Thrashing Around

self-009When we talk about connecting to our higher self, we also talk about greater consciousness. Why? Because, throughout our living experience thus far, we have developed patterns of response to almost everything we encounter, and these patterns play out in us in an endless loop. Most of the time we’re not even aware of it. That’s why becoming conscious of them – which is different from solving them, or suppressing them – enables us to recognize them when they kick in, and that recognition lessens their hold on us. Over time, we can replace the old patterns with new patterns, ones which we choose to have in ourselves, which are based on our higher-self understandings of life. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: The meditation dream sets the schematic of the theme in which you’re no longer holding on properly, as you were, or could be, to something that is a deeper side of one’s self. One holds onto the deeper side of themselves when they’re touched in the heart, either through prayer, or meditation, because it opens to something that is a stillness, or the dhikr breath which is a charged magnetism that one can just let their thoughts go into.

 So, in the meditation dream, because somehow or another I am not in any of those qualities that take me outside of the aspects of the environment, all I could say, then, is that I’m in an atmosphere in which everything is stale. My suffering in this atmosphere has no relief. Anything I contemplate to change the overall vibe of the atmosphere is of no help.

So what is going on is I have let go of the heartfelt dhikr breath and fallen into the collective consciousness world of thought-upon-thought. I have forgotten the way, and don’t know what I have lost. I just drift in the blasé, thinking I can think my way out of this.

What is absurd is once I start doing this sort of thing, of trying to figure my way out, you lose track of the heart, or the quality of the heart, you lose track, and the breath that is associated with the heart. And so you’re no longer an overall beingness that can let go of thinking and hear the heart, or hold the breath.

And the reason why what I’m doing can’t get me anywhere is I seem to have forgotten that a person cannot solve a problem with the same mind that created it.

What is going on is I am back into the thought-upon-thought plane of collective manifestation. This is an understanding, when you’re caught in this, that is limited to sound. That’s what this loci is about. Or, to say this another way, manifestation is a plane in which everything, including my physical body, is against me, because everything reflective is created by thought-upon-thought. Such a paradigm is on a life support of lower-self hanging on.

My molecular synapses will feed this thought-upon-thought, from the condensed cellular structure called manifestation, because the body is in manifestation, is part of manifestation, and the light that is more is not able to be accessed. And so the vibration of sound, that is condensed as matter, to the degree to which your senses work as you attempt to extricate yourself from that, all you are able to pick up, to begin with for the longest time, because you can’t see or experience the real consciousness of inner light, is you pick up the feedback that comes from sound.

In other words, your molecular tissue creates sound, creates a language, and that molecular tissue, to the degree to which it’s been densed-down by defense mechanisms, and traumas, and stuff like that, causes a certain biofeedback. So, again, it’s still just thrashing around in thought-upon-thought, and when you’re thrashing around in thought-upon-thought you can’t go anywhere – and you stay vibratorally numb.

So again, the needed difference is I have to stop sustaining the thought-upon-thought that comprises manifestation, which is nothing but condensed sound. The magnetized breath, dhikr, along with prayer and meditation, is what changes such a story.

When I pay attention to the heartfelt inner light, which is really a translucent kind of inner light because it permeates everything, and that corresponds to a magnetized breath, the prayer and meditation, the thought-upon-thought, then, can fall away.

And, then, as an epilogue to all of that, I’m suddenly realizing, because I remember that when you’re around a teacher, try to follow the breath of the teacher. In other words, it’s part of becoming less than dust at the feet of the teacher. That quality of being less than dust at the feet of the teacher, where you drop the thought-upon-thought, is to follow the breath. In the presence of the teacher he is making that very pronounced, if you can catch it on a quality of letting go. It’s a heartfelt beingness that isn’t going along trying to figure things out with a thought-upon-thought. It is a stillness.

And so a correct adab would be to try to follow that breath. That’s the opportunity that’s presented. It’s harder when you’re away because you have to somehow or another inflect, through time and space, to be able to catch that guidance from within.

Otherwise, you better have that awaken to a degree to which you have a connection to the tradition, or something, of the inner, or of your higher self, or otherwise, because everything around you is against you, you are bound to run into some sort of decay condition of a plane of sound manifestation in which the thought-upon-thought rises up.

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