Gaining Grounding

i22esSo much effort is expended in trying to control things in the outer, yet what we overlook is the concept that if we control ourselves on the inner, the outer will proceed accordingly. This is not control in the way of suppression, but in the way of letting go, and being with, the energetic flow. In the same way that our anger, or stress, can affect the environment around us, so too can our inner calm, and groundedness, allow for an improved unfolding of events. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: The meditation dream I had had the effect of something, in terms of a quality being somewhat different, in relationship to the heart breath, in that I had access within to information that I could use – and I don’t readily access this information.

And so, because I don’t readily access this information, what I was seeing was like being in a vehicle in which, as I’m relating to others, I suddenly fall back with my vehicle, or start going slower, as they continue to keep going at their pace.

What causes that is that I have a tendency, the tendency that I have is I’ve developed this sensitivity that speeds up, but isn’t grounded, because it doesn’t hold, or adhere to, the ability to hold that quality in an appropriate heart breath, and so it doesn’t hold the presence.

And so when it doesn’t hold the presence, it speeds up. It has an insight that seems to be flickering, but it doesn’t bring it through in a succinct way – and so the insightfulness that I have always seems out of reach. It seems out of touch.

It is out of touch as a result, in terms of bringing it through. So what happens is other people who don’t have that kind of quickening to the same degree, as they are going through something can, in terms of a certain way of balance that they see in terms of themselves that they know to be important, they can take and hold to that better – because they don’t have this kind of inner, overly sensitized awareness kind of quickening.

And so the way this continued like this in the dream was, as I energetically would fall back, I am able to focus as an “I am.” In other words, my beingness, groundedness, imbalance, that I know, when I settle back takes the vehicle that becomes disregardable because it speeds up and whatnot, or goes over the top a bit, and enables it to drive right back up to where they are at, and I can, actually, at that point when I am more stabilized, can give them something, can exchange something with them at that time when I am by them.

And then I proceed by and, in proceeding by, holding this condition, I’m able to mirror even more. Isn’t this interesting how that’s done? By holding onto an inner acuity wholeness of being, I can take what is awkward and imbalanced energetically, that is a falling back from others, because even though they might be more speeded up and affected by what’s going on, they are able to handle it, or fall back into a space that handles it, so I catch up because I do somehow or another go within and let go.

And so I go beyond their appearance of a wayward bifurcation, and, in this way, I access more of the natural, soar to heights with inner connective acuity, and propel beyond such a quality of the collective. Apparently this is possibly because I assimilate imbalances in myself, in the environment, with this process which is with the breath. So that’s the meditation dream.

So what is going on is the access I have to a depth within, if you don’t have the magnetized breath over the top of that, it’s unstable, it’s ungrounded, and seemingly imbalanced. And so consequently the energetic flow doesn’t come out into life in a way that others can handle, nor can I pull anything together when I am in this kind of askewness, which is like a shattering because you don’t have the heart breath there.

The reason why you can’t pull anything together and that it is like this is that the vibrational energetic lacks any magnetic alignment to a flow. The kundalini, which is what it is, to put this in another term, comes across as if out of sync.

What was happening was an attempt to cause the heart breath to go deeper, to hold onto something deeper, and we have learned how to take and stare at those various states that one’s in, and, when the heart breath is inclined to go deeper, and you don’t know quite how to hold the abiding, aren’t catching up with it, aren’t sustaining it, you can be askew, not able to sleep, let alone dream.

So also the meaning of the dream is it’s saying that I have an access that affects life in a casual way. In other words, I fall back if my over-sensitization is such it doesn’t come through, but if I hold that quality of the breath then it can affect in a casual way. In a casual way what it does is it enables everything that they’re going through to come through and be okay, and then there is something that tweaks it.

However, that casualness loses its hidden knowingness, and direct access, if I become energetically overwhelmed, in other words, overly speeded up, over the top, and do that as an easibility and fail to realize that that’s just being overly sensitive and mutable – and then it doesn’t ground things.

So the deeper meaning is, when I am able to hold the magnetic of a, we’ll call it dhikr breath, this being a breath that lets go of outer energetic influences, what opens up for grounding purposes, what opens up is this dhikr breath, we call it grounding purposes, accesses to the all-pervasive wholeness in that there is a meaningfulness I am able to reach in an inner into outer way, as a mirroring from within. In other words, you don’t have to say anything if you hold the space. Something in the energetic of your being kind of touches that whole space. It’s done very, very invisibly. You can just sit there and your presence can cause something to be incredible.

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