Embedded Light

awq243If we understand that everything is, fundamentally, an energy, we can realize that every moment of our lives we are processing the energies of the things we come in contact with, the things we think about, or dwell upon, and the waves of energies coming from the world around us. And just like our body processes the food we eat into useful proteins and nutrients, and then discards the toxins, our entire system is doing this with the energies that we encounter. We have to have this processing out, or we would become poisonous to ourselves. It is useful to realize this when we have a flare-up of anger, or frustration, or any negative emotion, because when we are conscious of the process, we can flush these energies from our systems much more quickly. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: My dreaming last night just felt kind of mundane. It felt like I was searching for something, and it might just be something like I have a nephew’s wedding coming up, and I’m not sure where the wedding is, or where they’ve sent the invitation. And it feels like I’m talking with my dad, and I’m trying to figure out where we’re supposed to go.

But the sensation is more like there’s something that I’ve kind of lost, and I’m searching for where it is, and, at one point, I know that there’s cars that come down the road that are these old-fashioned cars that have like the great big bumpers, and one time they’re black, and another time they’re red. I think the red and black are on opposite sides of the road, or going opposite directions.

I just remember that it seemed like mundane details, like trying to figure out where somebody was, or what they were going to be doing, or where I was supposed to go. And I don’t remember a lot more besides that because it was just kind of more of a sensation thing last night, kind of something lost in trying to figure out how to figure it out.

John: Which is similar to your dream the night before. In other words, whatever that was about didn’t quite come all the way through, in terms of an understanding, or a clarity, for you. In that the quality of what you are holding onto, as a way of being, is like a swarm of embodiment in which you take account of, or hold, a responsibility towards the pulling through of something.

This is like an odd paradox. In other words, you pull something through in order to awaken something inside of yourself. It’s very similar to what Rene does. So Rene takes and she, through a quality of sensitivity, and subjectivity, of her nature that has to do with a kind of an awakened awareness, on a heightened, subjective level, she pulls through, she can sustain and pull through, and hold onto, imbalances that need to be softened and accommodated.

When she pulls this stuff through, what she’s doing is she’s actually pulling through rubbish mannerisms, like thought-upon-thought kind of thing. She’s pulling all of that through. And then she’s discarding it. She’s throwing it out. Now she has to pull it through, because this is the same nature that you’re trying to describe inside yourself: you have to pull this through in order to be able to catch up with a greater essence of yourself.

So what you’re describing is you’re describing kind of a condition of the way a certain quality of light has to open up, within matter. First of all, it has gotten into the matter as a result of it having been dumbed-down, or impacted, by intensity issues. And then, as it comes to recognize, realize, that it has this other quality with inside of itself, the light imbedded in the matter, the completeness, how does it then catch up with that without suddenly floating away, so to speak?

It’s better to be able to be in the heart, but to be in the heart is to be smashed and blasted, to a certain degree, by the way of things.

So what you were dreaming is you were influenced by what took place yesterday, and you were using all of that as the scenario, and you were finding yourself scoping around in relationship to that.

Now one of the things that you always say to me, even though you may not necessarily know that, is that you want me to not be so obtuse, or removed, or distant or something, or walk around in kind of a head space. If I do that, then that cuts something off from you. That cuts off something in terms of a connection that you have to have in order to find the right kind of rapport, in which what opens up inside of you is able to open up and have its inclusiveness with things.

You started on this yesterday, and you kind of needled the issue yesterday, and now you’re coming back to it, in terms of pulling it down with a heightened acuity.

To download this file, Right Click (for PCs) or Control Click (for Macs) and Save: Embedded Light

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