The Wire

meditation3_640It happens in daily life all the time: we set out to do something, and things go from bad to worse, becoming more difficult as we proceed. When this happens in our dreams, it tells us that we are moving away from our flow and connection, such that what might have been available to support us can no longer have an effect. This is what our dreams want to help us with, and, in fact, our whole physical system, and its sensitivities and intuitions, are all working to help us stay aligned to our true purpose in life. In our journey, we seek to become more sensitive to its guidance. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So in the dream that I had, what I remember is that I seem to be visiting a woman, and I wanted for her, and another woman that was nearby, to come back at some point to the clinic with me, for treatment, because when I’m at her home what I’m trying to do is it feels like she has some kind of a wire that comes up and it’s wrapped around her neck, particularly in the back of her neck. It’s kind of a brass wire.

So I’m trying to remove this wire from her neck, and her body, but it’s a little bit imbedded and it’s hard to remove, so I want to make an appointment for her to come to the clinic. But she’s also busy working, and I don’t have the appointment book with me right there, but I just give them both a time that I guess will be free. And then, when I get to the clinic, I’ll remember to write it in the book, and follow up with them about coming in then.

Then it feels like it turns to night, and now the woman, and like her, it must be her husband or somebody, is nearby, and I have to go home. It looks kind of desolate where we are. It feels like all I have is a bicycle. The husband kind of like pushes the bike, from behind, to get it started, so I can take off down the road.

And it’s pretty dark. I seem to go a ways on the bicycle, and then I find myself walking back to where I’m getting, and, as I walk, these bushes that were once like hedges have overgrown so much that I can barely get by them. And then when I come out from where the bushes are, it’s lighter out, but I seem to have walked down into an area that is more like a depression in the ground, like now I’m near a building, and it’s deep in the ground, and I have to climb up to get to the sidewalk to continue on my journey.

But somebody comes and she helps give me a boost, and there’s even a little leather thing on the side of the wall there that I can pull down, and put my foot on, and hold onto and grab, and get up to the top, and then I can continue on my way. That’s all I remember of my dreaming.

John: The image of this thing that touches something from the back corresponds to a shamanistic belief that the soul is located, as a vibrational presence, behind you, slightly behind you. And the idea of trying to pull this, or remove this, runs counter then to that – if that’s how the connection works, in terms of an aspect of a soul presence.

It appears, in other words, that this is a dream in which the energy is going down from what had been a more heightened state, because when you go out you find yourself contending, instead of having this as an essence, or presence, that affects as if the soul is just behind you, in terms of its locational vibration, from a viewpoint or perspective of certain shamans.

When you then go out into the outer, however, you find yourself mired down because of the bushes. And then when you get beyond the bushes, you still get caught in something that is like a hole, or depression or something, that keeps you struggling to sort things out – which now is like the image of getting caught up in the nuances of the outer, having lost the connection to what you didn’t realize was something that you don’t obliterate. That’s the only thing I could think of.

I think the theme continues to be with this idea of holding onto a magnetism that’s important to one’s well being, and that the image you had involved moving away from that, and, therefore, getting caught in a condition that tears something away, tears you down, or causes you to be estranged.

To download this file, Right Click (for PCs) or Control Click (for Macs) and Save: The Wire

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