Process and Effect

qx14irIn time, all life seems to be a process of living and dying – and to what effect? There is an awful lot going on in this universe, then, for no apparent reason. It seems much more sensible to assume that everything has a purpose, and a role to play, in the unfolding of the whole, just like we see in any smaller ecology that is only made possible by the enormous variety of life forms that are needed to make it thrive. And, since the human is the most evolved species we know of, it is also sensible to assume that our role is an important one in the unfolding of the whole. But, perhaps, our role has nothing to do with money, entertainment, or power. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, in this dream, I am not there to polish a car before it goes out on an adventure. In other words, there was this vehicle that I would take and I would go all around it just putting like a wax, or a bright shine on it. And when you polish this car to a glisten, you’re able to go out with this car in terms of it’s able to move about as needed.

So, in the dream, I do not show up. In other words, something has to happen and I do not show up as intended. And this car has to go out, and a person who has the garage says to the driver, who’s anxious to go, who’s tired of waiting for me to arrive, that he just doesn’t know about this.

My sense is that things will not bode well. In other words, I’m coming into the place but haven’t gotten there, and the car’s going to leave before I can get to it. And even if I could just polish the grill a little bit, if it’s that impatient, if I can just polish that, then that can make a big difference. Maybe things are too animated to give it a complete polish job.

So the meaning is this dream, like the prior dream, is about maintaining a natural and necessary vibratory effect. You hold that condition, and then the effects around you vie off of that.

So this is done, in outer life, by the dhikr of the breath. In the prior dream, trying to hold this effect as a vibration, or a magnetism or whatever, causes an unfoldment to be directed, although the net effect may not be ideal as one would like, because you do have your waverings, it still is an influence that catches up with something more – in terms of something coming through.

In this dream, I see that if I nurture this inner into outer vibration, that the car is successful wherever it goes and if I’m only somewhat focused, this is better than nothing at all because at least with this I will have hope, when without this there are just the denser characteristics of the collective vibratory that is the process, or influences the process; blurs it.

So the significance of this natural breath and nature is that, deep down, I have a sense that in the greater unfoldment all is well. I have had this inner knowingness for a long time. I now know where that comes from – as an ancient inner echo memory. I developed this knowingness by following the vibratory power of the all-pervading breath, something the dreams are saying is needed now, as an ancient history from long, long ago coming into fruition, that I have a vague memory of, that you trust as your ordinary beingness.

In other words, it’s almost as if I take and I look at things that are happening, and there’s a part of me that always kind of wants to keep telling myself that everything’s kind of okay, that it’s all unfolding in a way that I don’t necessarily have a full grasp on, almost as if I can do no wrong because there is that going on. I think I’ve gotten that from having held a vibration to such a degree, in the past, that the world just shaped around that, and I knew how to hold that – because, otherwise, why would you do that?

As you go through your practices, in the outer, you invoke a vibratory sound that is everything, because every world is make out of sound, the sound has an effect in shaping and polishing the world’s soul. As you hold onto a silent, inner, vibratory connection, the light of the inner comes through and is the means by which the inner affects the plane of matter. And, from this vibratory innerness, said to be light, life is shaped and shifted. This effect, light, gives to the world’s soul, which is like a place of sound, will hopefully take it off life support. In other words, he’s working so much with sound but he’s got to make sure he works with light.

And then I have a sequence of visions. The first one is, the dream shifts, and I’m seeing an unfoldment with a vibratory connected need not present in the scenario, but nearby, similar to the meditation dream. So in the dream and vision world there is no time and space, so what I am able to pull together to a wholeness, a knowingness, a connectivity, is just naturally able to be possible being able to see the two different places.

And the meaning is that light takes the plane of sound and effuses it, and gives it this greater effusiveness, and, as sound, there are qualities, or force of nature variables, that are more likely to be in the way, because of the fact that it needs something to come from the inner in order to get the thing going. It’s not just a rising up. It’s an inner coming down to touch outer, and outer rising up to touch light.

So in this vision the all-effusive light is affecting the plane of sound. For reference purposes, I am equating the plane of sound with the world’s soul. The world’s soul wants to shift, but lacks the inner light which must come through the human to effectuate the shift needed.

And in this vision, I am beholding a baby boy who holds my attention as I seek to just be there with him, in kind of a state of shared wonderment, and to give him needed assurance I say, “You are my first born son.” You know, a sense of something again coming through, holding something, holding that original breath.

In the next vision, inside my store, is a person who is not getting what he needs because of a timing problem. I point out to him on display outside of the store, kind of sitting in the sun on the sidewalk, are a bunch of oranges. I tell him they are not yet uniformly ripe, but within each orange is the essence he seeks.

In other words, he’s seeking it in the store and he can’t find it, and so we create the flip. And the oranges are a depiction again, only the oranges are of a different taste. Each one may taste a little different because they’re not all perfectly ripe, but they will get there.

So he asks then if he can take some, and I say, yes, and then he beckons his daughter to pick up some of the oranges, and I cringe initially inside because I’m hoping he is conscious enough to know that he only needs a few. He will hurt the overall wholeness, or process and effect, there, that’s taking place, if he doesn’t understand the fullness issue.

So the meaning, and what is going on, is that the oranges on display on the sidewalk, when complete, will intertwine and complement each other. And when that day arrives, the sweetness will be essentially the same in terms of each orange. At present there is a coming into completeness, but to an awakened being there is enough there now to work with as a process; in other words, but he doesn’t need be whole hog. In other words, there has to be a moderation as it takes time for the essential oneness to ripen within all that is touched.

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An Overall Effect

auras-humanIf we were able to see all the energies surrounding us, and, of course, some people can, it would be easier to understand how, when we move, we create energetic ripples into the surrounding environment. It is a fact, whether we acknowledge it or not. As we make our spiritual journey, we seek to connect more and more deeply with the energies that are in our environment, because they are filled with information and intelligence about the “other” effects going on around us. When we do connect, we are closer to the flow of things, and are working with the energies at play in a given moment. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, in the meditation dream, there is the sense that a particular effect has occurred. So I go over to where it was to have happened, and the effect is not there; but the object, or whatever it is, is very loud as if it is set forth in another spot.

So, you know, this is a tough image and whatnot to understand in that, usually, the way your mind works is your mind looks at something in a black-and-white way. But then, when you’re affected by being able to hold onto a magnetic energy, then you can deal with things that are more translucent – and it could be over here, it could be over there. It doesn’t have to be any black-and-white, controlled way.

That’s kind of what this is talking about, but the meaning I wrote up is: in the dream there is the sense that an effect that has occurred, and if I follow my heart to see where it is directing my attention to be placed, I will notice that the effect occurred, but not where I expected, and that, as a result, there was the surprise in terms of where to look. And I’m able to follow, and handle, the effect when my heart remains attentive upon sustaining the net effect.

Basically, what is the net effect? Well, the net effect is this huge overallness. And actually the word “net” is probably the wrong word, because it’s inclined to look at things as if you are compacting to a particular point. But maybe overall effect is the word, because when you sustain the overall effect the location of that is there is no location of it – and yet it’s all taken into account. And there’s a vibratoriness, you know, like the dhikr vibration, or the light vibration, or something that somehow or another is able to accommodate all of that. But, in terms of it being meaningful, it has to keep being grounded.

The plane of sound and such that the Chistis work with is trying to figure this out by a rising up of the energy, as opposed to something that is coming down, as a light coming down. They have the light rising up, and they’re trying to look at it equivocating that way, but I struggle with that because in the world soul of things that’s on life support, so to speak, it requires something more.

It requires something of a greater all-encompassingness that comes through, and that can’t come through because our nature is inclined, like what you were trying to do, it’s inclined to try to put it within parameters – and it can’t. It has to take it as it is in this, and to be able to take it as it is, it has to ground it, has to make it ground.

So the dream is indicating that there are an extreme degree of outer variables capable of causing one’s mind to go askew. But in the dream, when I hold onto a net effect vibration, or a magnetized part of myself, as a result of holding onto that, I’m able to follow the effect through, because you’re not having to steer it, or be attached, or whatever, for it to be defined.

Because the variables are more than I am capable of taking into account, I must learn to maintain the inner power essence behind the breath, which is what designs as the situation requires. The net effect is shaped by the heart, and not by my ideas, in terms of what is important. I need to trust in this net effect, or overall effect, whatever you want to call it, as being how I am meant to be.

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Into the Center

Gisela Zimmermann

Higher energy is often shown in dreams as some form of money, which is a good analogy for the process of learning to be with higher things. We have all heard the stories of lottery winners going off the rails with their newfound wealth, and that’s because they are unable to ground that kind of “energy” in their being; they can’t control it, so it controls them. This dream shows that scenario in a different way, but the principle is the same: more energy just powers who we are, so if we don’t have solid inner principles, our weaknesses will be powered and we will spiral out of control. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So, in this dream, I’m like the lady that’s the secretary of state on the Madam Secretary TV program. So I’m her, and so I’m newly elected in office, and sometimes in addition to everything that the work demands of me I have to go out and campaign.

Well, in the process of going out and campaigning on my own, I guess I had gone into this one store run by these guys who are having a pretty good time and partying. There’s something about them I like, but I never tell my actual staff, or people at home, or anyone that I’m starting to spend some time with them. It’s almost like I act like I’m going out shopping, but then I go visit these guys who are always partying.

Well, as I come back to the office, that even though I bring back some shopping, I suddenly notice, for instance, that there’s a spike hammer hidden in one wall, and so in spite of the fact that maybe people are going to figure out what I’m doing, now I’m sneaking over to these guys’ houses when they’re partying, maybe I’m even drinking.

And there are people that are beginning to come to visit them, or spy on them, and their house is even shut down one time because it has bugs or something, has an inspection notice on the door. So I’m sneaking in a window to see them. And I know things are out of control, but it feels like I can’t seem to stop myself.

And then I have a boyfriend that comes and visits me, but it feels like I can’t make love with him because I’m feeling too shut down, physically, and I don’t have any control over it. And then there are people that are spying on me, and I know that everything will come out at some point, but, again, I can’t seem to stop how I’m behaving. So everything just feels out of control, and I think that was when the phone rang and I woke up.

John: Well, the thing that you’re going over, and over and over again, is kind of a sensation that something is affecting how it is that you’re able to experience things.

In other words, in a real open state you can experience all kinds of more things than you normally would experience, and you would then be taking into account a greater, and greater, and greater wholeness. And that what you’re contending with is, as you look at that wholeness, you’re contending with how it is that you can control it, or contain it, package it, hold onto it.

And to the degree to which you look at the variables that are happening in a greater context way, and attempt to put them within parameters, is the degree to which you then hurt your heart. And so what the dream is saying is, the dream is saying that what is lacking here is your inability to take this greater overall wholeness, which is more like in the plane of light, and grounding it.

In other words, taking it down into the center of a wholeness, of the Earth quality. And that the dream is indicating that you are affected by this kind of quickened energy, and that it is keeping you from being your natural self, which is grounded. That’s why you can’t make love, or something like that, is because you’re finding yourself affected by more.

Now what is it pointing to? There is one way that enables you to handle this greater overall moreness, and letting go, and that is the quality that magnetizes it and puts it into a vibration like the dhikr. When you’re doing that, you can’t be thinking, and pondering, and looking this way and looking that way, and yet at the same time, when you’re in that, you’re in a greater vibration, more like a light energy, and thus you’re able to take into account more that’s going on – without having to necessarily think about it. The images, the inflections, just come to you naturally.

There’s a certain flushness, or highness, that you feel when it just comes to you naturally. And there is a certain cluttered awkwardness, or tightness, that you feel when you’re all bound up trying to sort something out, trying to understand something, trying to make something happen.

So it’s a roundabout way of you pointing out, to yourself, that the way that you are, and the condition to the way that you’re carrying yourself, is a condition that you’re coming to find is stifling. You know, you can’t expand out, you can’t contract back. What is needed is a greater magnetizing of yourself in a grounded capacity way, and the magnifying, the magnetizing that you’re doing is of kind of a greater overallness, a greater oneness, or the light energy.

That was a complicated dream. I almost wasn’t sure if I could get to it.

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