Short of Breath

oie_deep_breathThere will always be aspects of our inner self that will be in battle with other aspects of our inner self: the part that wants to stay in shape, and the part that can think of 100 better things to do; the part that wants to be successful, and the part that can be content with less stress and more relaxation. But the greatest battle is between the planetary aspects of our life: family, career, food, sex, and the universal aspects: spirituality and service to something higher than our planetary desires. And the only way to resolve this antagonism is to make a place for both aspects, but keep our spiritual pursuit as the reference point to make our life decisions. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well, I just remember one dream, and, in this dream, it felt like there was a battle going on, and the battle would go on at night. And it felt like it was kind of a building that was kind of dark, with dark blue paint or something, but, essentially, the battle went on, on the bed, which was like this bed.

And if I kind of shifted from one side to the other, when I was on that side, where you are now, the people that I was battling, they would try to do something to make one lose their lung capacity. You were vulnerable, when you were on that side of the bed, to them.

So I had figured out some trick so that it didn’t completely work on me, so that I could continue the battle and didn’t get defeated. But it always felt like a little iffy, like you didn’t know. But I had figured something out so that I could go to that side, and then come back, and not be defeated in the battle.

John: Well, what you’re describing is a process that stabs the heart, or demoralizes one’s nature. And whenever there is an overindulgence in the outer, in other words, whenever you’re caught up in something, and thrown around by variables of things, in the outer, you experience shortness of breath.

You actually experience something affecting, because your breath follows what happens with the heart. And so if the heart is not in an appropriate flow condition, or state, there is actually an impact on the breath. The breath is exquisite when everything is unfolding as it’s meant to unfold, or as it’s designed to unfold, or as you’re designed to be a participant in the design of what is unfolding.

And the scenario that would trigger that might be the fact that things could go into such an exhaustion, or askewed way, or you imagine even that they’re off and askewed, you can even put the curse upon yourself by just imagining. And that creates a heaviness of the heart, which creates a shortness of the breath.

That’s why the principle of following the breath is so important, because within the breath is the wholeness, and the overallness, that you can experience, and it is mirrored to the heart – or the heart mirrors to that.

So when you’re relating to this side of the bed, versus your side of the bed, it’s almost like trying to take into account the two parts, the in-breath and the out-breath, the masculine and the feminine, the discombobulation versus the order. My side of the bed being always kind of a sense of a discombobulation because it’s trying to pull something into a wholeness, and your side of the bed being something of a completeness that is always in a sense of being in jeopardy, and that can have a strain on the breath because of the qualms of the heart.

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