Earthquake Conditions

ieew36On a spiritual journey, our inner core alignments are always at risk. Part of that is because we are choosing to make a journey separate from the cultural norm, but also because we have many automatic psychologies that will play out if we don’t consciously defuse them. It has to do with letting go to what is, rather than triggering resistance that usually makes situations worse. Think of the person who has had a few drinks, and doesn’t get hurt when they fall, compared to the person who trips over and clenches every muscle in preparation for impact. We want to be energetically loose and in the flow, because that’s where our greatest safety is found. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: What I remember of a dream last night, it seems to me like it was a long dream, with maybe two parts. But what I remember of it was it felt like I was with a group of people, and I was kind of trying to particularly lead one or more to get away from where we were.

I’m traveling through these villages in the countryside, and sometimes outside, to get away from when a big earthquake was going to happen. And I might pause to kind of hide in a place with somebody, but then I had to gauge whether, when the earthquake hit, would we be trapped there? Or this was a place that maybe was safe in olden times when an earthquake hit, so it would probably still be okay now?

But I didn’t know for sure, and I didn’t want the sensation of being trapped. But if you were too much out in the open, then it felt like you might be hit more by things that rolled down the hill. So I was trying to find a place, as we traveled, where I could be okay and protect, I think, somebody I was with, if the earthquake hit. That’s all I remember of the dream.

John: This is an interesting image of a type of being able to hear something in a molecular way. In other words, the theme, you might say, that you drilled down on, was like the conversation that we had that if you eat meat, for example, you can note a hormonal vibration in the animal.

And then, as you were getting ready to go into your meditation, I pointed out that more significant than that, that I experienced, is the thought-upon-thought quality of one’s molecular makeup. It’s as if you’ve gone through life and had things hit you, and strike you, and you’ve developed defense mechanisms where you react as things happen. And those reactions are based upon a molecular pattern, almost as if it has its own personality, or language, or thought-upon-thought impressed into it.

And so, what you did is, you took this into a rolling sensation, and you took it into the outer, where you just called it earthquake conditions. And in those earthquake conditions you were going through the memories of how to contend with that. And this was kind of a gentler, simpler, way of catching up with imbedded nuances within your molecular structure.

It’s probably a little too loud when you find yourself reacting about this, that, or the other, in terms of something that is happening in the environment, reacting to that in kind of a literal sense, instead of realizing that something about the way you are carrying yourself is causing the outer to have to rapport with you in a particular way.

So it’s almost easier to put yourself into a storybook, whereby you know you have the outer, and then the outer is affected by conditions, which are actually thought-upon-thought kind of conditions of the collective, but you don’t necessarily note that. All you note is that what happens in the outer has an affect upon you, and you’re looking at yourself in relationship to how it is that you contend with those effects: whether you worry about rocks rolling on you, or if there’s a way that you can be that is outside of the earthquake zone, all of the various kinds of conditions.

And, ultimately, if you look at that, and you keep looking at that, and you take it into full account, you will realize that you can never, ever get out of the earthquake zone as long as you have a thought-upon-thought molecular mannerism built into your nature. And you’ll also find that everything in manifestation is an embodiment of thought-upon-thought, some yours, some collective.

Collective is actually yours because you’ve twined all of that together, and it all works towards making the composite whole. That’s why you’re responsible for every little thing that happens. But it’s easier to just pretend that you can bicycle around, and figure out how to be, in an earthquake zone called manifestation.

And eventually, or ultimately, you come to realize that there is nothing in such an earthquake-zone reality that isn’t subject to breakdown conditions. And the realization, or memo, that you get out of that is that the answer isn’t in trying to determine cope-ability, or changeability, or where and how to place one’s self, so to speak, in relationship to that kind of overall, mentally orchestrated condition – but it is in how to let go, how to be in a space that is innocent, that forgives, that doesn’t have the defense mechanism, and dense reactionariness, that goes along with having to contend with earthquake conditions as being the prevalent mean, that recognizes that there is something that isn’t reflective that one can just go into, and experience.

And you come to notice that, when you are able to let go and do that, that this honors the heart. The other honors something else, honors the thought-upon-thought mindfulness of things. That’s the lower-self, or density, that is the plane of manifestation.

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