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sound-waveThroughout the day, we listen to the information feed running inside our head. Some things we let pass by, and others we tune more deeply into, but we realize that we don’t have time to put our attention on everything that arises. Yet, everything we do put our focus on pulls us away from any number of other issues that want to be heard by us, that want our attention. Hearing, in dreams, has to do with sound, i.e., the physical aspects of life, and our spiritual processes have to do with light, i.e., the energetic processes of life; if we put our focus on the energetic aspects, we will find that the physical world no longer overwhelms us, allowing us to move more freely through everything that does arise. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I know I had earlier dreams I forgot, but the last dream I remember most of, and it felt like I was working as a counselor at a hospital. And there are a number of people that had come in to the hospital to see me, but the way the setup was, it felt like I couldn’t get to all of them because some of them were more upset, and others were quieter.

And then they didn’t really set it up in a way where there was a group circle where you could kind of work on it. It was more like people were sitting like they did around a dinner table, or even in some mini-bleachers, or here and there, and some people were pretty needy so you spent time with them.

And the day was running out and I wasn’t going to have enough time to talk to everyone, and Sue from our group was there and looking pretty inward, but faced a little away. And there was someone else that looked like Joan, who lives in the building, and I hadn’t really had much time to talk to her, either.

And then there was a man I knew, that I had gone out with in college, and he was there and it felt like I had even gone to another room to talk with him, and we had had some interaction with a dog there, a big dog. And, as a result, he was going to go home, and he didn’t want that dog, but, as a connection with it, he had just gotten a dog that was being delivered that day. It was a German shepherd or something. He had to be home to start the training.

And I was beginning to feel a little exhausted, from helping everybody, and was thinking maybe I would go by and visit after the day was through, but I realized, as the day’s winding around, there’s these people in the group I haven’t had time to help, or get to, and maybe one of the women might check out before she’s really ready to go. Others are really quiet and I don’t know what they need.

So I’m feeling a little overwhelmed with the structure of the place, and the timing. And then it feels like it shifts just slightly, and then it seems like I go from there and I walk into another large room. And the guy that I knew from college is there, and a group of people, and it’s like they’re trying to help a girl, but it’s like maybe they have to do an exorcism or something. And whatever they’ve done, I can see it’s gone slightly wrong, and I can see the spirit that was in her is on this like shield in front of her now.

And they start to go over there and I make them stand back, because I know how to deal with it. And so I know what to do to help her, but I also realize this means I’m not going to get anything else done. I mean I won’t have time to go by and see anybody, or talk to anybody, like there’s just not enough of me to get this all done.

John: And you think we’ve got plenty of time. That’s not a simple dream. That’s a dream that the subject matter of the dreaming is new, in that what one’s talking about is how one is affected by a thought-upon-thought that’s imbedded inside one’s nature, that makes up one’s tissue.

And that this whole idea of being even possessed, and whatnot, has to do with the nature of the way in which one has impressed, or slammed down, vibrations into their molecular makeup.

And so what your dream is pointing out is that you are wrestling, and struggling, with how to listen inside yourself, in that there is a lot going on. In other words, you find yourself in this general, overall malaise, and you have the sense that there’s something that you want to listen to, but there are all kinds of other things that are constantly going on. And you have to figure out, as you are contending with this, and as you’re noticing it more and more, you’re finding out that there are choices that could have to be made, and that if you make a particular choice to deal with something that is like extricating something, which really means extricating something inside of yourself that is having a more profound effect, in terms of how it is impacting your nature, that such an extrication will prevent you from maybe being in another kind of demeanor because you will have accentuated that loudness. And that may not be a loudness that is in keeping with a general, overall sense that one has; that is kind of dumbed-down.

So basically what you’re talking about, and what you’re going through, in your dream, is you’re playing with the radio channel of the thought-upon-thought loudness of the molecular makeup of yourself, which is your consciousness in the outer, in a physical-sense orientation, because the outer is created out of sound. You’re dealing with that, and you’re contending with that, and you’re coming to realize that there are a lot of combinations here that you hadn’t taken into account, that you’re trying to figure out.

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