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0498We have come to understand how we process food: some find they have intolerances to gluten, or peanuts, or dairy. If we indulge in what we are intolerant to, we won’t feel well. It is the same with higher energies in spiritual development. At first, we aren’t used to them, and we can’t be with them for long. Over time, and repetition, we develop an ability to handle more and more higher energies, and, in the doing, learn how to translate their intelligences. Once we are more developed, it is the lower energies that we will find ourselves intolerant to: such as judgment, criticism, and other types of coarseness that we no longer want to be around. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So it felt like I had a dream, and then it felt like there was a shift where I was trying to be a little more in the body. And then I would lose the dream because I was trying to figure out something that worked both for being in the body, and for being wherever I was on the other side.

And then I would have this struggle. I’d have to throw away some things I was doing here, or else what I was doing there, because it didn’t work once you were more in the body. And I was trying to figure out what actually did work, for when you were in the body, and to pull things from there, you know, and so it was kind of a struggle because then I would forget the dream because what was involved with this struggle was trying to get something to work both places.

John: Yeah, that was the theme of the dreaming, last night, was how it’s possible to take and be in a place which is in both places simultaneously, in other words, on an unrestricted, unlimited, all-encompassing, omniscient everywhere. And yet, at the same time, how does that work in relationship to when you’re in the body, in your five senses, working on a plane of sound; condensed energy that comes across as a form of sound?

How does that work in relationship to something that’s on a plane of light? And then how does all of that work in relationship to something that goes both beyond the light, and beyond any condensed qualities of sound, that is just a stillness that is all-pervasive? How can you have action and inaction simultaneously?

That was pretty much the theme of the dreaming last night, and that’s what you were playing with, in the sense that you could, in your sleep, you could see something that was like this, which was quite soothing and quite naturally intertwined, and yet you can’t bring it back in terms of waking up to this in a physical manifestation orientation.

And so you’re left with a bit of a puzzle. How is it that you comport what you can catch up with, in a deep, deep sleep, that makes no sense in terms of the way things are in a denser physical state of sound? How is that to work? Right?

Jeane: And it felt like whatever was working on the other side, if I tried to do that here, it lacked integrity for the body. In other words, you have to have a certain integrity with the body for it to work in both places.

John: That’s correct, because you can’t travel light-upon-light in manifestation like you can on the other side. And so, on this side, you are caught in a loci in which things work with sound, and your body is designed to work with sound. In other words, you have condensed molecular tissue, and synapses and everything, that have absorbed a sound-oriented loci.

And it takes a lot more to access and open up the embedded light behind all of that. As a consequence, when you’re in a loci, which is one of sound, and you have adopted a way of bicycling around in dealing with that in a sound-oriented way, and you have impressed those conditionings upon your psyche, upon your molecular structure, it’s unhealthy for you to try to get too conscious, to try to access light in too direct a way, because your condensed, molecular, cellular manifestation of sound nature is impacted – and you are not a light-upon-light schematic of being.

You’re lower-self here, you’re not the higher self. And so, as you attempt to bring through what you can see on the other side, which might be the light-upon-light, you’re going to have these limitations.

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