In the Way

BiofieldWhen we have a foreign substance in our body, our immune systems set up a defense response, which can manifest as a rash to push out the intruding offender. In this dream, we see the same mechanism at work, only this time the alien intruder is the idea that we know, or understand, what wants to unfold energetically. Events happen because of what has been caused first in the energy worlds, not because of our ideas or efforts – unless such intentions or efforts are also happening on the energetic levels. Only when we operate on those levels can we participate in, and affect, what is unfolding.  (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: We seem to be stuck on this very same theme yet, and I came actually out of the meditation dream pretty quickly. Probably just a little over an hour, which again, is unusual for me.

And, in the meditation dream, I am shown that outer appearances are deceiving. If the inner powers that be have designed a particular result for the future, no matter how I am, I will not be able to make any meaningful headway.

In other words, if something is designed, and meant to be, for the future, and your attention is convincingly so, in terms of how you perceive things, but different from how that is designed or meant to be, you’re not going to make any headway. In fact, from what you might be looking at, you may be absolutely convinced and could even be correct, in terms of the way you’re looking at things, given the variables that you have in front of you, that this is the way something should unfold. But it doesn’t necessarily mean, in the big picture of things, that that is correct, that that is how it’s going to be.

So, in the dream, I am able to see the normal outer circumstances needed to manifest a particular result. This result is something I see, and know, to be undeniably obvious. In other words, this is through my senses and such. In other words, this is through my own kind of sight. This is a perspective that I have.

However, the inner powers that be have devised a different end result. Suddenly, the obvious runs into a strange predicament; in other words, the obvious being what I see needs to be. As the Simple Simon obviousness is about to happen, to fulfill the obvious, my body starts to itch and twitch in an uncontrollable way. And, as I itch the itch, the obvious unfoldment changes.

Had I not experienced this, right in front of me like this, I would not have believed that such a thing was even possible; in other words, that the body can get affected like that. I mean, if it can be affected like that, who necessarily puts thoughts in our head? And where do these inflections come from kind of thing that can change something completely 180 degrees different from the way you were going?

So the meaning is that the inner vibrational flow coming into the outer is a design that trumps all outer appearances. I am being shown, in the dream, that I need to abide in the inner vibratory flow – rather than putting my attention upon appearances that are subject to inner change that, according to something on the inner, are meant to be different.

The way I am shown this phenomenon is my focus and attention can tell, beyond any doubt that is going on, what’s to happen next, based upon appearances. And however I look at the situation I am unable to come to any other conclusion as being possible. This is the outer understanding of it.

To show me that I am naïve and shallow when I adhere to an unfoldment in the outer, or take my attention off of the inner transformational process, the most amusing thing happens. Suddenly my body starts to itch, and wherever I scratch the itch the outer unfoldment process shifts. Strange. Very strange. I mean I was actually doing this. I was sleeping and doing this, and scratching myself, and I couldn’t stop scratching myself, and I kept thinking, you know, what have I got, all kinds of bugs chewing on me or something?

As I was itching, everything was changing. You know, my perspective was shifting. If I hadn’t experienced this I wouldn’t have believed it as possible that such an effect makes sense. What happened is, as I itched the itch, the flow I was convinced could only go in a prescribed direction that I had sussed out, changed, and the exact opposite came into being.

So, meaning: The human being who can assess the overall stillness, emptiness, and natural letting go is a conduit for the inner to reveal itself in manifestation. For such an overall emptiness stillness to reside, whereby the body is the vehicle for an inner transformational process in the outer, the mind senses I adhere to, in a personal way, must stop. Until I stop, I am in the way. When I am in the way, I am not able to be receptive to the inner-into-outer vibrational unfoldment flow.

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