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worldThe physicist Heisenberg put forth the idea that we can’t observe nature in its natural state because the very act of observing changes the dynamic; we can only observe what happens when we are observing something. That describes the level of intertwinement we already have with everything around us, and it is made more potent when the focus of our attention is put upon something. So, just the fact that we exist has already changed everything. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So this is an odd subject, and so the subject continues, in which I see myself as having access to a condition called 2N. This is where I can sit at a window, for example, and appear to be asleep. And there can be all kinds of things going on inside the window, and, at first, no one knows that I’m even outside the window. But then, when they do, they’re not bothered by it because, for appearance purposes, I am nonchalant, so nonchalant like I’m asleep; that I’m like out of it.

I don’t hold onto anything to cause a self-consciousness to exist, which is the same thing as saying, is I’m not actually asleep. I am able to act like I don’t know what is going on so well that the outer perspective doesn’t control my beingness, like everyone else. I don’t have a self-consciousness. I accept everything in the outer. I have reached an inner surrender that is able to not be reactive. I’m able to let things go as I know there is a higher purpose to it all.

In the dream, it’s at night, and I’m sitting outside a window. And from the perspective of anyone who suddenly sees that I am there, I appear to be sound asleep. A friend I know, from my childhood days, discovers me there, he’d been inside the house, but by the way I am, in my groggy condition and everything, puts him at ease because I am able to come across as so checked out in my mannerism that I’m not a threat to anything. Everything is left undisturbed, and everything that is going on is able to just be itself in a natural, unassuming way.

The meaning is that everything in the outer density of life is an acting-out designed to complete some wayward karmic condition. To know that is to be able to let things be – without carrying an awareness that perpetuates self-consciousness. See, that’s what you were going back and forth. You were keeping yourself self-conscious, is what you were doing, instead of knowing that you can let it all ride.

So, in the meditation dream, I am able to see that, in the outer, everything is a state of transitioning towards an emptiness and intertwined wholeness. I’m able to see that, in the fullness of time, there is nothing that means anything. Some things may take longer before they run their course, but, in the end, there is nothing that is lasting. That is why there is the statement, vanity of vanities, everything is vanity.

So, in the sleep dream, I can be at an open window knowing that a greater purpose, behind everything that goes on in life, is at play. So I’m able to let it all be without indulging, or carrying on, in some capacity, which doesn’t do any good anyway. It just contributes, when I am too poignant, it just contributes to further neurosis, and neurosis just perpetuates the self-consciousness, and the waywardness, of a bifurcated self.

So we’ve got to quit doing that to everything. We do that to ourselves all the time, but we’ve also got to quit doing that in regards to everything that we see that is happening in the outer. We accept all that and, if you can’t, then that means that you are looking at something that’s an ideal – and that in the outer there are no ideals.

There is something in a total stillness of which nothing is going on, but then that stillness has gotten released into a motion, and that motion comes back to the stillness again. But as long as there is that motion, in that motion we think that we’re going somewhere. And when we realize that we’re not, then you’re back to a stillness.

It’s like a game of a hidden treasure longing to be known, so it sees itself in all of these different fashions, and forms, and degrees, but knows that, deep down, none of that goes anywhere. You know, I already seem to have, for example, that kind of quality of my nature where someone will tell some goofy, dumb joke that everybody, in their hypertensive way, will think it’s funny, and I’m one of the last to get those kinds of things.

And often times people want to be heard to such a degree that they’re talking, but they’re not saying anything that really means anything that grabs my attention in any way, and yet I really did hear them. But, then again, do I really do hear the other? That’s the key, and let go to just that.

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