Inner Merging

32wufpWhen things come together, it always feels like an uplifting moment. And that’s because, energetically, there is a rush of energy coming into an alignment, and in the aligning of things comes a new sense of flow, and it is the new sense of flow that makes us have that feeling of being up-lifted. In this dream, we see the dreamer literally lifted above the crowd, and it begins with being an observer. Or, said another way, it begins with being part of the scene, but not personally involved in its outcome. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So in the dream, last night, I felt like I was either observing, or I was a man, and went down the road. It’s almost like they were all together, and if you got it right you could actually ride on top of the group, the man that I was, could.

But, if something went off slightly, then you kind of fell to the side of the ground, or had to walk. And it felt like there was a time period there where there was this ability to ride on top of the group, as it was going down the street, and then something shifted, couldn’t quite keep it, and got off, or fell off. And I was observing how that worked, like what were the energetics of the group, and how did that work?

And then it felt like I was observing him, that he was traveling somewhere and going across a bridge. And I knew he had to go by an orchard. When he went by the side of that orchard, then he would be going down into a town. So it was like he knew how to get there. And that’s all I really remember.

John: What you’re actually doing is you’re merging. You’re doing a type of merging. And the Tai Chi is like a way of taking kundalini energy, or you could say a kind of an energetic, that sits there in between things, but isn’t meant to sit in between things. It’s meant to be able to be part of the substance of matter – but a part of the substance of matter as a flow that comes together.

And so you were taking and attempting to notice, or you were realizing, that the higher octave of getting it was the ability to see, and recognize, how it kind of becomes you, in some fashion. Or, in other words, there isn’t any gap, or barrier; that it has a tangible presence over your beingness, in some sort of intangible way.

In other words, normally a person goes through life and the way they feel their body, and the way they feel things, in the denseness of the outer, is correlated to how their senses work, and how they draw from that set stimuli impressions, that they then sort out in kind of an outer capacity way.

And what the theme of the dreaming is, that there is like a secret substance that’s vibrational. The reason why I call it a substance is because it comes into an aliveness. It has an aliveness to it that adds something to the outer denseness, when you take it in. And, if you don’t take it in, it can be like kind of a bit of a crazed state, if it opens up in a way in which it is really loud, instead of something that can be worked with in a subtle capacity.

If it opens up really loud, and it’s something that just kind of causes your imagination to run rampant, and you just can’t sit in a still capacity, then it can be like a kundalini energy that is an outer control quality of your nature, in which case it can be perceived as a form of craziness or something, a craziness of your being that you aren’t able to ground.

But the assimilation, and the bringing of that, into the denseness from the inner, causes a type of shift in that it makes how it is that you are make more sense. Otherwise, you don’t quite make sense when you’re observations, and mannerisms, are conditional, in relationship to the density of things alone.

So it’s like a secret substance in that it can come into matter, as if it has a substance nature about it, and I guess it does. It’s a vibrational substance nature, and it causes you, as matter, as physical, it causes you to perceive things in a slightly different modality, a more inclusive kind of way, a way that takes into account this aspect that is an awakening.

And I guess you would call it a higher-self experientiality, and it’s not something that you experience through your senses, but I guess you could say that that isn’t quite so, either, because apparently you have higher self senses that can grasp this energetic in a way that is like a flow into life, that is in a way like something that quickens the outer.

Ordinary senses do not quicken the outer, and so you go around in a kind of bewilderment. When the kundalini energy first hits, it can be a type of craze. When it kind of comes into a point where the inner and the outer are touching in some fashion, which is what you were doing in your dream where you were learning to ride over the engulfment of a procession, or a vibration of something, when it gets like that, then there is a sense of making the intangible, being a vibration, tangible in something that is a denseness, in a way that can cause you to have an appreciation in a way that shifts you.

But what does it shift? You can always say it shifts you, but what does it shift? What it does is it causes you to touch the heart. In other words, when you’re going around and you’re affected by the senses and whatnot, you’re developing kind of a blandness, an understanding, a copability, a way of sorting and sifting, in terms of an outer separate capacity way. And when there is the catching up of a vibration, that comes from wherever, that opens up within, that enables you to let go again, that enables you to assimilate something more, which is something that you’re kind of always reaching to but don’t necessarily realize it, when you get it, when it smoothes out, when it’s suddenly natural, the heart is touched. It’s exquisite.

You could say well, okay, one of the reciprocal aspects of it is you have more energy. Okay, that’s like the word shift. Something shifts well, you have more energy. Again, how do you have more energy? You have more energy because if you look more closely your breath is fuller. When it’s not there, your breath is shallower, and your breath is shallower because you’re in a state of ping-ponging about in a way of having to sift and sort in a separate capacity mannerism. But, when this comes in, it tends to take the echo shadow of the outer, it tends to cause that to make sense in a higher-self way, a higher-self sense, and when that occurs it’s like your appreciation of life is enhanced. Again, that’s how the higher-self sense works, and when that appreciation of life is enhanced – instead of a type of suffering in a denseness that is in a state of bewilderment, yo-yoing about – you kind of glean to a more full breath.

And you don’t necessarily notice you’re gleaning to a more full breath. You notice things, like in your dream, where you’re sitting in a kind of overall presence about that which you are in, and just like this Tai Chi teacher is something that you merge with in terms of a quality of what he is causing you to recognize, that is what you want, or need, to have happen, it is almost as if you get the sense that as you’re listening, and as you’re figuring things out, that there is a sense of that going on, too.

Well, you’re not merging with the personality, or the mannerism, of the person, you’re catching up with something in which he is tweaking this quality that is there, and has always been there, and has this other way, means, or capacity for doing so. Doing so what? Of touching this inner substance quality that is always permeating, and, when it comes into manifestation, when it touches manifestation, then it is evoking and creative.

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