A Familiar Story

8uRoleAll of us are good at creating stories, in the form of psychologies, that help us manage the absurdity of the world we find ourselves in. And in our dreams, our unconscious uses stories, as well, to help us see those psychologies, and to show us if they are helping or hurting our journey. That’s why “letting go” is such an important concept: development isn’t always about attaining new heights, sometimes it’s about letting go of the things that hold us back from what we naturally are capable of being. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, to more closely proximate what you dreamt, I’ll start with my sleep dream, which is like a story. It’s like a fable. It’s like a whole thing inside, as if it’s real, as if it’s just a play story that is common in life and everyone should know it.

So, in my sleep dream, there was a story script and it’s called Goldie and Robinson. Goldie and Robinson. And, in my sleep dream, it made perfect sense. This is a real common story that everybody knows, Goldie and Robinson, but no one understands it.

And so Goldie had all the qualities of a surrendered and self-forgiveness approach in life, and she lived that. This was just her natural way. It wasn’t sophisticated. It wasn’t like she had to stare and look at things and figure anything out. She just was a kind of in a let-go capacity.

And Robinson was the opposite. He fought everything. Robinson was constantly looking for a better way of relating, and, as a consequence, because the world was too big for Robinson to take into account that way, everything was too much for him.

So the dream was set as an inner sort of story movie, and I found myself having to explain its meaningfulness to those who observe this. And I was explaining it first in the inner, kind of in my lucid dream state, and then also in the outer to those that I related to around me. And hardly anyone, either in the inner, or in the outer, comprehended its implications – although on the inner it seemed to be more obvious.

I pointed out that everything that happened with Goldie had a natural letting-go quality, and that Robinson went through life and had the same day-to-day, or outer, or quality-type states and experiences, but reacted with each with mannerisms after dense mannerism. It was comedic because to an observer just watching this, you had to chuckle a bit as he really didn’t have any idea how absurd he was, and how out of it he was, in terms of what was going on.

So, in the dream, I am explaining this to others. I explain it in my dream in a lucid state way, and I explain it to those in the outer who I relate to on a day-to-day basis. Most of them don’t get it, when they themselves are compared to Robinson or to Goldie. This is true on the inner lucid way as it was in the outer reflective, yet this is what I did. I described what was going on in the context of this dream story, and I did so by bringing them into it.

Occasionally I would point out the innocent, and rather bizarre, natural actions of Goldie as being something more than simple checked-out absent-minded appearance. And I would point out how this trait and quality was reflected in them, and others, even though they didn’t see it for themselves in the outer, or in the inner, or in manifestation.

I explained how wonderful this trait was in that it revealed how out of it, dense, and linear Robinson was in comparison, in terms of never getting the hint, and memo, and how angelic Goldie’s natural nature was in her surrendered innocence.

This is a story dream portraying the importance of honoring a joyousness of the breath heart, over simply living in an all twisted up, heart-stabbed manifestation, in which one’s overwhelmed by thought-upon-thought appearances.

And it’s a dream that’s done not just in the outer, but is conducted all the time in our own molecular makeup, which results in a disregard for the well being of the heart. In other words, we slam so many things down upon ourselves that it’s in the molecular now, and that has become an even louder problem. You call it the earthquake.

To download this file, Right Click (for PCs) or Control Click (for Macs) and Save: A Familiar Story

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