Washing Through

i990esIt seems easy for us to determine what is important in life, and what is unimportant. But those decisions are usually based on whatever agenda we are pursuing at the moment. On the other hand, if we are pursuing spiritual connection and flow, we may have no idea what is important to the bigger picture of what is unfolding. Only by letting go to the flow, and being open to what it may show us, or to where it may take us, will we discover what the unseen, energetic worlds are trying to make happen. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, in the meditation dream, I find that I go on a detour while pursuing to a point of myself that is meant to come out. The end effect is what is meant to be.

This circumstance process ends in a surprisingly wonderful way, in other words, this is a deeper part of the dream, as I learn a trust and deeper connection to the inner breath. What I mean by inner breath is that there is a charged energetic I have found to abide in.

So I guess what I am seeing in deep meditation is, if I don’t have that connection to something that is charged, I go on detours as I rotate about without the big picture taken into account on a greater overallness of vibration.

And then there was a prior dream to this, in which the issue repeated to me, but this was softer. It repeated with more intensity, this prior dream. And, in this dream, in other words, I’m slowly breaking through to where I had that realization that was my answer to, and correspondence to, what your aspect was. Now I’m flopping around in the imbalance of the masculine.

And, in this dream, it starts out with me needing to take an overnight flight. I’m trying to reach an intended destination. I stare at the flight board, trying to figure it out. I can’t even read the dang thing. What is it that’s there? You know, I’ve got a ticket in my hand and I look at my ticket, I look at the flight board, I look at the ticket, I look at the flight board.

I mean I’m struggling and struggling, and, after all of that, I end up taking a one-way flight to a far away place where English isn’t even spoken. But at least I’m recognizing the dhikr, somehow or another, in spite of all of that – because ordinarily I would be freaking out – but this time something is different. In other words, I’m sensing or dreaming how there can be a completeness, or connection, somehow, to the vibration. Or, saying this another way, it is different, you know, the fact that I, oh my gosh, you know, probably made the worst decision I could’ve made.

Any of those other flights would have… the one I took… there was only one flight even. There were multiple flights on this tack board to other places, and I take this one. How I could do something like that is just literally ridiculous. You know, I pondered and pondered it, and probably made the worst choice that I could make.

But, even at that rate, instead of freaking out it’s different, because I am okay energetically because I am connected to a wholeness, you know, something in the breath, a magnetized breath, and I trust in abiding in that as a vibratoriously charged breath, as okay. A trust, in other words, that is okay wherever this takes me in the outer. Or, to say this another way, when the situation is like that I am content with the well being within, as I know that as long as I am able… in other words, I am content with a deeper, inner well being, even over the outer, you know, we’re not corresponding to imbalance here with the feminine. And so I know that as long as I am able to sustain this heartfelt magnetism, everything is unfolding in time, what’s meant to be, even though I don’t know where I am at, will sort itself out.

Or the meaning, you could say, is I am being guided by an inner energetic process, which is a meaningfulness that I trust in spite of mind/sense appearances that I don’t understand in a straightforward way. Or in a straightaway way.

I’m talking about an abiding in the heartfelt breath, a washing through me, which is meant to wash through me at all times as my condition, as an inner guidance beyond the personal outer mind/sense orientation, that has its indulgences that strip you away. Like in your case you’re stripped away by something’s breaking into the house and all of that. I mean you’re stripped away, and then you’re dealing with it because you don’t have the cohesion.

What I’m talking about also is this inner presence that makes everything going on good to go in life – when that corresponds, when I am in this natural inner, connective, vibrational state. When I’m not in it, that’s when you’re also lost, or veiled, or have defense mechanisms.

To download this file, Right Click (for PCs) or Control Click (for Macs) and Save: Washing Through

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