The Diagnosis

PddewIt is easy, in this world, to feel alone. And when we do, we often try to fill our lives up with one thing or another, or many things, which mostly serve to keep us too busy to notice how alone we are. But we are not meant to be alone, or to feel alone, ever; we are meant to be connected. And connection comes from being aligned to the purposes of life, and consciously trying to play our role in the unfolding of the universe. Then we literally can feel we are a part of everything, and everything is a part of us. Connection is the only way to truly soothe our sense of being alone. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So I only remember one dream from last night. It’s actually more this morning, and it’s like there’s this woman who hasn’t gone to the doctor for years, and so I go into the doctor with her. And the exam room is kind of almost like this bed, so she’s on that side of the bed, and I’m on this side of the bed, and the doctor’s standing at the foot of the room. And she’s just talking about how she’s been afraid of going to the doctor’s for years.

And I’m explaining to her that I know she’s been afraid to go to the doctor and all that, but I tell her about my own experience of having gone to the doctor, and I had some symptoms, and yeah, I had some cancer, but I had some surgery and I’m better now. And that she needs to go ahead and get her exams, and see how she is, and not be afraid. But I’m going to be right there with her while she goes through it, you know, just even the exam, you know, because I know she’s been afraid to go to the doctor.

And I’m asking her whether she’s had symptoms and things like that, but telling her she just needs to find out how she is. That’s it. That’s the whole dream.

John: So you’re looking at a part of yourself. You’re looking at a diagnosis, getting a diagnosis. And the issue that seems to exist is that you’ve never gotten a proper diagnosis, and so you’re in a situation in which you can get that diagnosis.

So the dream is basically saying that you’ve gone through life and have never bothered to get a diagnosis, in terms of how it is that you are. And so you’re standing at one side of the bed, the shadow part of yourself is at the other side of the bed, and the doctor is standing there that can give you the diagnosis that would put everything together.

And the image is one in which you’re fighting getting the proper diagnosis, so it’s a scenario in which what is needed is a proper diagnosis in terms of what to do, or how to, then, turn around and be. Because if you’ve never gotten a diagnosis, in terms of well being, and you’re suddenly getting a diagnosis, that suggests, then, that the way one has been living has not been healthy, or balanced, or proper.

That’s what’s implied if you’re in front of a doctor, and so to get this kind of diagnosis is like a starting over, or a shift, into how it is that you need to conduct yourself – in what is a transformative image.

Jeane: And the difference is it feels like she hasn’t gotten out before because she was alone, and I’m letting her know I’m there with her now. And if she doesn’t like this doctor, I know other doctors in town, but she doesn’t have to go through it alone. So that’s what felt different about it.

John: So I guess then the whole issue then is, what does alone really mean? Because the dilemma has been one in which one was cut off. So if one’s not cut off from the greater part of one’s self, then one’s able to take in what is meant to be known, or to unfold.

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