Properly Connected

3300gesDo we remember the last time we had all our “ducks” in a row? If we ever did, it certainly only lasted for the briefest of moments. It’s not really possible, and this idea alone should tell us that we should stop trying to control the outer world, and instead try to be connected on the inner world. Because, on the inner, once we have our ducks in a row, we can maintain that, and grow those connections, all the days of our lives, and that is an alignment that will constantly improve our experience and our possibility. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.f

John: I guess the theme of the dreaming last night had to do with effects that are perpetrated in the chemistry of life, because I was going on some sort of warpage channel, inside, trying to pretend the opposite, thinking that if one went into an opposite way of looking at things that maybe it would make sense or something, help things make sense.

And so what ended up happening was a meditation dream in which I’m required to make a presentation, but before I can make a presentation about something, I have to put the component pieces together in an order so that it flows from start to finish. And so I’m happy with something that’s like a crane kind of aspect that can reach down and touch something, but I can’t use the crane because the crane is just something that’s suspended in some fashion. It’s not grounded.

I have all of the pieces that are essential towards something being complete in and of itself, but they have to be put together in some sort of aligned way so that the feel of what takes place makes sense. And so the crane can’t just sit there in some sort of suspended motion way, so I have to stop that idea and I have to go back to see if I can put the pieces together.

And I’m convinced that I can, but, when I do, I realize that it doesn’t quite feel right. And the key component is a grounding component which has to be found there, has to have an aliveness. And so I’m looking from something that gets rooted, and that picture and image. In other words, I’ve got all of these pieces like building blocks to move around, and I never do quite get to a point where I’m satisfied with it as a schematic that can take and form a needed action, as required.

In other words, there’s something about that in which some piece is out of place or something, that you can’t be skipping and leaping over the top of and so I never do quite get it to feel right, and, therefore, deep down, I know that the setup that is put into place lacks the cohesiveness that’s required in order for there to be a flow from top to bottom, or from beginning to end, or however you’d say it. It lacks a cohesiveness for there to be such a flow.

And so it leaves me in an uneasy condition because I can tell, within my sense of being, that there is something that didn’t quite make the breakthrough. And so what’s awkward and odd about this dream is it’s as if then, by glancing away, everything got scrambled, and I would then have to come back and put the pieces into the picture again. And I couldn’t put all the pieces, everything into the picture, in such a way where I could feel content that the result was effective, or the result was something that could do what was meant and intended to happen.

So there were all these middle pieces that I don’t remember much about but it started off with something too high in the sky, like the crane, and then it ended up with something that had an aliveness, that could be rooted and grounded, but it still was truncated in some fashion. And then the rest of the stuff that then extended from there that went up to connect to the crane and whatnot, I wasn’t comfortable with that being properly in sync. And that was the nature of the dream, basically a dream pointing out that you have to have an aliveness that connects and goes all the way through.

And thus one has the dreams, and has the effect of: what is an aliveness? What is something that is aligned? What is something that has a flow; what is something that is properly connected?

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