Just a Reflection

cell33dUnder a microscope, we might see two cells vying against one another to absorb a third cell. Without the microscope, we have no sense of that reality. And, if we see the Earth from space, we can understand that the dispute we’re having, between the border of our yard and the next door neighbor’s yard, couldn’t matter less. These are just reflections of other energetics at play. So when we focus our lives in the small details, we lose our connection, and understanding, of the bigger view, the higher-self view, of what is unfolding. On the other hand, when we hold in ourselves the higher-self view, we can manage the small details much better, because we have the perspective of the wholeness in our actions. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: The sleep dream that I had was a little like that, too, in that you and I are walking along, kind of on the edge of an area, where we come across Arek who is sitting there quibbling, squabbling over the fact that that’s his motorcycle, and another couple of guys are trying to claim it, and drive off with it.

And so, as I come up, I’m trying to remember if that’s Arek’s motorcycle or not. And so, it had been locked it in place there, or something, and so I’m looking at the lock to see if I have any recollection, in terms of just looking at the lock, or not, because I can’t tell looking at the vehicle.

The other guy, and his friend, act as if they’ve got the key, or they’ve got the means, they pretend and act the way they act even though I know that Arek would not be doing this unless he was sure. So they’re adamant about claiming this, and Arek points this out about it being a $17,000 bike of his. So I say, “Call the cops. Let them sort it out.”

And then, in the last image, because what happens seems to shift in which there’s no way of sorting it out, apparently, in other words it’s kind of like Arek’s word against this guy, or, in other words, it’s our word, or a human being’s word, that what exists in manifestation is real – and there’s no way to overtly prove otherwise if you’re just working in the planes of manifestation.

And so, when it’s like that, and it can never be resolved, then it just kind of comes down to kind of a tussle with the heart, caught up in not having access to something more. And so, as I wake up, I’m observing a scene that’s like high up in the overhead air, like on a scaffold or something, and Arek and this guy are tussling, and I’m looking from down below on the ground, and other people, who are also looking up, seem to be more interested in the action instead of being alarmed. It’s like nobody seems to have an attention upon what is important.

And the meaning is, in the outer, everything is in dispute. To know no better, meaning to lose the connection to the higher self, is to become a party to an identity crisis, or a type of delirium, in which there is no way of sorting things out. As a result, there’s no long lasting value as one no longer has what it takes to know the who’s, the what’s, the where’s, or anything in terms of their beingness.

To not know is to be caught yet in ideas, and thoughts, that are reflective and, therefore, hard on the heart that seeks a wholeness, and completeness. And so you’re then caught in the confines of manifestation. Until every thought-upon-thought can go, there is no rest, just a never-ending state of reflective confusion.

And so that never-ending state of reflective confusion exists because, as you move about in the outer, an outer that’s manifestation manufactured, based upon the collective thought-upon-thought, you may have your thoughts that you have gotten accustomed to steering in some capacity or another, but when you put thought upon thoughts, and are functioning with those thoughts on a plane that is nothing but thoughts, which means a world of sound where you’ve lost connection to the deeper depth, which is the plane of light, you’re not able to sort anything out. You don’t have the quality of the heart that can reach to the higher self levels. Your heart is instead tugged by the denseness of things.

You go around and around in the denseness of things trying to sort that out, but you can’t sort it out, not when you have had a sense of something more. So, as a consequence, any attempt to try to sort that out is an attempt to try to play in the putting the plane of manifestation created out of sound into your heart – and this won’t work unless you have a heart acuity that’s developed, that can recognize the light imbedded therein.

If you’re awoken to a certain consciousness, you learn to drop this thought-upon-thought, but if you don’t drop the thought-upon-thought and you’re trying to put the thoughts that are actually sound, a type of sound, that is condensed into and becomes what is known as manifestation, if you try to put that into your heart, it just doesn’t work because that that you’re putting in your heart is just a reflection. And the essence is something else, and the heart wants the essence. And so when you put something that’s reflective like that into your heart, you dumb yourself down. You go into a type of delirium. You can’t sort things out.

That’s what that was like in my dream. You know, if you’re caught in the plane of manifestation, which is 99.99% or more of nothing but a plane of sound, or thought-upon-thought, called a collective consciousness, that is this dire world that seems to have its own soul that’s in a state of falling apart. If you don’t find this other, if you don’t have this other, nothing can shift. And yet inside of each person is the means of holding onto something.

And so the report that’s kind of given in a dream like this is that the quality of holding onto this, and I was trying to call it a type of grace where you’re holding onto a magnetized breath that gives you a spectrum that is more than just the outer reflection, the means of holding onto this and not resorting to thought-upon-thought, if you go through a certain state of dissipation then you start this yo-yo business again, because all around you there is always going to be aspects of thought-upon-thought askew, you know, astir.

And, to some degree or another, you’re going to be identifying with that when you don’t hold onto the magnetized breath. And to the degree to which you do, or the degree to which you bite, is the degree to which you go back into the thought-upon-thought – and that is a delirium, that is something that can never, ever be sorted out.

In my particular case, if there’s any kind of knowing better it’s like the idea of calling the cops – as if they can sort it out. I’m not sure that that quite worked out because, in the end, I still see the tussling.

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