False Authority

Z1FNgzBIf you wanted to change the course of a river, you would dig a new channel, a new outlet, for it to flow down. The same is true for making change within us. In our life we have established energetic pathways that we follow, as if on automatic pilot, and we always get the same result. To make change we must make a new energetic pathway and a new print – and the best way to do this is with a higher potency energy, which is gained from why we are trying to do what we are trying to do. It is our higher intentions which attract the higher energies, which can create the new pathways and allow for new directions. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: Let’s see if I can do the meditation dream, which is even deeper. The meaning that I wrote of this, in spite of the obviousness of what I know, I have no permission to affect general appearances. In other words, that was my dream where I had to go around and had to find the boss; I can’t just act on my own. I have no permission.

The reason why I don’t have any permission is I’m off in the way that I’m feeling myself, or hearing something. I would have permission if I could feel it succinctly, and freely, and clearly, but when you don’t, even though you think you’re clear, you’re not clear. It all has to do with the vibration.

So permission comes from a depth within, in which the molecular tissue vibration, which can function in a limitational way, in terms of the dense plane of manifestation, because all thoughts-upon-thoughts make all of this, is keeping me in the clutches of this modality, a collective modality. And when you’re like that, you’re not able to let go. You just spiral and spin, trying to figure things out.

So, consequently, the time for change is not yet at hand when you’re like that because you have to have the joy, the heartfulness, something that just breaks right through, that shifts. So I’ve looked and cannot clear this. I am being told, so to speak, to let things be until further notice. So I wait for a shift in the overall outer beingness. Until that occurs, meaning until there’s a freedom, I will not know how to get beyond the thought-upon-thought references. In other words, that will keep me in its trance.

So the meditation dream kicks all of this off. I mean it sets the pace for it. It takes your dream and my dream and puts it into kind of a different energetic zone, in that, in this dream, there is a condition in life that repudiates change, doesn’t like change, repudiates it.

This is a way of being that is imposed upon the environment in an illusionary way. In other words, it’s like you don’t know why you’re like this. You’re just suddenly like this, like in your dream you just suddenly didn’t want to be seen by the three women. You don’t have a good reason why you didn’t want to be seen by the three women, it just didn’t feel right.

This mannerism comes about as kind of a false authority, in that there is a sense that you’re out of touch with what is real. The authority of this reflectiveness defies common sense. What’s being depicted here is the inability to hear something, in terms of your molecular makeup, which is a revelational language all the time.

So I am told this by everyone who looks to me for relief from such relentlessness, it is time for the false authority to be smashed; in other words, to quit going through and being affected by this modality that comes up, that aren’t even your own thoughts. When I realize what is occurring in vain, when you see this about yourself, then and only then can you intercede. That’s when you can maybe, possibly, hear something that isn’t collective thoughts.

So I grant unto life a means, through a greater overallness, the power to reach beyond appearances. Now these are appearances that are, again, not visible, like a language in terms of the modality that one’s in. I send a message directly from the inner of self, I invoke an all-pervasiveness, a beingness that is unrefutable as an overall magnetism, a presence, and force. The purpose and force is a natural part of inner and outer life.

So to do this I need to pull more energy, I need to pull a power that isn’t just something that wafts about in kind of a molecular way, exclusively. In other words, that’s a dumbing-down. So in the dream, to note that there is something more, that’s noted to me symbolically, is I see a gray-tipped Grizzly present in the atmosphere outside of this house.

And so immediately I get the understanding, and I invoke the power; I bring this power through into the atmosphere. The effect transmits undeniably. The result is irrefutable.

So this is like the whole kind of thing that I went through, which means that I am able to access an underlying predominant presence of beingness that is able to invoke change; in other words, to go through, to break through, to let go of, to have a presence that lets go of the thought-upon-thought modality. It’s kind of hard. That was very trance-like, wasn’t it?

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  1. Atman and Brahman. The two yet intimately intertwined natures of God and Self. Beautiful Post. Very monistic yet with a hunt of Jungian concepts intertwined. I can’t wait to read more.

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