-destiny sort of way.

That’s the kind of belief. This is how everyone in this culture are inclined to believe, in terms of their ideas of spirituality, or religion, or something. Well, in the meditation dream, I come to know that, because everything that happens is scripted, even that which I think is good is scripted, but also what is not good – that I would like to believe can become good – evolves and is realized as an aspect of consciousness, even if it’s evil. Even if it’s bad, it too is scripted.

But I am now coming to realize that this is a story I have told myself for so long, just like a spaghetti western, everything goes to a good end in the end, that I’ve told myself this, or have come to believe this, in this culture for so long that I am not apt to go beyond the collective consciousness that outer reality is not limited.

In other words, you see outer reality as limited, and you see that something builds, or comes together, to a more conscious result, and that the unconscious stuff is just a waywardness. But I am realizing that it’s as scripted as is the good. And to believe that one is different or more significant than the other is to choke one’s self off from something so much more – because it’s all a wholeness.

So, in the meditation dream, I meet two brothers. One gets my attention as being in charge of things and is the leader. Suddenly I realize that the so-called manic brother is the leader, and it is me who is the one who’s naïve and being easily duped – because I have the impression of the other.

I’ve dismissed the manic brother, the one that seems to be out of it, and am putting my attention to the one that seems to look like he has it together. So, in learning this, I realize that I really don’t know what is going on, because I would’ve clearly chosen the one that had it together instead of the one that’s manic depressive, or whatever he is.

So I would like to believe in appearances as having a built-in advantage in the outer. That is a concept I can’t seem to shake, in other words, where I dismiss the one because it is out of it, because it’s not meant to be like that.

So in the dream I’m coming to realize that the weakest condition may actually be the strongest, based upon carrying the seed of destiny at the core of their inner beingness. That is what is meant by the saying: the meek shall inherit the Earth. No one really believes that, I mean that saying, because everyone functions to try to get their piece of the piece, or something, as if that’s the way that it works. Or to at least find how they can cope within the piece of the pieces of things.

So it seems we have all fallen away from the idea of the meek inherits the Earth, and gotten caught up in the idea that power corrupts, and ultimate power corrupts totally, and that’s what’s controlling the Earth. That may be a big lie. It is a big lie. It’s just a pretended truism for collective consciousness purposes, but deep down that which is weakest, and most vulnerable, is destined to ultimately prevail as it is in this way of being that the inner seed of manifestation is deeply scripted in a most invisible way.

So the significance is to recognize what is going on, at the deepest level, it is necessary to look at the most repressed condition in life and ponder what things would be like if the most repressed condition were to suddenly be seen, revelationally speaking, as closest to the inner essence seed. That that which is most dire in plight is what is capable of the greatest awakening. That there is really something to the recognition that all we have to offer up is our plight, get it in the offering, and total surrendering, of this plight – and that enables life to reach a greater potentiality.

Everything we see, as the so-called apparent, is there for a sort of kind of Leila humor: to whatever degree you overly buy into it, thinking it’s this, that, or the other, watch out, that’s a setup, because that again is still catering to the same kind of mind that is all bifurcated.

It can’t go anywhere, in spite of the fact that, in the outer, all appearances seem to be under the control of the outer, not the inner. This is such a carefully orchestrated script that very few find the hidden, subtle, imbedded reality.

A teacher knows this to be so about the students, but also knows that the student is the last to get this inner memo. That is why a teacher says that a human being has no idea how really amazing they are, or what is really going on, and how powerful they really are. That is why a teacher will say, for example, that if you want to see what is coming into life go into the mental ward for a clue. And by the same token, honor the weak, and the meek, and the elderly as they have a better access than the ones who have everything going for themselves believing they are in charge. The big joke is that no one realizes that it works this way. They all believe that it works in the other motif.

So we live in a society where the rich get richer, and the poor get poorer. We are unable to see that this is an unsustainable condition, consciously speaking that is, and that everyone in the outer seems to fall for this reflection as being where things are at, and are steadily proceeding. Very few realize that in the letting go of this, that there is the finding what is most real.

This dream points out that this is an illusion that no one seems to be able to overcome, that everyone is a sucker for outer appearances that are a setup to fool us, every time, if we go in that direction.

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