Back on Land

spiritual-iIn dreams, as in life, the situations we face are not always resolved in the first try. This dream follows the submarine adventure from the last post (see Submariner), but the scene has changed and the situation has become more intimate. Still, as we see, the efforts of seduction, of one feminine aspect and one masculine aspect in the dreamer, are unsuccessful. But to bring something from the inner depths, then into the house of life, and then into bed, is great progress. Perhaps the next dream will see the connection made. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So then I seem to be with the same people, this man and this younger woman, on land, but they’re no longer Soviet, and now they’re Israeli. And I’m still trying to steal secrets, but I might do that inside and outside the house, now.

And so when I’m outside there’s even a sleeping area there. And I know they’re going to leave the next day, I think to go back to Israel, and so I sleep in the bed with the young man. I think the woman is still in the house. And, although I can get quite close to him, I can’t really seduce him. Maybe there’s still just this difference between his being Israeli, and my not being Israeli, although the woman first thinks that I’ve seduced him when she comes in the morning, and I’m helping them pack to get ready, and even hooking her up with a leash for a little dog that showed up.

I kind of let her know that, no, he wasn’t quite seducible, but I’m trying to make sure they have what they need for their journey. And, again, I seem to be studying. I feel like I had been able to spy and get some secrets, but not all of them. I had just gotten as many as I could before they were going to leave that day, and now I’m helping her pack, and hook up with a little dog to take with them, before sending them on their way.

John: So what’s different is, you’re still working the same schematic in terms of how something can break down, in terms of there being an intertwined connectiveness, but the slight difference is you are toying with a different kind of note to the approach.

In other words, the first approach still had to do with something that went up and down as a flow. In other words, there was a flow connected to it. And, in this instance, you’re dealing with something in which there is a greater setness.

In other words, when something’s floating on the ocean in water, and goes up and down, there is kind of a sound flow that’s involved. It’s able to use a type of sound to sort things out, because a submarine uses sonar and stuff like that in order to move about –  it’s part of its secrecy.

When you are on land you don’t have that, and yet, at the same time, you have to be able to function in that kind of shifted modality, as well, in the same sort of way. In other words, things may be more set. Everything may have its ordered format. At least, in the initial dream, you did have a quality of a flow to try to sort things out with, now you don’t have necessarily the quality of flow as readily visible.

You still have the foreign element aspect that tries to create barriers, and a gap, and a veil, but what you now have, that’s slightly different, is without this kind of flow, and use of sound, you have a certain setness in a loud way. Now, can you break that into a clarity, and into a type of awareness? Can you shift that?

So, I can’t really describe how this is working with the elements very well, but it is a shift in the working with the elements. I don’t understand quite how to intertwine with all the elements. I’m more familiar with how the intertwining works in regards to something that has kind of a fire element, which is an in-the-blood quality that rises up from somewhere as a deep rooted cognition of wholeness. I’m a little familiar with that, and I’m familiar with how there is a way of working with sound as an aspect of flow, in terms of an intertwining.

But you’re now talking about an element use that I haven’t had to look at that much, which has to do with taking something in its basic nature, basic dense nature, and figuring out how to get it to intertwine, how to get it to drop its distinct, separate nature. That’s another note, and whether you actually describe that as an elemental kind of note, or just how, I don’t know. But it’s another note.

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