In the Molecular

5rf44gesEnergies, when they are potent, or repetitive, can make prints, not only in the environment where they happen, but also in our cellular structure and our chemical makeup. That’s why we may immediately feel uncomfortable in a certain house, or with a certain person, because we have an energetic print in us that is responding to something that our systems are detecting. Does this mean those reactions are “us”? In a way, but not necessarily a permanent part of us. If we are conscious of these prints, we can recognize them in us when they arise, and choose, in that moment, whether the response they are suggesting to us is useful, in that instance, or not. In this way, our consciousness allows us to choose who and what we are, rather than being on automatic pilot. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: What the sleep dream was about was I had a bunch of keys, and most of my keys are on a key ring, and I would take and I would throw these keys in a basket with a whole bunch of other keys. And I felt that it was okay throwing my keys that were on various key rings, I had like two or three sets of keys with a whole bunch of different keys on them. And I remembered enough of the look of some of the keys to be able to tell which of these key rings were mine.

And they were piled in with a whole bunch of other keys. And I figured they were safe in there mixed with these other keys because it never dawned on me that somebody could take the whole basket, or that the whole basket could be messed with.

I felt my keys were there safe because who would know which keys were mine, and which keys were the keys that are in this basket? So I’d throw them in there and they’d quickly get blended in, and yet I could dig around and always find my keys.

And then all of a sudden it shifts a little bit and I have a bed, and the bed is outside of the house, and outside of the house is the keys next to the bed. And, in the daytime, when I move about, I just leave the keys in the basket.

And yet I often times don’t get up from my bed until it’s light outside, and someone could come along, that might have some issue with me, and see, oh, there he is. So I could be messed with; I’m not protected. And I came to understand the meaning of the dream in terms of it having a profound understanding that is skewed up from a sense of the molecular.

In other words, the scenario that I’m going through is I am feeling the collective consciousness of the effect of what is happening, in terms of, we’ll say, the events that deal with what they’re trying to do with out on the Strip, and the thought-upon-thought pressurization behind that, trying to pretend that, oh, it’s the law, and it’s this and it’s that, and that’s why they have to have it – and that all of that snubs the heart. I’m starting to realize that if you’re not careful, and you get caught in all of that, you can get lost, you can lose your keys, you can lose your sensibility, you can even be in a place in which are no longer safe because what is coming out is all of that molecular reactivity.

And the reason why I would have a dream like this is because my thought-upon-thought is coming from the molecular and is feeding this out like this. In other words, it’s like often times when you have a dream you would say, okay, well what is going on? What is going on in your life that would influence that?

Well, what’s influencing that is I am realizing that I have dreams based upon how my molecular vibratory thought-upon-thought is looking at things, which means that the heart takes and tends and knows how to sit in a way that sorts something out, and is able to vie for something that’s maybe more open, and let go, and therefore has a greater overallness in terms of being able to effectuate, in a hiddenness, a presence about things.

And then there can be a loudness, and if there is that loudness, and the loudness is on a molecular level, and it’s visible on a molecular level, in that it’s caught into the collective in which there is all of this other on the molecular level, then you get a whole other report in terms of a dream in relationship to what you’re going on, in terms of states inside of yourself, that has to do with this molecular sound-upon-sound, or thought-upon-thought, going on. And that a balanced person tends to recognize that they have these two parts of themselves, and so rather than disturb themselves, they tend to maybe sit more in the angelic side of themselves, and therefore stay dumbed-down to the thought-upon-thought that is reflecting, and going on inside of themselves, because if you put your attention upon the thought-upon-thought you’ll realize that you hear everything.

You actually can note and can denote the vibrations on a molecular level of someone else, and what they’re going through, and what they do in order to repress that, that most people have this higher self that they can use to some degree, maybe unconsciously, to hide behind. That’s an aspect of the subject matter of the opiate of the masses, where people use religion, and things like that, in order to try to make their life seem more palpable, in order to maybe not have to contend with the nervousness, and the concerns, and the anxieties that they feel that they have no answer for. And, little do they know, that those are all rising up and stemming from the way that they have created this whole outerness of nature that is carried within the fiber of their being, within the molecular of their bones.

It’s why you have in certain areas, for example, where you might have something like a nausea accentuated, why you would have more dire conditions in that area, maybe a heightened unwellness or something. It’s because the molecular feeds the molecular, and it’s in a greater collective trance in a particular modality, and weaponized in certain ways, maybe even in that modality, and all of this is a language and is a feedback that can be brought to you, and introduced to you, through dreams that access the thought-upon-thought of your molecular. I hadn’t realized that it could work reflectively like that. This is like new information.

Well, we never thought of thought-upon-thought working like that, the plane of manifestation being like that.

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