1211Our dreams offer us an opportunity to communicate with all the different aspects of ourselves: the masculine and the feminine, the fearful and the adventurous, the extrovert and the introvert. And those communications are designed for one reason: to help bring those aspects into alignment so that we can have the most important inner communication, which is between our higher self and our lower self. This is the path that leads us to the true meaning of “know thyself.” (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well, the earliest dream I remember, it was like I was a fairly small person in this bed, like just a foot or so high, and then there was this taller person, that’s maybe four feet or so tall, that’s sitting up on that side of the bed.

And I feel like there’s a mirror of him on this side of the bed, and the thing about him is that he has like a swath of almost looks like stardust or something, that kind of goes through one eye, and comes up, and swirls over the other eye. It has like this wave pattern.

So my sense is I can take, with the person on the left here, it’s almost like I can be down here like he’s sitting up in the bed, and I can be right below him, and do something, kind of climb up a bit, and do something that changes that stardust wave in his eyes from a gold to like a silver color.

But when I go over to that side of the bed, and try to work with that kind of wave of stardust, I can’t seem to shift the color. So it’s like I think that’s why I wake up, because there’s this frustration of something that I’m trying to shift there, that I can’t quite shift.

John: That’s another way of portraying the dilemma in life, in which, in manifestation, things have developed a certain quality by which they function. In other words, a set of values, which is represented by the person on your left, and then you having a relationship with those set of values – to whatever degree you have that relationship – is you in a smaller capacity in the outer.

But in order for something more profound to open up, there has to be the acknowledgement, the recognition, of the other levels of yourself that aren’t just this little kind of balancing act collage, between the left and then yourself. They also have to include that quality on the right; and the quality on the right is connected to an aspect of light – and they don’t come together.

What does come together is some semblance that seems palpable, in terms of the quality on the left, and yourself, but the other part that is sitting in kind of a stardust capacity, or in other realms, that need is not being brought through. And that is a need, even though you could describe that need as a catching up with qualities of a greater wholeness of yourself. And you could call that something that exists on the vibratory level of your beingness, that’s where your need is at, and you can even depict it as other levels, or other beingnesses, of yourself. That’s what that stardust quality is.

But you have caught up with what you are able to cope with, between that aspect that’s kind of a shadow part of it, and yourself. You’ve caught up with enough of it in order to cope, but then there still is this so much more. And the dilemma is the so much more, just like it has to come into your being, it also has to come into the being of the world. And it’s not coming into the being of the world.

And when you take and you agitate this quality, to try to see if you can simulate it into the being of the world, you’re apt to cause collateral damage. The dilemma that Lewin has created off of the first day is he actually shook things to a depth, even though he said that it would be nice to go into the light and all this, that, and the other, beings of light, which is the way we would be you know in another loci, he simulated something fairly close. And, just like he indicated, that if he was to do something like that now it would drive everybody crazy.

It can’t be done yet. He did to a certain degree, and whenever you take and you affect the outer by something that is a little more than what it’s willing to take in, or ready to take in, you set off a reverb in the opposite direction. You set off a type of defense mechanism. And after his talk he set off a defense mechanism, and now he’s going to have to solve it. It doesn’t appear to be that way. Everybody relates to this as a very, very high thing that happened, and they were really blown away and whatnot, but he set in motion something that’s a recoil. Can you feel the recoil?

To download this file, Right Click (for PCs) or Control Click (for Macs) and Save: Stardust

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