137539-WhateverThe word “whatever,” as it is mostly used today, has an apathetic sense to it, as in, “I don’t care.” But if we want to be with the flow of life, it is not a bad word to ponder. What is it about us that lets us expect events to unfold a certain way, or to work out to our advantage, or that situations should resolve themselves, to be tied up into neat little bows, for us to put on a shelf? The human is meant to process energy, and we should be more interested in the way we are able to do that effectively, as opposed to worrying about what that particular energy is. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: Now let’s see if this sleep dream works.

In this dream my friend, Cole, brought his favorite music to a shindig, that is like a place where people have gathered, where you come down a hill to it. And, for some reason, the music, which Cole’s very good at picking stuff and doing stuff; he’s got a very soft nature, but this music is not working.

And it’s made most evident in that there are two brothers, who are there, and one of them was okay, and the other one was really moping about. And, the next thing you know, they’re both moping. One brother finally wins out, or bums out, the other, as it comes to light that they have both lost their father.

The thing that stands out about them is they each have a big nose, and the one who finally bums out the other brother, has a nose that’s so big you kind of park it on the edge of the table, just kind of sits down on the table, and the music doesn’t seem to change this tone.

And so, not knowing what to do, I’m realizing that none of this is working. I mean people are gathered and there’s this, that, and the other, but nothing is working. And then there’s this bummed-out quality that’s prevailing.

I leave, and I go up the hill, and I have a cart. I come across or have a cart that is full to the brim. It’s like a rectangular cart that is full to brim with music, but it’s kind of a light tan music, and it’s not popular. It’s not the music that you’d be inclined to pick, conceptually speaking. It’s not the good quality, meaningful stuff that Cole has. It’s all-over-the-place kind of music. And what this music is like is this whole cart is just piled right to the brim, and what you see when you look down is little pieces of shale rock piled right to the brim – and that’s the music, which is way different.

So I take and I push this cart down this hill, being very, very careful, because it could get out of control, because it’s a lot of weight, it’s a plum full cart. And then I wonder, am I going to be able to push it up the hill? And there’s no guarantee, as I’m doing this, that this music will catch on but, you know, what’s there isn’t working. Things are still bummed out.

So the meaning is, the theme last night was about letting go of a set focus and mannerism, and, in doing so, like you did see with the Joan Rivers and all of that stuff and learn how to spin it, you may have started with an idea of this, that, or the other, but before it was over with you reached a fluidity within that cut through the prevailing nuances.

So in this first dream, this had to do with a fluidity that was reached when no concepts existed about how to be, when it came with a due process. In the second dream, I am shown that the best intentions, these days, do not make an intended difference.

The reason is because an indulgence exists in which opinions prevail, and there is a sticking of one’s nose into what is going on, either one way, or the other, as far as opinions go. Therefore, you’re not taking in the wholeness.

So the second dream suggests that set mannerisms need to be set aside, and appreciation found, from just letting go. To quit doing things spiritual even, like Cole’s thing was like a spiritual approach, but, you know, it’s not going to change the indulgences of things that are off on one side.

You’ve got to learn to be able to take any old thing, whatever is going on. You take any old music. I mean how can I even tell anybody that? Just as well be here, as anywhere else, when the shit hits the fan. And let go to it, and come to know that you can find an okayness, no matter what is going on. It’s all a way of letting go. It may not be an end all, but it will be better than something definitional. That is the dream. I am willing to give this a try, even if it doesn’t work.

And the deeper meaning is, a nature capable of letting things be, no matter how dense they seem, is a letting go that has the potential of opening up something not heretofore possible given the prevailing barriers.

Why does that work? We have become so twisted with spiritual illusions, and blows from a dense outer, that we do not have a good idea anymore of how to proceed. We have developed adabs and practices that, instead of getting us properly into life, are leaving us opinionated and/or aloof. Consequently, as in the first dream, just when we feel and know it somewhere deep within, we go off on a tangent with what we think works. So that was the theme.

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