The Easy Way

the-road-less-travelledWe may know the pain of betrayal when it is felt because of the actions of another person, but do we recognize it when we do it to ourselves? That is the dilemma described in this dream, and it is a crossroads that anyone on a spiritual journey must face: when do we choose to protect and nurture what we feel to be true about the spiritual side of life, rather than bend our decisions to fit in with the concept that others may hold about life – the collective view of things? It is always our choice to make, but until we do, in a conscious way, our progress will always be impeded. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: Now I really did like my meditation dream that set the stage for this, and it was very short. In the meditation dream, I dream that there is a person who is discredited because this person is not relating to the sound in the environment. Everyone else is relating to it.

Those I know are pooh-poohing this, as if such conduct that relates to something other than the outer natural sound, they’re pooh-poohing this quality this person carries as ridiculous, or meaningless. In other words, they don’t see anything in it.

So, deep down, I remember this to be aspected as some sort of higher-self awareness. In other words, it’s like I’m observing this. Everybody’s pooh-poohing it, and, as I’m observing it, I’m sitting thinking maybe I need to go along with everybody else, because I don’t need to take the abuse of this person that’s being pooh-poohed is taking, because no one understands them.

And so however this person is, it’s ridiculous that this person is like that. So I am noticing, in the dream… Well, first of all, as I am looking at this, I am sorting this out a little bit. Do I stay with the collective, or do I support this guy a little bit? Because some part of me knows that this person is coming from some sort of higher-self awareness, even though nobody gets it, and I’m able to notice this from the dream because I have had some sort of experience before, on this plane, deep within my beingness.

It’s not like I am living it anymore, because the easier way is to ignore this other that’s getting loud off to one side, this guy that’s ridiculous, because everybody else is all on the same page, and that’s the easiest way of going. But, as I’m doing this, as I’m pondering this, I suddenly realize I have a problem. If I side with this person with the inner-into-outer connectivity, I will be seen by the collective consciousness as being a wayward isolationist. If I support this estranged person, who deems that there is a sound that permeates, and something of a revealness of life beyond that, I will be rejected by my peers as being wayward, or, again, like him, an isolationist.

So therein lies a dilemma. Do I defy what I have come to know to get along with my collective consciousness? Because it’s suddenly leaking out that I’m seeing it, just like he’s mirroring it, and I’m somehow seeing it, but the others aren’t quite seeing it yet. The sleep dream went into showing how the mirroring becomes the inner and the outer coming together. Or do I isolate myself to this otherness that is before me, the collective?

So the meaning is, the meditation dream is pointing out that what I have come to know as an inner reality that permeates all of life is that the outer is something that applies to everyone that I relate to, in an ordinary outer-sense way, which means that they have either no idea that this innerness exists, or dismiss this as an aspect of stupidity, or imagination.

If I bring this up as an aliveness, from the higher-self nature of our beingness, I will be stirring up their confusion – because they don’t know any better. How can they know any better? And when I stir up their confusion, as in the sleep dream, all that can possibly happen, before anything can be redeemed, is all of this stuff will just pour out of their pores, the viruses and all of this that’s all-consumed them.

So the net effect is they will have to repudiate me as being someone who gives credence to an energetic that is dismissed as being insignificant. So isn’t that a strange one?

So now what has happened is one has taken the planes of manifestation, which are in sound, of which the light that permeates is somewhere else that’s beyond all of this, and that the human being is going along in a plane of sound never, ever, ever knowing what is really going on. And, eventually, there is a mirroring process that has to arrive, or show up, or come into the equation, and, until it does, it’s easier to go along with the collective.

There comes a point when you no longer can. There comes a point where something is so dire that it has to be rescued out of its plight, and when it’s rescued out of its plight, therein lies the hope, therein lies the promise of something more. But not until then.

Until then one goes back and forth, trying to sort something out, and, somehow or another, there is a leap of something there that results in the mirroring, as a mirroring that is based upon having to let go, because there’s no way you can identify with the viruses, and the germs, and the whole conditions of a creaturism of sound, that has no idea of an innerness that is other than that. And when you have the idea of that, when you recognize that there is that, that’s when it becomes possible to sustain a reflective potentiality. It’s a mirroring, isn’t it?

A teacher doesn’t teach by what they say. Like the statement that’s made, is that if the teacher has to tell you something in words that means they’ve failed. They have to teach through some means of creating an inflection reflection, and, if it’s put into words, they have failed. And so when a teacher does speak, or hold an event, the teaching is in terms of being able to hear somewhere, not literally the words, but to hear somewhere else, to get it somehow inflectively, because what you’re capable of understanding in a matter of words is the problem again.

So, again, this whole thing is about mirroring. It’s teaching about a mirroring. The light is a mirroring that we carry inside of ourselves.

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