A Deeper Part

0ei1This dream is a good example of the concept that we have many lives within us. We like to think that we are one life, yet we also know that at different times, and in different ways, separate aspects of our inner self can be in control and steer the decisions we make – sometimes upsetting other parts of ourself. Here we see a gifted child, something special arising within, suddenly becoming a threat to everything because it feels hurt by events. And such turf wars go on inside of us all the time, which is why we need a purpose greater than all the individual agendas to bring our wholeness into agreement. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I had like three dreams, and I think the first one was I was like a high school teacher, and I had a very gifted student I was working with. But then, at the school that I had, I started bringing in other gifted students, until suddenly I turn around and it’s like all the classrooms are filled with gifted students.

But then the first gifted student that I’d had, the boy I was working with, it seems like now he’s jealous, and he’s leaving, or even wants to try to burn the school down or something. And I’m left with this dilemma of trying to figure out how to hold things together, because of his reaction when he’s not like the only one. That was the first dream.

John: So what that dream is describing is, it’s portraying a deranged condition in which you feel your responsibility is to try to find, or establish, an order, a balance, something that can hold a needed attention – because the situation has gone askew.

And that what is unfolding is about to destroy a bigger picture, or, as you put it, is about to burn the place down. That’s a pretty shocking thing. In other words, it’s basically saying that the effect of whatever has been going on with you is leaving you with the sensation that what is unfolding is a condition that is jeopardizing all that there is.

Jeane: Then I have a dream in which I’m like a woman who thinks she’s part Native American, and, as such, she’s been like taken into a white family, and she and maybe another woman she’s friends with are in the same condition. And maybe, because they have a touch of Native American blood, they’re seen as kind of exotic, and that’s kind of interesting, and they’re part of everything. But then it’s like I suddenly become aware that I’m probably more full-blooded Native American than that, which means I don’t fit where I belong, that I need to find where I actually do belong.

So then I have this sense of maybe being alone, because I’m going to have to go out and figure out where it is that I actually belong.

John: So this is a dream that’s saying that the condition, or the state, that you find yourself in, whatever it is that has happened, or things have happened, you have an orientation in terms of yourself that has changed, or shifted, in some fashion, where you come to a kind of awareness of a part of yourself that you hadn’t quite caught up with before.

And as a consequence of coming into an awareness with this part of yourself, that has a whole different energetic quality of unfoldment, you have to catch up with this. You have to access what this is all about, because how you had been is not something that you could say that you understood, or knew, before.

And, in this particular case, that’s what this dream is like. It’s like something that is not quite coming through, that’s like in the blood, that’s in your nature, that’s there that some aspect of it has gotten your attention – but what that means, in terms of where you belong, and how you belong, in other words, your indigenous nature of self, is something you have yet to catch up with.

The gifted boy was just attending the school, right? So he is someone that you look after, or someone that you have a responsibility over, but something about this boy has gone off on some tangent and is doing something that is jeopardizing the bigger picture of things.

And then you have this other dream in which, you might say, that the bigger picture of things is catching up with some sort of quality inside of yourself that you’re close to, but what that means in terms of the way you need to be, and how you need to be, you know enough to know that you have to honor that or follow that, or catch up with that, but you haven’t yet done that.

So the first dream has something that you have a responsibility to somehow touch in a way so it doesn’t cause a part of yourself to go off in some deranged way, and tear something of a process down, would burn the school down, would burn the house down. And you brought him in, you accepted that, but then it’s gotten out of hand and has gone off in some sort of bizarre catatonic way.

And you’ve got that side by side with this aspect of trying to catch up with a part of yourself. So all of that’s got to be intertwined. So the part that’s acting up, that’s haywire, that wants to do something really strange like burn the place down, which has a very despairing quality to it because you brought him into the place to begin with, or you accepted a responsibility with that, as that progresses, in terms of contending with that, you’re finding that there is another depth inside of yourself – an in the blood quality, so to speak – because your nature, and who you are, is Indian or something. It has another unfoldment built into it that’s different from ordinary unfoldment, and that you have to come to know, and you have to catch up with that.

That’s your second dream. So the first dream is destabilizing something, and so then the question is, is that destabilizing then a necessary means by which, and upon which, you’re able to come to grips with to recognize it, and catch up with, this deeper part of yourself?

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