Sitting In-Between

xsfYesterday, in A Deeper Part, we saw a turf war between elements of the inner life. And some battles are not easily won: what is entrenched in us, and what is satisfied by our inner status quo, can put up tremendous resistance to the new: to the baby or child figure in a dream. Here the battle rages on, and the figure of a minister (spirituality) is running away to the new life (wife and baby). Yet because this type of outplay happens within us, our system seeks always to reconcile the different sides. In this case, that leads to a scene of chaos and plague! (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In the next dream, it feels like at first I’m kind of observing, there’s this small town, and there’s a minister in the town who has left the wife, or woman, he was with originally. I have the impression he left her for this other woman, because the other woman has had a baby. And it’s a really sweet baby.

And so he and this woman that he’s with now, and the baby, it feels like they’re going to travel somewhere, maybe just even visiting somewhere for a day, and they’ve gotten a train. And I’ve noticed this, and then I seem to go back to the church that he came from, because it’s like I just kind want to observe the scene, like I’m kind of feeling the energy of the baby and her, maybe some people at the church, and how do they feel about all this?

And so, after observing this, and observing the congregation, and looking at the church a little, it’s like I have the sense I want to go back and get on the train, and find him and the woman and the baby. But when I get on the train, the train suddenly has several cars now of people, and it’s very chaotic.

The first car I walk through is like chaotic, and the second car it feels like people are spread out on the floor, and there’s blood, like maybe everybody died of some virus, or plague, on that one. And then I have a little more urgency to start walking through the third car to find them, because I can’t seem to find them. And I think that’s when I wake up.

John: That’s an image in which there was a certain established mannerism connection that existed, in terms of an overall, in terms of a certain overall, and that mannerism has been skewered by another variable that took what was set and caused it to go out grasping for things, trying to establish a whole new way. And what ended up happening was that it got put into a dire, very diseased, distressed condition, and that, try as you might, you couldn’t do anything in terms of finding this in its distressed and dire condition.

So you can’t find something in its distressed and dire condition. So the whole thing starts off with something that has a quality about it that isn’t able to handle the quality that it has. In other words, it’s a gifted kid, he’s been brought in the situation, you’ve had something to do with bringing this to be, just like the minister is gifted in his way to be able to relate to a congregation, in that he has a certain quality about him that’s established. Then the gifted kid acts up, goes catatonic, and is about to destroy everything in his environment.

And then the minister goes off into something else that looks better in the other side of things, and finds himself on a train, or appears to be going on a train, appears to be going away, and you are looking to try to figure out if there’s a way of bringing him back, to pull the two together. But you’re not able to find him because everything on this train is in a state of disorder, and diseased stress.

It’s like the first dream and the third dream are correlated, from the standpoint in that there is a gap in there. In other words, the gap that exists is the cohesion that had been between the minister and his congregation, and between this genius and his school.

That in-betweenness is interesting, in terms of something that needs to be found in that way of awakening, in that there is something about you, there is this aspect about you. In other words, more so than however it is that you’ve been, there is this aspect about you that needs to come to know itself, and that sits in between.

Both your first dream, and your third dream, none of that is happening. That second dream offers, or suggests, an awakening because it’s in the second dream that, as a consequence of whatever it is that’s been happening in life, you come to realize that you are not necessarily what you seem, in that you have a whole aspected quality nature inside of yourself that you don’t know anything about, and that you need to catch up with, that you need to find, and that that is apt to change the way you could be.

Because this dream seems to be an answer to the first and second dream, because either that or you reverb back and don’t get the memo, because the first dream there is something in the setup that has huge possibilities, and then there’s the derangement that happens. And, what went haywire? Well something in the middle got missed, and that’s the indigenous, or the in-the-blood quality of something. It somehow went bye-bye, got forgotten, got lost. Something especially strange vibrationally shorted all that out.

And in the second dream it was also like a type of shorting out, in that, at first, you had something there that was acceptable. In other words, a minister and his congregation, and a setness, maybe, with his wife, that then all of a sudden needed a different pizzazz. That got shorted out, so to speak, the steady-as-she-goes got shorted out, and now this whole thing is thrown into a whole other way of being, totally askewed way of being. And, in this askewed way of being, the minister and whatever he’s going off doing has jumped the train, has got people dying of the plague, and chaos everywhere, and nowhere to be found.

This is not painting a very good predictive picture of things, in relationship to the scenario, but what it is pointing out, which was something I was pondering, too, what it is pointing out is it’s pointing out something in the middle of all of this. The little process. In other words, the shorting out word, where what is behind the shorting out, or not shorting out? And it has to do with catching up with something of a greater knowingness about one’s self, that’s in the blood, or in one’s nature, that hasn’t come to the fruition it needs to come to.

That’s interesting. So it’s almost as if the whole chemistry of the stuff is a haywire-ism, but within that haywire-ism is something more that could come to fruition.

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